Bite-Sized Morsels: One Big Step, Chapter 7 [fm] [Step] [Incest] [Brother/Sister]


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[Chapter 6](


I woke up to the sensation of a pair of small hands stroking my cock, which was weird because I could’ve sworn we had ended the night in our own bedrooms. I groaned softly as I stirred, and the hands froze in place. After I gave a deep sigh and nestled my face comfortably into my pillow, it was another long moment before they resumed their movement, as willing as they were reckless. She could fit both hands on my length, and she worked the shaft slowly and gently so as to not wake me up. Her hands were soft and light, feeling as if her lips were wrapped around me and coaxing a morning delight out of my hardness.

“Puh!” Cherry quietly spat onto the cock in her hands, then rubbed her saliva in as she continued working me. She had quite a bit of surface area to cover, however, and it quickly dried up. She collected more saliva in her mouth, adding it as necessary all over my manhood. The little sounds she made as she spat were turning me on even more, and I had to withstand the urge to just give up the sleeping charade and tell her it’d be quicker to just put her mouth on me. I didn’t do that for two reasons: firstly, it’d likely end this amazing wake-up call she was setting up immediately; and secondly, she was clearly working her way up from a handjob to a blowjob to everything that came after in a ordinary relationship, and it was unbecoming to rush her. Let her cook, as they say.

Soon my cock was slick and sticky with her spit, and her stroking was gradually increasing in pace with barely-restrained zeal. I couldn’t hold back the little moans I made, and this time she seemed less concerned about the possibility of me waking up. Her breath was hitting my wet skin, accentuating the sensation as she panted in time with her strokes. She was driving me crazy. The light puffs of her breath gradually moved from the underside of my cock up to the tip, and I chanced cracking an eye open to look at her. She was topless and knelt beside me, fully focused on her handjob, jacking me off so earnestly. She wasn’t looking this way, so I opened both my eyes, keeping them heavily lidded while I watched her. Her copper hair looked blood-red in the darkness, and I was just marveling its beauty when she touched her tongue to my frenulum.

Hot cream spurted out of me and into her waiting mouth, the sticky seed collecting on her tongue as it gently teased my frenulum, her little hands milking me all the while. She mewled each time more essence shot into her. *Oh God, she mewls. That’s so fucking sexy.* When my orgasm was down to the last drops, she put her lips to my hole and sucked the remnants out, and it was all I could do to refrain from jerking up in pleasure. She licked the last bead of cum off me and straightened up, moaning as she rolled it around in her mouth and savored the flavor. I didn’t think anybody actually liked the smell or taste of cum, but if her sniffing my jizz sock was any indication, she had a certain appreciation for mine.

“What are you doing?” I asked, and she froze. I propped myself up on my elbows, affecting a quizzical look as she stared at me, deer in the headlights with a mouthful of my jism. She didn’t even have the presence of mind to cover her chest. “Hello? Gonna answer me?”

She was still for a moment longer before she gulped down her mouthful, the gasp that followed sounding a bit lustful. “Nothing! I was just, uh–”

“Jacking me off? Sucking my tip? Swallowing my cum? Good morning to you too, by the way.”

She moved to bolt, but I lunged forward and wrapped my arms around her, one hooking around her waist and the other seatbelting between her nonexistent tits. She was desperately gasping in embarrassment, and I pulled her to my chest and held her there, moving to nibble on her earlobe.

“Doing indecent things to your stepbrother while he sleeps,” I mused into her ear. “How far were you planning to go if I hadn’t woken up?”

“What nothing nowhere,” she mumbled, keeping her face turned away.

I chuckled. “You’re a terrible liar, just like my mom. Except she waves her hands around and mumbles when she lies. Meanwhile you go full verbal diarrhea. It’s cute.”

She blushed, nibbling on her lip before pouting. “I’m sick of being cute. I wanna be beautiful, or at least pretty.”

“You are beautiful. Not pretty, though,” I noted, and her face scrunched up in befuddlement.

“How can you be beautiful but not–”

“Have I told you my flavor theory before?”

She sighed, shaking her head. “I do recall something like that, yes. You’ve only mentioned it ten times since our folks started dating.” She folded her arms, leaning back against me on her own. “So you maintain that I’m cute and beautiful, but not pretty or hot?”

“I mean, you could probably be situationally pretty or hot, but as you are…” I kissed her bare shoulder and she inhaled sharply. “So yes, you are beautiful, Cherry.” She looked over her shoulder at me, gazing at me longingly, before leaning in for a kiss. I jerked back and she frowned. “I’ve got morning breath,” I explained, stammering a bit. “And you’ve got cu– Uh… Cum breath. Y’know?”

She scowled at me before developing a devious glint in her eye, with a grin to match. I let go of her and shuffled away, and she got on all fours and chased me until we were against the headboard, her mouth wide open as she exhaled dramatically.

“Come back, Drew!” she giggled. “Come taste what you’re handing out!”

“No, Cherry, stop! Fucking hell, get away from me!” I laughed. We wrestled around, and I had her by the wrists but struggled to keep them between me and her. Otherwise I ran the risk of her lunging forward and huffing in my face, which very nearly happened a couple of times. “Alright, alright! C’mon, let’s go brush our teeth. Then you can kiss me all you want.”

She turned bright red before sputtering, “Ugh, it’s not like that!” Regardless, she got off me and headed into the bathroom, and I heard the sound of running water. She had put her top back on and was already brushing by the time I caught up, and we stood abreast, both of us looking at the two of us together in the mirror. She used her hip to nudge me, and I gave her a hip bounce back. We smiled around our toothbrushes, and she finished up before me. Heading back to her room, she came back with her phone, tapping away as she passed me on the way to my room. I finished washing up and found her prone on my bed, playing with her phone while her legs kicked about idly.

I lay down next to her and propped my head up. “Well, if you were planning to make kissy with me, now’s the time,” I cracked with a grin. She looked at me in annoyance, but then set her phone down on the nightstand next to mine and climbed on top of me, laying her body along my torso. She was nibbling on her lip again, cupping my face with one of her hands as she stared at my mouth. Holy shit, she was really doing this.

She came close and opened her mouth, and I greeted her as she immediately thrust her tongue inside. It swirled around messily, and she drew back until our lips were no longer touching, our tongues dancing together as she moaned into my mouth. Seemed like she only wanted tongues involved, and she was panting hard, making cute little noises while the minty scent of toothpaste puffed into my mouth in waves. I already learned from yesterday that she was a sloppy kisser, and this was really driving the point home. Saliva was getting everywhere, yet for some reason I felt there was a certain innocent charm to her lack of technique. Us just licking each other like this felt wild, untamed, feral. I liked it.

Reaching down, I unbuttoned her pajama top all the way down, exposing her flat chest to rub against my bare skin. She brought her other hand to my face as well, angling my head for better access as our tongues continued to coil around each other. My own hands then slipped into her pajama bottoms, giving her pert butt a good squeeze. She moaned erotically, her eyes crossing a bit before she closed her lips around me and began sucking my tongue.

Our phones pinged one after the other, and she broke away from me, gazing down with bedroom eyes that promised more once the house was enshrouded in the quiet of night. We reached for our phones and checked the notifications that had come in.

“Stef is asking to meet up, and to make sure to bring Cherry,” she read out.

“And Brie is also asking to meet up, and make sure to bring Drew,” I added.

We grinned at each other before trading phones. She climbed off me, settling against my side while she texted, and I turned to the message addressed to me.

**Stef:** yo lets meet up, bring cherry
**Me:** whats up?
**Stef:** we going out, double date
**Stef:** hopping out to the city, dress casual
**Me:** so what, cherrys my date?
**Me:** she and i arent officially a thing
**Stef:** then hurry up and become a thing and meet us at our place
**Stef:** we’ll get a rideshare
**Me:** aight see you in a bit

“A double date?” Cherry said nervously, still reading her messages. She peeked up at me before fixing her gaze back on her phone.

“So is this the moment we have the ‘what are we?’ conversation?” I prompted, and she gulped. “…How about this. I say what we are and you say when we started, how’s that?” I could tell she was anxious about how I felt about her. By letting me define the relationship – whether I was more serious or more casual than she was – either way, it would save her some face since it was coming from me rather than from her.

She met my eyes again, averted again, and nodded. “So you go first.”

“We… are a couple, dating,” I started. I could’ve gone into detail and laid out just how serious we were, but less is more, after all.

“Since Thursday,” she finished, still sneaking in occasional peeks to gauge my reaction. Thursday was the day this whole thing between us almost ended the same day it began. This was it. This was us taking the goldfish home and pretending it wouldn’t die this time.

I leaned forward and she looked up at me with a startled expression before I pressed my lips to hers. She relaxed in seconds, closing her eyes and kissing me back. Nothing sloppy this time, just a nice clean kiss between boyfriend and girlfriend–

“Fucking hell, we’re stepsiblings,” I groaned, suddenly pulling away.

“Already chickening out, piss drinker?” she bit out.

I studied her, her growing fear and vulnerability as she awaited my response, then smiled. “Only if you won’t let me drink anymore.”

Her pajama top was still open, just covering her nipples and leaving a delicious wide strip of bare flesh exposed all the way down to her hips, allowing me to see just how far her blush extended as her mouth scrunched up. She enjoyed me drinking her juices far more than she was eager to admit, demonstrated last night when she begged me to. Luckily for us, she tasted sublime. My mouth was starting to water just thinking about it.

“Alright, well, let’s not keep them waiting,” I said with a grin. “Eh, girlfriend?”

The twins both had amused looks on their faces as we walked up to them on the curb. Stef was outright grinning, and even Brie was hiding a smile before we stopped in front of them. He had on a pullover hoodie with jeans, while hers was a zip-up with jeans. I was in the outfit I’d intended to wear on Friday night, and Cherry was in a fluffy white sweater and skinny jeans. She’d also done her lipstick the same way, gradient lips that were driving me wild. I’d almost nixed the outing again so I could enjoy them, and we had only come due to her stern insistence.

“Glad you guys could make it,” Stef said, fist-bumping me.

“I love your lipstick,” Brie gushed to Cherry. “I’ve never seen you do this before. What’s the occasion?”

Both girls’ eyes flitted to me before Cherry pulled her to the side to whisper, but I still heard her answer. “Drew likes it, so… Like, *really* likes it.” They giggled while Stef nodded at me.

“Well?” he prompted.

“Well what?” I acted nonchalant, but he was having none of it.

“Well how’s it going, dumbass?”

“It’s going–”

“He *drinks* it?!” Brie squawked before immediately being hushed by Cherry. The bashful redhead looked at me sheepishly before moving even further away from us.

“Ahh. So that’s how it’s going,” Stef chuckled, a shit-eating grin smeared on his stupid face. “Well goddamn.”

“It’s no incest, but we make it work,” I quipped.

He scoffed, shaking his head. “Aren’t you cute.”

“Bitch, I’m adorable.”

Our two pairs moved our respective conversations away from the topic of our relationships, getting into our rideshare when it arrived. I sat up front as our driver took us in to the big city, and I caught Cherry watching me in the rearview mirror every now and then. We arrived at our destination, and I got out and shaded my eyes to take a good look at the city zoo.

“Been years since I’ve been,” Stef noted as he came up beside me.

“For real,” I replied. I turned to him with narrowed eyes and a smirk. “What are you up to?”

He shrugged. “Only so many different types of dates you can take your girl on before it just devolves into banging at different venues.”

“So you’re here to check ‘fucking next to the zebras’ off your list?” I laughed.

“I was actually gonna do it in front of the chimps. Kinda poetic or whatever to do it like monkeys in front of monkeys, plus they’re the closest we can get to doing it in front of actual people, and that really turns Brie on,” he admitted.

“As if you guys weren’t freaky enough,” I snorted. “Also, chimps are apes, not monkeys. Monkeys have tails.”

“Oh, so more like you, you pedantic bitch.”

We took turns playfully shoving at each other before Brie came over and stole him away, heading inside. That left me with Cherry, who was looking ready to pull her sweater over her face in order to hide from me.

“I *cannot* believe you just told her like that,” I muttered, shaking my head and chuckling.

“I’m sorry,” she squeaked. “I wanted to show you off.”

“You literally call me ‘piss drinker’ to my face. Is that a good thing?” She tugged at my wrist, and I looked down to discover myself face-to-face with the cutest little pout and puppy eyes I’d ever seen. She swung her shoulders around without saying a word, and I chuckled and shook my head. “Alright, whatever. But only because she’s your bestie. Nobody else, alright?”

“Thank you, Drew,” she said with a cheeky giggle, and I put an arm around her and walked her in after the twins.

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