Blindfolded but from the man’s perspective (Part 1)

I really enjoyed the sex story from Independent-Action52 called “Blind Fold”. (Will add the link in the comments).

So I wondered I’d retell it but from the man’s perspective.


She sat me down on the chair. I was naked. The sun was now streaming through the bay-windows after a cloudy begin, making my skin warm and tingly. I could imagine old Mrs Bayswater in the house across the road, her binoculars glued to her eyes as she watched our sex session. Let’s give her a show, I wondered. I edged the chair a few degrees clockwise so she could get a good gander at my already semi-erect cock.

Daisy was also naked. Her long blonde hair tumbled down over her firm, full C-cup breasts. Her nipples were large and erect as she ran her lustful eyes over my muscular body. Then all went dark as she blindfolded me and I was pitched into a void of darkness. I felt the sensitivity of my other senses ramp-up in anticipation.

I didn’t know what would come next. Then I felt her breath on my neck and then her tongue lick my right earlobe. Her fingers circled my knee before I felt her index finger trace a path up my inner thigh and tickling my balls and then penis without stopping. I felt my cock rise to its ‘full mast’ of 6 and a half inches, imagining my foreskin rolling back over the purple head.

Then I felt Daisy’s lips around my right nipple. I flinched as an erotic charge swept through my body. She swirled her tongue around it and gently nibbled it to a fully erect state. Her fingers traced up my body to begin pinching and tweaking my left nipple. I then felt her mouth on mine, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I felt her straddle my left leg and her cunt, already hot and wet, begin grinding into my knee. Her kissing became ever more ferocious and fevered as she ground and ground her sexual shrine against my leg. She was letting out little moans of pleasure as her level of arousal grew. Her cunt was now dripping wet and I could feel a trickle of her vaginal juices run down the inside of my leg.

She then straddled me and her pussy was now rubbing against my throbbing cock, dripping her hot juices down the length of it and over my balls. I’d been on a long 2 week company trip, so my balls were heavy with the pent-up seed, waiting for this moment. She was grinding against me again and again, rubbing her fully engorged clit up the length of my cock, twitching at the top to stimulate my frenulum with her clit. Her tongue swirled round and round my mouth and I ran my hand through her long blonde hair, grabbing it roughly to bring her in for an even more passionate kiss. I bit her lips gently and tenderly and ran my fingernails down her slim and muscular back. I then grabbed her buttocks to increase the speed at which she could stimulate her clit, her moans getting louder and more frantic. I was desperate for my cock-head to enter her hot and wet vagina, but she kept on with the teasing, with my long dick just rubbing up the outside of her vulva. My fingers wrapped all the way around her buttocks and into her crack, so that I could rim her anus with my two index fingers, which clearly drove her wild. Arse play at all times turns me on, even when I’m giving it, so I started breathing deeply and loudly as I felt myself edging towards orgasm.

But then she stopped and the feeling subsided. I thought what next? I heard a slight squelch and a moan from Daisy. Then I felt her fingers press into my mouth. “Do you recognize the taste baby?”. I did indeed. The wonderful musky taste of her pussy filled my mouth and nostrils, together with something else… the salty taste of my own cum from our morning fuck a few hours earlier. “Mmm… I know that little pussy” I moaned, and licked her fingers greedily and then my own lips to get the last of her juices into my mouth.

(To be continued)

NSFW: yes

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