BJ of my Life

My entire life I’ve been pretty lucky sexually, but the stars must have aligned on this one.

I was covid ‘hiking’ in woods, back when it was scary to come within a few feet of anyone without a mask. You couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything, so that was our one activity.

Well one day we’re walking, same boring paths we’d come to love when my GF just stops and looks at me and whispers, “oh my god” and points up.

Now where we were was basically on the edge of a creek, it wasn’t really a path, and it ran behind a bunch of houses, and there where she pointed, up and off to the side, we could see into someone’s back yard. In that backyard was a hot tub.

On the edge of the hot tub sat a woman, naked, with her legs spread. Between her legs someone was eating her pussy and she had her hands in their hair.

I was like, well, honestly I’d never seen other people have sex of any kinda except in porn, so it was pretty shocking, but also it was honestly really hot. I must have just stood there because my girlfriend grabbed my hand and pulled me forward on the path a bit till we were hidden behind some shrubs and trees.

So we watched in silence for a little bit and I started to feel a bit guilty, but it was seriously hot. The woman was nice looking from what I could tell, she was a bit far away to make out details, but god the way she moved up there and the faint moans we could hear were mesmerizing.

The next thing I knew I felt my girlfriend’s hand on my shorts, and she squeezed my cock and whispered, “I knew you’d be hard… you like watching her don’t you?”

I wasn’t capable of responding, I maybe moaned a bit, but god her hand felt good and I just, I wasn’t in control, whatever was happening was happening and I was just gonna enjoy it.

Girlfriend whispered, “You know, I think they have the right idea.”

And I fully expected to be eating pussy but no, seconds later my girlfriend was on her knees, and my shorts were down and she was sucking on my cock.

I was in heaven for real. I looked down at my girl on her knees and she smiled, unlocked her lips and said, “you know what this looks like, watch them…”

And god, the encouragement. I did as I was told. But then, I did what I saw.

Her hands were in whoever’s hair, basically rubbing her cunt on their mouth. Well I put my hands in my girlfriend’s hair and started fucking her mouth. Just gently, but pretty soon, faster, pretty soon matching the rhythm of the girl up above.

My girlfriends hands were working with her mouth. She held a hand around the shaft that fucked her mouth, holding it from gonna deep, but letting me go as fast and hard as I wanted. She squeezed my balls as she did, almost coaxing out my cum.

Finally she sealed it. I felt her pull her mouth away for a second and she said, “Stare into her eyes while you fill my mouth.”

And I did as I was told.

NSFW: yes

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