Best orgasm I’ve ever had

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So this might be a bit vanilla for y’all but I felt like sharing because I’ve been thinking about it every day. 🤣

This guy I’ve been sleeping with is so damn sexy, and his dick feels absolutely incredible. I have vaginismus so sometimes there can be pain, but not with this partner.

He likes to cum by being on his knees and penetrating me by pulling on my hips in while thrusting. When he cums he looks me right in the eye as he fills me up and it drives me nuts.

Then he likes to sit there with his dick still inside while he recovers. So the other day while he was still in, I started to rub my clit. I had already cum twice, but felt like I needed one more while he was still inside.

When I tell you this was the most explosive, out of control orgasm I’ve ever had… I completely lost control of myself and my vocals, I legitimately screamed, I was cumming so hard.

I’ve never felt an orgasm like that. My mind was absolutely blown and when he pulled out I wondered I was gonna pass out haha!

Thank you for letting me distribute!

NSFW: yes

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