Best friend Vancouver fuck! [20M & 20F]

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My best friend who’ll I’ll call Tiffany, is a short, black-haired Filipino, with a nice hour- glass and great ass and tits. Not too thin but not too thick either. We’ve been friends since we were very young.

Our families decided to go to Vancouver for a fun little trip. And fun it was indeed. The second day there culminated with us going back to a hotel where me and Tiffany shared a room.

After changing, Tiffany and I hopped up on the same bed despite having separate beds. She wore some nice pyjama pants and white shirt that accentuated her great tits and that you could see her sage green sports bra underneath. I pulled my laptop out and we started watching random Youtube videos as I put my arm around Tiffany.

I noticed that her white shirt hung off her shoulder, exposing her bra strap. It got me a little hard but it was covered by the laptop Tiffany was fine as fuck and we were close so I decided to take a chance. I fiddled with her bra strap a little and she didn’t notice. I began to feel a little bit of her naked shoulder too. After a while, we looked at each other for a while as Tiffany ranted about some characters for a story she made up. She looked gorgeous.

As she ranted, I could feel my hard on get bigger as her tits would bounce whenever she’d laugh or get excited. After she stopped, we sat in silence before she asked “Hey, wanna fuck?”. I looked at her, shocked but my erection practically shot up. “Yeah, want to? We’re alone. I’m bored. We’re close and don’t think I didnt notice you fiddling with my bra. It DOES make me look good though… Wouldnt you agree?” Tiffany snorted as she took off her white shirt, showing me her cleavage even better.

I answered with “Goddamn… Well, I can’t refuse.”. She then took off her pants, standing up and showing me her magnificent tanned ass. She bent down and took my sweatpants off, commenting on my erection. “Wow, it’s big! Jeez…” She said, taking off my underwear. She looked at it for a while, licking her lips a little. “Hey, what about a cond-” “I’m on birth control, don’t worry.” Tiffany smiled.

Tiffany knew how to make me act up somehow. Anyways, she made me lie down on the bed. There was a mirror that showed how Tiffany looked. “So, what position?” Tiffany asked. “How about a ride? Facing me so I can see your face.” “Oh you’re such a charm.”

She took off her bra and her panties, revealing a little bit of trimmed bush on her pussy and her dark nipples. I immediately fondled her breasts with one hand while guiding her hips onto my dick. It was amazing. As I guided her womanhood on top of my shaft, she slowly went down. She mumbled an “oh god…” as she sat on it with a squish. Tiffany rocked back and forth, making the bed sink in and shake. I felt her wet pussy insides as it moved. A few minutes of this led to her straight up bouncing on my dick. She screamed in Tagalog which I didn’t find out much, but I knew it was good. She also shouted obscenities such as “Oh fuck!” “Oh damn!” “Shit! Shit! OH YEAH!” mixed with random grunts.

As her round ass slapped against my dick, making a squishy and clapping noise, she looked down at me and grinned. I fondled her tits with my right while caressing her ass and back with my left. I pretty much had to fight to make sure she didn’t fly off. “You know… You look really hot right now.” Tiffany laughed as beads of sweat went down between her tits.

After a few more minutes, Tiffany screamed louder. “OH GOD! IM GONNA- IM GONNA!” she shouted as she rubbed her hairy pussy. After a few unintelligible screams, swears, and her jumping of my dick like a trampoline, she shouted once more before breathing and stopping. “Holy shit! God that was good!”. She chuckled. I didn’t cum yet though, I don’t know why as it felt amazing. “Oh… you havent cum yet. Let me do the honors.” She said, rocking back and forth more, letting my manhood feel her juices. Tiffany squeezed her pussy around my cock, making it somehow harder and it made me want to burst. It hurt so bad but felt so good. After a few more bounces, I grabbed her hips and she grabbed my shoulders. “Oh fuck I might… ” I mumbled. “Thats okay. Im on birth control remember?” As she did a few final bucks, I couldnt help it. My flood gates opened and a river of cum flowed out. She laughed at the white liquid ejecting from her pussy. “Thats… a lot.” She commented

Just then, someone knocked on our hotel door. “Hey! Open!” it was a mutual family friend who came on our trip with us. Shit. Tiffany quickly hid underneath the covers as I rushed to fix my hair and put on clothes. I opened the door. They asked what food we wanted and asked me if everything was okay. I said everything was good and to bring us a pizza. After we closed the door, Tiffany hopped out of the blankets, which now had cum everywhere, and walked into the washroom, her gorgeous brown ass swaying side to side. It was gonna be a very fun trip.

NSFW: yes


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