In my practice I often hear stories like this. Man and woman struggling with their sexual identity, sometimes to the point of stress. They think they are heterosexual and get confused if they like it when someone of the same sex flirts with them. Or if they fantasize or dream about someone of the same sex. There is a lot of confusion about bisexuality. When I ask bisexual people why they feel bisexual, they tell me that their bodies respond to both male and female bodies.

I think women are gorgeous in their sexuality, in their softness, or how mysterious they can be. I never cease to be amazed by how breasts feel, how the curve from the waist to hips feels, how a woman tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I still am cocks addicted and love my husband, but also enjoy sex with a woman…

Just for those that never read any of my posts, let me introduce myself, I am a doctor/general practitioner (GP), married, I have a gorgeous daughter, and I have a COCK addiction, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will answer any question you have xxx

**Did you know:**

Couples in a relationship won’t admit it easily, but in many cases a threesome offers the chance to have sex with the same sex. I have experienced it several times. People like to try new things. During a threesome, curiosity to find and experiment. Did you know that two out of three people indicated that they were quite open to a bisexual experience, both with another man and with a woman.

Please read the following experiences on bisexuality from my readers and followers.

**Melanie (18)**

Hi Doctor, I have a really handsome boyfriend and I love him. Our sex is really good together, but there is a issue, he is bi and he also has a lot of sex with other man. I at all times knew he was bi but never actually seen him doing it, until a few months ago. I came home early from work and I found him together with an older man in our bedroom. He was giving the man a blowjob when I walked in. I did not interrupt them and quietly watched them and noticed that he really liked it and, in the end, it felt good to me that he was able to find this.

It didn’t last very long and he was gone for over an hour. When they both entered the living room, I arranged for them both a drink and we talked a bit. They were both still undressed, when I got back from the toilet, they started kissing, pulling and sucking again. They both wondered it would be fun to do a threesome. Because I love my boyfriend and I’ve become curious about having sex with two man I agreed. Since then, we both satisfy our needs, he has his man to play with and I have to nice cocks to empty.

**Mike (19)**

Hi doctor, I am Mike and I am not gay, but something happened. I went out with friends and then a friend stayed over at my place, me on my bed and he on the mattress on the floor. When we arrived at my apartment, we were seriously drunk. We talked a bit when we were in bed, about everything, including sex. And that’s how I came to the conclusion that he is bi. He told me that he had sex also with men. It didn’t shock me that much because I already had a suspicion. He jumped next to me on the bed and started talking how nice it is with a man. As he talked, I clearly noticed he got aroused and he asked if I was open to do something sexual with a man.

He didn’t ask me to fuck me or anything, just to have some fun together. I resisted at first but then agreed because I was drunk, horny and a little curious. He got down into my boxer and pulled my dick out and started jerking off. He said if it didn’t make me feel good, he would stop. I wondered it was a really strange feeling because normally only women did that to me. I also jerked him off and we also sucked each other.

That’s enough experience for, really don’t feel like getting a dick in my ass! If I may be honest: I didn’t discover the blow job dirtier than licking pussy. I am straight but don’t mind if this happens again.

**Simone (24)**

I was out and had been flirting with a guy all night. At one point a friend of mine joined in who was also interested in him. She suggested doing a threesome and I wondered, fuck it, let’s do it. Mainly because I was also a bit in doubt whether I was bi or not. So, I did it. It was very pleasant and interesting. Never was my pussy licked so good and I did a favour in return and I enjoyed it. But I noticed that I wasn’t really turned on by her, just in the moment of having a threesome with another woman. I don’t know if am straight, but it was a nice experience.

**Mark (18)**

The first time I did it with a guy was after a party. It was early morning at his house. He’s gay and I’m straight. We were both pretty shaken up on drugs and beers and there was no shame. He put his hand on my pants. And the horniness made me hard on. I wondered why not. Just give it a try, so we both took off our pants. Then we started experimenting and did everything. It was very exciting. But especially horny and delicious. After we came, we got dressed and went to friends. We didn’t tell anyone. A few years later I experimented with him again. Every now and then we meet. For me it is mainly about the horniness, not so much whether it is with a man or a woman.

**Bratt (26)**

My girlfriend wanted a threesome for once. She wanted a good friend of mine as a third. I wasn’t really excited for her to have sex with that friend, but I didn’t want to be childish or jealous. We took turns undressing and then showered. My friend and I both had boners and my girlfriend got down in front of us and started to give us blowjobs. I actually had no idea how to proceed but my girlfriend clearly knew what she was doing. we continued in the bedroom and while I was fucking my girlfriend, she was giving him a blowjob. And we switched positions several times. When my friend was close to an orgasm, she got down on her knees in front of him and gave him a blowjob. She wanted me to join in and I did. We both gave him a blowjob and he came in our mouths. They then did the same to me, both gave me a blowjob and I also came in their mouths. My girlfriend was thrilled, but I am a bit in doubt, it was all nice to find, but not sure if I want to see my girlfriend being fucked by someone else again.

**Jen (31)**

I’m fairly open about my bisexuality and a I am a bit kinky. Me and my husband had the idea of a trio for some months, even though it made me feel jealous, I admit. None of our friends were open to this idea. Drunken, we ended up scouring the internet for hook-up sites. Without success. I didn’t take it too seriously at first, but it soon became clear that he considered paying a woman to have sex with us. But at this point, the wine was flowing and I felt nervous, but excited in a curious way. We looked at the necessary pictures of women, while he joked that he preferred someone with big breasts.

Less than an hour and a half later, our doorbell rang and a gorgeous but woman, somewhere in her mid-twenties was at the door. She walked in and we got into our bedroom. I stood in the corner and undressed as quickly as I could, probably from nerves. My husband on the other hand, was busy with our new girlfriend. He pulled her clothes and kissed her passionately. We moved to the bed. I was completely naked and her breasts were exposed. My husband encouraged me to kiss her, so I did. She was very gorgeous. He started to take of his pants and the woman gave him a condom.

She undressed completely and got on her hands and knees on top of me in 69 position and we both started to lick each other pussy. in the meantime, my husband stood above me and started to penetrate her. slowly he started to fuck her hard and deep. She managed to lick me several times to an orgasm, something my husband or any ex-boyfriend never has been able to do. I still have no idea how this woman felt like as there was little emotion coming out of her. when my husband came, he pulled out, removed the condom and I had to swallow. She was good at it and it was pretty good, the whole adventure was worth it. Afterwards I thought how much she actually got from this and how much her pimp pocketed.

For the next couple of months, I kept wondering if what we did was okay, but at the same time, I had fantasies about our night with that woman when I masturbate.

**Anonymous (25)**

My boyfriend can get turned on instantly when he sees me naked, for example when I get out of the shower, get dressed or changed etc. I never really get turned on by my naked boyfriend, not even with my exes, or men in general naked. But I do get turned on by seeing a naked woman. If my boyfriend stands naked next to my bed while I’m already in it, I like to admire him, but it doesn’t make me very horny, at most I feel like giving him a blowjob. My ex had had a big one, which I liked to look at, I liked his because it just invited me to touch it, put my hand around it, stroke it, make it hard, suck it, but instantly turned on no, I don’t believe that either.

By the way, I think some are more gorgeous than others and if someone stood in front of me with a boner that is nice, I think my pussy would react to that, or that I would have a tendency to blow that thing, not that it turns me on but just a sort of reaction. Like with my ex for example. He had also besides a big one a better figure, and I admired him outwardly a bit more for that, I liked the idea that he was mine. He also had quite charisma, and many women liked him, and my current partner has a lot less of that. I remember that I really liked my ex his big balls, at all times full and hanging down ready to be emptied. And he was younger than me, a young sex god. But it wasn’t more than admiring or something, it didn’t really make me very horny.

Now I wonder if all of the above is ordinary, or that most women get really turned on by seeing naked men. After all, they often say that men are more visual than women, so maybe it’s ordinary. I think that if I had a relationship with a woman who looks good and she would step out of the shower naked I could get almost as excited about it as my boyfriend is about me now.

**Diana (18)**

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years. We do almost everything together and have good sex almost every day. This weekend I slept at his place. Sunday morning, I woke up early when I opened my eyes and saw my boyfriend in the other room blowing his roommate. I don’t mind actually wondered it was pretty hot to see. Now I’m not sure if I should talk to him about this or just let him do it. I have also had sex with 2 women.

please if you have any questions, confessions, or you need some advice, or just horny talks, feel free to contact me and I will answer any question you have xxx

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