Blackmail. Part 1

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This is a story that I wrote and everyone in it is 18 or older. If you like it, be sure to give it an upvote, opinion, and follow for my most recent content.

When I ordered it, I had pure intentions, but once it arrived, my mind turned dark.

It was here. The 4k spy cam I ordered weeks ago finally showed up. I had ordered the camera to see if my cleaning lady had been stealing from me, but before it even arrived, I caught her red-handed taking cash from my wallet, and fired her. Now I had this camera that could be hidden almost anywhere and recorded hours of video when it sensed motion. I was trying to think of what I could use it for when my mind went dirty.

I could hide it in a changing room. I would have a nonstop supply of local women stripping down and they would be completely oblivious to it. I went to a local clothing store, and when there wasn’t anyone around, I snuck into the women’s changing room and placed the camera in the most discreet place I could discover.

The next day, I returned to the store and retrieved the camera. Once I was home I hooked it up to my computer and downloaded all of the videos. The camera had only captured a few minutes of video but I eagerly opened the clips and began watching them one at a time. Most of them were short clips of someone walking by the door, but finally, a girl walked into the room carrying a swimsuit.

“Jackpot,” I wondered to myself as she stepped in. She looked to be about 21 and was extremely attractive, with light blond hair, pretty blue eyes, a nice round ass, what looked like to be C cup tits, and a perfect hourglass shape. As she started stripping down I couldn’t help but notice that she had a very athletic body, and something seemed very familiar about it. Almost like I had admired it before.

She quickly stripped off her clothes and I healed my breath in anticipation as she bent over, sliding down her panties. When she stood up, the camera was in the perfect position to get a clear shot of her pussy.

It looked amazing. I paused and zoomed the camera in on it for a better look. It was completely clean-shaven and was nice and tightly closed. The only place I had seen a pussy that even closely compared was on r/GodPussy. I could only imagine how good it would taste if I could only get a lick. I would give just about anything to just get five minutes alone with it to give it a taste and drain my balls.

After giving her pussy my admiration, I resumed the video. She quickly unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor, exposing her perfectly shaped and perky tits. I was slightly disappointed when she turned around to pick up the swimsuit she brought in with her, but when she bent over to pick it up, her gorgeous ass was put on full display. “Wow!” I wondered. “I have never seen such a perfectly proportioned ass.” It was nice and round, and it made me want to take a bite out of it.

She stood back up and started putting the swimsuit on when I suddenly realized where I had seen her before. She worked at a nearby gym and I had checked her out a few times while I was driving by and she was leaving the building. I would practically break my neck, turning to get a better view.

As I continued watching the video, my mind started to go dark. How could I use this video to bend her to my will? This video had some pretty revealing shots and I thought, “What would she do to keep them private.”

After some scheming, I put together a plan. I scheduled myself for a one-on-one session, under a fake name, with her and while making the appointment, I discovered that her name was Jaycee.

I went to the appointment and arrived a little early. I was pretty nervous because I didn’t want my plan to backfire and get me in trouble, and this was the last chance to change my mind. I finally decided to just go for it and went in.

I walked up to the front desk, and Jaycee quickly came walking toward me from the other side of the gym. I couldn’t help but stare at her sexy tone body as she approached, her tits slightly bouncing and hips gently swaying, and began praying in my head that this plan would work.

As she got to me she smiled a big smile and introduced herself. She seemed very pleasant and happy, no doubt trying to be as polite and nice as efficient since she would be trying to convince me that she would make a great personal trainer.

I introduced myself using my fake name and some pleasantries, trying to be as nice as efficient. She then said, “ Let’s get started. What are your goals here? Are you looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or just be healthier?” “Well, actually,” I said, “I’m here to give you this.”

I then handed her an official-looking envelope and said, “You’ve been served,” and quickly turned around and left the gym. I made sure to leave fast enough that she wouldn’t be able to find what was in it before I was gone.

Continues in part 2

NSFW: yes

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