blackmailing a cinema employee – Short Sex Story

I buy a movie ticket for a movie I’ve seen already. I give my ticket to the guy inside the door. He directs me to where my movie will be playing. I ignore him, I’m not actually here to watch a movie. I walk around the lobby, looking at the movie posters and listening to the noises spilling into the hallway. Laughter, screams explosions and gunshots.

Bored, I walk by a door labeled employees only, I notice it’s not latched. I push and it easily opens, curious I step in. A lit corridor with multiple staircases, I walk towards the back barely paying attention to where I am going. I hear a chair scoot across the floor at the top of one the stairs.

Climbing to the top I see an open door, a projector playing a horror movie the only light. I enter the room wondering if the noise I heard was from the movie itself. I look around the room and I see a young woman with her feet up on a table, leaning back in her chair watching the movie through a window.

She must have felt my presence in the room, she turned to look at me. A gasp escapes her lips and she sits up in her chair. Now this has gotten interesting.

“I… I was just taking a quick break. ” she says looking me up and down.

It hits me, I’m wearing my suit, I have just gotten off work. She must think I’m a manager.

“What is the policy regarding break times and where is it appropriate to take them?”

“I know the policy, I just…I’ll never do it again. I’m sorry please don’t get me written up.”

Her panic excites me.

I turn back to the door and close it.

“What’s going on?”

“We need to discuss your future with this company. ”

“Oh shit please don’t fire me. ”

“Why shouldn’t I fire you?”

She stands up, swallowing, I can feel her anxiety. I can almost hear her heart beating, no, pounding in her chest.

“I… work really hard, I pick up new things easily and I… I just really need this job. Please. I’ll do anything. ”

I take this time to look at her. She’s wearing glasses and she has multiple piercings in her ears, I wonder what else she might have pierced. I notice the tattoos on her forearms, I point at them.

“That’s some nice ink, do you have any other tattoos?”

She nods.

“I’d like to see them.”

She hesitates.


“Well it’s just that some of them aren’t really appropriately placed for me to show you. ”

“You’re right, so sorry… well I guess we’re done here.”

I turn to the door and begin to leave.

“No, wait. It’s okay I’ll show you.”

I turn back around and patiently look at her. She’s not looking me in the eyes, her hands tremble as she lifts her shirt. I was right, she did have more piercings. Her bellybutton.

She shows me the bow tattoo on her stomach. She takes off her shirt the rest of the way i see I tree under her arm, she turns her back to show me her shoulder tattoo it’s the umbrella Corporation logo from resident evil.

“Those are very nice, do you have any more?”

She turns to me slowly, her head down. I see the hair on her arms standing on end. She has goosebumps. It’s appropriate that there is suspenseful music playing in the background.

She looks up at me, she’s bitting her lip in angst. Her eyebrows are furrowed and she looks like she’s holding back tears.

I slowly walk around her and take a seat in her chair.

“I don’t want you doing anything you don’t want to do.” I say watching the movie through the window.

I hear her sighing and then her belt being undone. I turn back to her and I’m surprised by the change in her. She seems determined, almost mad as she takes off her pants.

She does a little turn so that I can see her spider and web on her calf. The haunted house on the other side. A witchy symbol with a stone on her hip. She shrugs and puts her hands out to either side like, that’s all of them.

I smile at her, but make no other moves.

She sighs again.

“What now? I’m naked. That’s all my tattoos.”

“Ah, yes thank you. You may go now. ”

I turn back to the movie. I hear her rummaging around picking up her clothes. She walks over to me and sets her clothes in the table with a thunk.

“Yes? Can I help you?”

“I… look, I’m not going to go this far and walk away now. You want to fuck me? Fuck me already.”

“Say please.”

“Say please?”

“Yes, say please.”

“…Please fuck me. ”

She flinches as I stand suddenly. I pause, looming over her watching her tremble. Why am I enjoying this so much? I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly slip them behind her and undue her bra. She shrugs her shoulders and lets the bra fall to the floor revealing one pierced nipple.

I slip her underwear off her hips and lift her up onto the table. I take off my blazer and set it on the back of the chair. I undue my cuffs and loosen my tie. I’m standing in front of her as I pull her legs aside, Her pussy lips opening slightly. I put her feet on the edge of the table, she leans back onto her elbows she’s staring at me intently.

I pull up the chair and sit down. I lean forward grabbing her legs and pull her into my face. She let’s out a little surprised gasp as I begin to eat her out. I put my middle finger inside her pussy, I pull out, back in, she’s wetter, out, back in, wetter. She starts dripping, but makes no noise. I look up at her, she’s still staring down eyebrows furrowed.

I stand up and begin undoing my pants. I see her toes curling, in anticipation? I pull my cock out and put it to her pussy lips. I rub the head of my dick against her clit and between her lips but don’t go in.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

I slide into her, I feel her legs begin to wrap around me but then go back to the edge of the table. She leans her head back ever so slightly and she sighs. I slowly slip further into her until I’m balls deep inside her. I can feel my cock pushing against the back of her pussy. She tries to hold back a whimper.

But the second I heard it, I also felt her pussy gripping. I slowly pull out of her until just the tip of my dick was still inside her. I waited until she took a breath before I slammed into her.

“Ah! Fuck!”

I grab a handful of her hair and crane her head back. I slowly fuck her, I run my other free hand on her hips and ass. She sighs again, she keeps her mouth shut but I can hear her whimpering.

I let go of her head, she snaps her head forward staring at me with those fierce gray eyes as I reposition my hands. I run both my hands up her thighs while I continue to slowly pump into her. As my hands reach her pussy, I use my left thumb to lift the cliteral hood and expose her now swollen clit. I reach up and spit onto my right thumb, using it as lube to rub her clit.

She’s trembling, her hips shaking and desperately trying not to make a sound. I see her breats heaving as her breathing gets shallower and shallower. I see her toes curling again and gripping the edge of the table, she then taps her heals on the edge of the table. Her feet lift up and her legs wrap around me again. She lies flat on her back, her arms wrap around her head to cover her face muffling her moans. I see her stomach muscles clenching and I feel her pussy spasming.

She puts a shaking hand into her mouth and I see her bite down. I unwrap her legs from my waist, put her knees together and put both legs over my right shoulder. I lean forward and begin pounding forcefully into her. Every little noise she made spurring me harder and faster.

Finally I hear her making a whining moan, her legs shake and her whole body locks up. She sits up, grabbing onto me, her hands clenched onto the collar of my shirt and her whole body goes into convulsions. I feel her teeth sink into my shoulder and she growled, I was close.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“In my mouth.”

I drop her to the floor and she sits up with her mouth open. I aim for it and cum hard. I see her retching as my cum hits the back of her throat. I stop stroking myself and she puts my dick in her mouth. I look down at her and she lets my cock fall from her lips. she looks up at me opening her mouth to show me all the cum in her mouth before swallowing. She wraps her lips around my dick again not wanting to miss a drop and then gets up.

“I know you don’t work for the cinema. ”

Now I’m confused. She shrugs.

“I don’t know how you got back here, but this was fun.”

She looks down at my cock.

“So much fun, here…”

She pulls a pen out of her pocket on the table and writes her number on the back of my hand. She puts on her clothes, waves at me from the door and leaves.

That, was the day I met Vania.

NSFW: yes

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