Betty (the family grows). Pt.12

In the last part: Anny and Betty discuss marriage with Cass. They forget their anger and make love. Cass is waiting for a company proposition from the family.

It was a long evening. My duties seemed long and boring, but I smiled and carried on. I knew they were waiting for me at home and they would not eat dinner without me, so I hurried as much as I could to close shop and go home.

As I entered the house, Tony greatted me. Wearing only underwear he hugged and kissed me, his manhood sending shivers up my spine as we kissed. Tony helped me undress, and like that, bare naked, I entered home.

Betty and Cass were practicing yoga in the living room, Zenya finished making dinner and was eating in her room with her daughter. Betty and Cass stood up right as they saw me, we washed our hands and sat at the table.

“So…” Cass tried to open the conversation. “About that proposition you talked about earlier?”

“Yes, yes.” I said as Betty handed me some bread. “Tony, Cass: Me and Betty thought of some business opportunity.”

Tony laid down his fork and looked attentive, Cass sat waiting.

“Well,” Betty opened. “Cass asked to officially join the family.”

Tony looked at Cass, but not surprised.

“And… Anny and I are all for it.” Betty kept her speech.

“But…” the silence was heavy as a rock.

“Cass is working for you, Tony, she is employed by the family. We can’t marry an employee. She can’t afford it right now.”

Cass lowered her head, Tony rested his head on his hand, he felt something was gonna happened.

“And there is the age gap too.” I added, “Kass is young and fertile, she can get pregnant, have children. Marrying into our family will destroy that.”

“I can see you were thinking a lot about how to refuse.” Tony said.

“Not at all.” I answered.

“Actually, we discussed how to make these downsides into upsides.” Betty barged. “And we figured it out!”

“Cassy:” Betty turned to her. “You and I are going to open the first business in the world aimed to make children!”

Cass and Tony looked confused. Betty continued and explained:

“Cass dear, I can tell when you are the most fertile. I can smell it. I also happen to know many very wealthy families from all around the world.

Now, think about this young man: his age is between 18 to 25, he is very rich, and about to get richer as his life progresses. His family is pressing him to get married and have children, but he doesn’t want to, he wants to have fun!

What is the most dangerous thing to a man like that?”

Betty looked at us, Cass looked confused.

Betty continued: “The biggest fear this young man have, is that some gold digging bitch will baby trap him, he will be forced to marry her and live a very unhappy life!

Yes, the one thing a rich man is afraid of the most, is a gold digger!”

“I don’t understand,” said Tonny. “I dealt with some gold diggers back in the days, I always found a way out.”

Betty came over and kissed him, petting his crouch.

“What we offer is insurance, preventative manners. When he deals with us, he doesn’t need to take his condom with him at the end. He doesn’t need to stay sober at parties fearing what would happen in the morning. We will assure him, he can party and fuck as much as he want, no girl will get pregnant, no STD will catch him. And he will have a child to show to his family, or to train to replace him, when the day comes.”

Betty lowered her red head and took Tony’s cock in her mouth, making loud sucking noises. Tony laid back in his chair and smiled.

“I don’t fully understand,” he said, “But I Love Betty’s blowjobs!”

Since Betty couldn’t explain, I chimed in.

“What we propose is this: You, Cass, Go with Betty to this client, and spend a couple of weeks with him. He will impregnate you and you will have his child. When that part is over, Betty will do her thing, he will become completely sterile, allowing him to party as much as he wants, without the fear of gold digging whores.”

Betty stood up and came to kiss Cass, her mouth full with Tony’s cum. Cass took the kiss and swallowed the cum. Betty sat beside her and played with her tits.

“In return” I continued, “This young man will open two trust funds. One is to support Cass for life, and the other to support the child. The client has to register the child as his child, and increase his support for the child yearly. Also, 30% of the deal is going to the family account, paying for Cass’s part of this family.”

I couldn’t go on anymore. I changed my seat to Ton’s lap, feeling his growing dick in my ass as I moved. Betty and Cass were kissing and touching each other. Tony hugged me and groped my tits from behind. I reached down and guided his dick into my pussy, feeling my warm juice starting to flow around him.

Tony moaned. “It’s not enough,” he said. “We can’t raise kids in this house, not like this!”

He pushed me to the table and stood behind me. I leaned forward and let him doggy fuck me. “We will need to buy another house for Cass, nothing can be done before that!”

I moaned in orgasm as he pushed deep. Then pulled out and shot cum on my ass.

I moved to the side, Betty and Cass came and licked the cum off.

Cass got up then sat on the table, spreading her legs, inviting Tony to enter her black pussy.

“You are right,” Betty said. “We need another house, But we will pierce Cass the moment we find it.”

Cass moaned loudly as Tony fucked her, I felt Betty’s tongue on my asshole and it drove me to explode in orgasm, filling her hands with my pussy juice.

Tony held Cass’s legs and spread them wider. “Doing business with you is weird!” Cass said.

“Welcome to the family” answered Tony and pushed his hardness hard into her asshole.

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