Betty (the family grows). Pt.18 The wedding

In the last part: Cass has finally found herself a home, she is ready to be wedded.

When Betty finally reappeared, we started planning the wedding. Betty wondered of a big event, but Cass demanded the smallest efficient. “The real event happens in bed, not in church. I don’t want this attention.” she said. Tony supported Cass, she was, after all, his third bride, and he had a big ceremony only for the first, me.

But limiting the event to a minimum didn’t stop Betty from opening a shopping spree. She and Cass spent days outside, looking for the perfect items for the big night.

The big night has finally arrived. I spent the whole day with Zenya and Danny cooking dinner, Betty and Cass were out shopping again. In the early afternoon Betty came and picked me up too, we went for professional hair care and makeup, to look our best at the wedding.

At half past 7pm the doorbell rang. Me and Betty welcomed our only guests for the night, Mr. and Mss. Pattieu. Cass’s parents.

We were already in our ceremonial clothes, silky white robes, so thin our skin was visible through. Me and Betty had black stripes on the edges, Tony and Cass, the bride and groom, had gold stripes.

We welcomed our guests and offered them robes to wear too. Her mom, Cecilia, opposed it, but we said it’s our costume and they didn’t want to offend us on wedding night, so we gave them some privacy to wear the robes.

It was obvious Cecilia didn’t put down her clothes beneath the robes, we didn’t say anything. Charlie, Cass’s father, wasn’t that shy and wore the robes the right way.

We sat to eat dinner, Tony and Cass at one end of the table, Charlie and Cecilia on the other end, me and Betty on the sides. There was tension in the air, it was obvious that the Pattieu couple wasn’t feeling comfortable in this situation.

The main dish was cleared from the table, but dessert didn’t come. Instead, I stood up and opened the ceremony.

“Dear family”, I said, “We got here tonight to celebrate the holy union of our families, as my beloved Tony is taking our beloved Cassidy to be his wife.”

Tony and Cass stood up. “As a wedding gift, Tony promised Cass a home for herself. Cassidy, do you accept Tony’s wedding gift?”

Cass held her head high and looked straight at her mother, sending a message only they understood. “I looked at the house and I loved it. I accept your gift.” She said.

“Cassidy, In return, You become a wife to Tony, you will devote your body and soul to cater all his needs. Do you accept this heavy commitment?”

“I do.” She answered.

“Tony, would you like to say something?” I asked. “I do,” he said.

“Cass, you came into our life in a time of great despair, and you shawned your light upon us all. I thank you for all you have done and love you deeply for it. I am honored by your choice to be my wife.” and he kissed her, long loving kiss.

“Cassidy, would you like to say something?” I asked Cass.

“I do.” she said in a quiet voice. “Tony, I came with great fears at first. I had to overcome great obstacles on my way to you. I am humbled and honored to become your wife. My love to you, my new family, has no boundaries. And here, tonight, in front of all my loved ones, I will prove it.”

Cass opened her robe and pulled it down, standing bare naked in front of all of us.

She was astonishing! Her body seemed to change a little, only for the best! Her face was a little thinner, her breasts, that were all the time large, were now gigantic, with big, dark areolas, and gold needle, decorated with two diamonds, piercing each of her nipples, her wedding jewels. Her torso became very slim, and another jewel, gold ring with diamonds, decorated her belly button. Her butt became bigger, proportional to her bust, and a well trimmed stripe of hair pointing on her clit. And her legs, long and smooth! Cass looked like a supermodel porn star!

She hugged Tony and kissed him, before pulling his robe away to reveal his perfect body. Shamelessly she played with his dick while kissing him, hardening it. Then slowly kissed her way down to take his hard shaft in her perfect mouth.

I sat next to Charlie. He’s a good man, he didn’t want to feel aroused by his daughter’s nudity, but no man could withstand the heavy magic in the air. “Think of me,” I whispered in his ear. “And enjoy yourself.” I rubbed his dick over his robe.

Betty sat on the other side, next to Cecilia, who was getting angrier by the second.

“Take care of your man.” She whispered in her ear. “Or we will.” Cecilia looked and saw my dry rubbing Charlie’s hardening cock, and got even more mad.

“No point of getting angry” I heard Betty’s voice, I felt the power in her words. “Get down and do the job, or we will do it for you.”

I knew Cecilia hated taking Charlie’s dick in her mouth, but Betty’s word left her with no choice, she slid from the chair to the floor, pulled up Charlie’s robe, and took his member to her mouth.

I felt Charlie’s discomfort. His wife wasn’t very good at this. I grabbed his head and kissed him. “Don’t worry” I told him, “This night will not be forgotten.”

Betty sat in Cecilia’s chair, moved her hand and groped his bowls. His breath stopped. “Don’t be afraid to perform.” She told him. “Tonight you can shoot your load as much as you want.” She kissed him while pushing Cecilia’s head down on his crotch. Cecilia moaned, Charlie moaned, I knew he blew a load right down Cecilia’s throat. Betty held her head, forcing her to choke on his dick and swallow the load.

Cass layed on the bare table and welcomed Tony in her wet pussy, moaning loudly in her heat. Betty left Cecilia’s head. Cecilia let Carlie out of her throat, desperate for air. Charlie was hard as a rock, and dripping wet from Cecilia saliva.

Betty and I held Cecilia up and undressed her. Then laid her on the table to receive her husband’s love. We removed our robes and kissed over Cecilia, who was moaning as Charlie pushed his hardness into her pussy.

Cecilia’s head bumped into Cass’s. Cass moaned. “Isn’t it great, mom?” she said and cried as her body twitched in orgasm. “Cum with me, mom!” she begged. I felt Betty smiling into my kiss, as she reached for Cecilia’s clit. Cecilia started shouting loudly as her orgasm hit her. Charlie pumped her body enthusiastically, filling her womb with his semen.

“Ass!” I said loudly. “Let’s fuck the ass!” demanded Betty. “Yes! Fuck my ass!” Cass followed. “NO NO NO NO NO!” Cecilia tried to avoid the unavoidable. I held one of her legs, Betty held the other, and we spread them wide for Charlie to push his hard dich into Cecilia’s ass. I kissed Betty and groped Cecilia’s tits, Betty messaged her pussy. Cecilia and Cass cried together and came.

“Keep pushing it!” Betty commanded, “Don’t stop! The great finale is coming! I want you to fill her tits with cum!”

Both men kept fucking their women, wile the mother and daughter came again.

“Keep pushing, keep!” Betty kept them going, “and now, pull it out, shoot it on her big tities daddy!”

The men pulled their dicks out of their women’s ass and waved it above their stomach, aiming and shooting heavy, sticky, loads of cum on their body, filling their bellies and tits with warm cum.

“Warm cum!” Betty said and moved toward Tony, “I want it all over my face!” She kneeled in front of Tony and took his dick in her mouth.

I did the same with Charlie. Soon Cecilia joined me, something deep in her changed, she wanted it now.

Together we shared the dick, until the final load of cum covered our faces, and all we could do is lick each other’s faces clean.

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