Best Family Holiday – Short Sex Story

Last year I went on holidays with the family to fiji and it was quite hot when we were there so majority of the time we were in swimmers. The hotel we were in had a roof top with a swim up bar. The family had been there all day and then decided to head back to the room but I stayed in the pool and had a few more drinks, I noticed a girl about my age (21-22) with this sexy black bikini by herself aswell.
I’d had a few drinks at this stage so I decided to slowly swim over to her and strike up a conversation, turns out she was in the same situation as me and on holidays with her family too. I asked if she wanted to join me at the bar and she accepted. After a few drinks we were getting quite flirty and a lot of touching was happening, i had to keep adjusting my shorts and I think she noticed that. I then asked if she wanted to come back to my room and keep drinking to which she very gladly said yes.
We got back to my room and I said I needed to shower and as a joke asked if she wanted to join, she didn’t say anything and just started taking her bikini off, her boobs were amazing, looked about a C cup very perky and all natural and her pussy completely shaved

I took my shorts off and my dick bounced up, as she smiled looking down at my dick. We both got in the shower, started hooking up and then I felt her hand slowly stroking my hard cock playing with the tip every time she got to the top. I had my hands all over her perfect arse then moved them around and put the tip of my finger on her clit gently rubbing her pussy up and down as our tongues are down each other’s throats. She then kisses my neck and makes her way down to my dick licking down my abs and putting the tip of her tongue on the tip of my dick making my body quiver.
She then swallows my whole dick and plays with my balls at the same time swirling her tongue around my shaft as she fucks my dick with her mouth. I pull her up and pick her up and my dick slides in her pussy, I hold her up by her legs and she wraps her legs around me and I bounce her up and down my dick as we continue to make out. She started to moan louder and told me she was cumming, I bounced her up and down a few more times before she pulled me into and and squeezed as I felt her pussy squeeze my dick as she had an intense orgasm.

I put her down and turned her around and fucked her from behind up against the wall, she grabbed the removable shower head and put it on her clit with one hand and was playing with my balls with the other hand as I fucked her from behind and playing with her nipples. The combination of her playing with my balls and some of the water on my balls was making me cum, I told her I was close, she meant back, put her hand around my neck and whispered in my ear “cum inside me” as soon as she said the I blew a enormous load inside her, it felt so good my legs went weak and as I blew a load inside her she let out loud moan and came at the same time.
Probably the best shower sex I’ve had.

NSFW: yes

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