Bj from a new friend… cont from my previous story

If you haven’t read my previous stories… please do! Anyway this is a continuation of part 2…

As Mary is showering, Lauren comes time and asks if I’m ready for round 2, she takes off her shirt and bra revealing her cute B sized Korean tits with dark brown nipples, then takes off her pants and panties and her pussy is not hairy but not shaved, it’s perfect! I tell her, I think I’m ready now!

She grabs my dick and licks it, then she makes out with it and I’m already hard as a rock again! She wraps for perfect lips around it and just sucks the head so hard, I twitch a bit, she smiles then take it deep and swirls her tongue and it is pure bliss! She starts bobbing up and down sucking hard and slow. She lifts her head and says she wants me to cum on her face since that’s one of her biggest fetishes! I tell her ok and she sucks faster and harder.

At this point we can hear the water stop in the bathroom and about 3 mins later out comes mary, butt ass naked and says “wow! Already!?” Lauren turns to her and says “sorry i couldn’t wait” Mary just giggles and says “that’s fine, enjoy!” Mary comes over and sits next to me and she asks how it feels, I tell her it’s amazing, she asks if I’m going to cum yet, I tell her soon, she says “good, I wanna see her swallow that load” I tell her she wants me to cum on her face, And she says “oh ok! Blow that load over her pretty Korean face!” Lauren starts bobbing faster and slurps the spit, we can hear the sloshing sound of the spit and my dick in her mouth, I tell her I’m close, she takes my dick out and starts stroking me, “ohhh yes stroke that dick! Cum cum cum cum!” Mary says. Lauren is stroking my dick and rubbing her clit, then i lightly yell “ohhh shhhhiii” and my load bursts onto her face almost covering it with my cum, she kept stroking then put it in her mouth to suck out the stragglers that hadn’t come out yet, she says “mmmm delicious!” She grabs some from her face and licks it off her fingers. She says “thank you” then I said “no, thank you!” She then went to the bathroom and cleaned off her face.

I lied there next to Mary just totally drained, Mary got up and put on some
Comfy pjs, Lauren came out and got dressed, kissed me and said she has to go to work and thanks for the good time! And also MAYBE a threesome in the future. She also said she needs to see where things are going with the guy she’s currently seeing, they’re not official so she doesn’t feel as bad about the bj. She leaves. I get up to shower and am ready to call it a night since I’m staying at Mary’s but then remember a hot 40 yr old milf will be next to me…

NSFW: yes

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