Bella [Ch. 2 Pt. 3] Steve watches his girlfriend give herself to his roommate.

The next morning, Steve woke to his alarm and started the coffee pot. Brian was up a few seconds later and joined him in the kitchen.

Not many words were said at this time of morning between the two. Neither of them were morning people, and both preferred to drink their coffee and read their phones in silence over meaningless conversation.

They ate their breakfasts as the coffee brewed while looking at their phones. A sudden movement caught Steve’s eyes, and he looked up to see Bella walking around the corner in her white terry cloth robe.

Steve was disappointed yet relieved Bella did not come out in her lacy sleep attire from the night before. The coffee had finished brewing, and Bella poured them all a cup before walking over and handing them to the two men.

“Good morning, gorgeous,” Steve smiled.

“Good morning, love,” Bella replied as she leaned down and kissed Steve’s cheek before sitting down.

The three of them made small talk for a bit before Brian left the table to get ready for college and practice.

“I thought you were going to wear your babydoll from last night,” Steve grinned.

“Steve, I thought you were just having horned up sex talk last night,” Bella replied. “I’d be too embarrassed.”

“I know. I was just seeing what you’d say,” Steve grinned. “That’s why I love you. You’re wild in bed, but you’re loyal and honest to your core.”

“He saw a whole lot of me last night when I reached into the drawer in my nighty,” Bella giggled. “I think that was enough.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you,” Steve smiled.

Bella did loosen up her wardrobe around the apartment knowing Steve would at all times respond when she showed a bit of skin. She loved his reaction to her when she came out wearing just a thong and a tank top with no bra.

She didn’t figure out why Steve enjoyed showing her off to his roommate, but she loved his reaction when she did. She loved the feeling of his desperate mating after a day of playful teasing.

Steve loved watching Bella prancing around the apartment in skimpy clothing. Her body looked amazing, and he at all times wondered it would be a shame for her to cover it.

Steve didn’t figure out why he liked showing Bella off. He was not a jealous type and was not worried she’d stray from him. He just enjoyed knowing his girlfriend could tease Brian, but she was loyal to him. He enjoyed the game of cat and mouse.

Whenever Steve saw her sexy grin as she walked by in one of his button up shirts with nothing underneath or just a pair of conservative panties and a tank top, his pants would tighten immediately.

Brian at all times remained a gentleman, but he did not hide his appreciation for Bella’s beauty or divert his eyes when she flaunted herself in front of him.

Brian continued to maintain his active sex life. It seemed like he intentionally brought women home just so Bella could hear their earth shattering orgasms.

Bella and Steve at all times enjoyed watching the different types of women Brian bedded. He did not discriminate. He had an eye for cheerleaders, bookworms, Hispanics, blacks, and even hot moms. He had great taste, but they all paled in comparison to Bella.

Bella became more vocal in the bedroom especially when she knew Brian was in his room, knowing he’d hear her sexy moans of pleasure. She thought if he was stroking himself while listening to her.

Bella would often whisper her thoughts into Steve’s ear, which would turn him on even more. Steve loved when she’d describe how Brian was probably stroking his gigantic dick while imagining he was fucking her.

Their play made their sex life even better. Steve loved the way Bella was starting to loosen up.

They were out with a group of friends one fall Saturday to watch Brian’s team play. It was a big game against a highly ranked team, and it had playoff implications.

Steve and the guys were drinking quite heavily, and so were the women, including Bella. Alcohol at all times made Bella extra horny, and this was magnified by the fact that both her and Steve spent the week studying and had not had sex since the previous weekend.

Bella was wearing a sexy white dress, and she was catching the eye of all of the men in the group along with everyone at the bar.

After three hours of great football, the game came down to one final play. Brian’s team needed to make a stop or they would lose the game and any shot at the playoffs.

The other team had the ball on the eight yard line with two seconds left on the clock. Brian’s team was ahead by five points, so they needed a touchdown for the win.

The quarterback on the other team was probably gonna be drafted in the first round, if not the first pick in the NFL draft, but Brian had been pressuring him all game, and he’d sacked him twice.

They got into formation, and the quarterback pointed out the blitz. They were lined up in a shotgun formation with an empty backfield. The ball was snapped, the quarterback dropped back to pass, and one of the receivers made a perfect cut to the outside as the corner slipped.

The quarterback saw him open and went to throw the pass when Brian smashed into him, knocking the ball loose. Brian scooped up the ball as he fell to the ground.

The crowd erupted as the whistle blew. Brian ripped off his helmet and raised it and the football into the air in victory. The crowd went wild, and so did the bar.

Steve and his friends high fived each other, and the girls hugged and cheered.

“What do you say we go out dancing to celebrate?” Bella asked.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Steve agreed.

The group made their way down the block to a trendy dance club and found themselves a table. More drinks were consumed as Mike, Craig, and Steve did their best to keep up with the three hot women on the dance floor.

After several dances over the next hour, Steve and Craig tapped out to refresh their drinks and catch a breather. They sat at their table and watched Bella, Mia, and Laurel dance with Mike.

Bella looked stunning in her little while dress. Her large breasts spilled over the top, and her ass looked like you could serve food on it. She had all the right curves and knew exactly how to move on the dance floor.

She attracted the attention of a large black man, who moved in to dance with her. He looked like he had moves of his own, and they quickly moved into a rhythm together.

Bella turned her back to the black man and grinded up against him as he brought his hands down to her hips. Watching the two of them stirred something in Steve.

The contrast of his dark hand against her white dress was so visually compelling. Bella made eye contact with Steve and gave him a naughty smile as she made round circles with her hips against him.

When the song came to an end, Bella hugged the black man and then made her way back to the table.

“Did you like that, babe?” Bella asked in Steve’s ear.

“You looked hot out there,” Steve admitted.

“Thanks, I need a drink,” Bella said as she took three large gulps of her drink. “He was hard, babe.”

“Really?” Steve asked. “You could tell?”

“He had it pressed against my ass,” Bella replied with a slight slur. “Of course I felt it. It felt huge.”

“Damn that’s hot,” Steve replied.

“So am I,” Bella replied, slurring. “I need you to take me home and fuck me.”

Bella and Steve were making out as soon as the elevator to their apartment closed. Steve slid his hands under Bella’s dress and kneaded her soft cheeks as they kissed.

Bella did not fix her dress which was bunched around her waist when the elevator opened. She walked out into the hallway with her white thong showing as she looked over her shoulder at Steve seductively.

The look on Steve’s face drove Bella wild with lust. She loved his reaction to her, and that gave her courage to reach for the hem of her dress and pull it up and over her head.

Steve’s dick felt like it could break glass as he watched his gorgeous blonde girlfriend strut down the hallway to their apartment in nothing but her heels and a lacy white thong.

“Fuck, you are sexy!” Steve gasped.

She waited at the door for Steve, and he grabbed her as the door opened and kissed her deeply. Steve pushed her into the room as the door closed behind them.

Steve pulled his shirt off followed by his pants as they fell back on the couch. He reached for his stash of condoms and put one on as Bella climbed up on him.

Bella pushed her thong to the side and guided Steve’s hard six inch cock into her wet opening.

“Oh baby, I needed this,” Bella mewed.

“God you’re beautiful,” Steve groaned.

Bella began working her hips in round circles as she stimulated her clit against Steve’s pelvis. Her moans filled the room. She was rapidly climbing towards her orgasm when the familiar sound of keys were heard by both of them.

There was nowhere to hide as the door opened. Steve held her hips and continued to push into her. Steve didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the hormones, but he didn’t want to stop. Brian’s gigantic frame filled the doorframe as the couple continued to mate.

Brian took in the scene as he entered the room. Bella’s large breasts were heaving under her hands as she tried to catch her breath. Brian was at a similar level of intoxication as Bella and Steve, and it took a few seconds for him to realize what he was seeing.

“Oh fuck, you are beautiful,” Brian blurted.

Bella flushed immediately at his words and Steve pushed his cock into her making her moan as she peered into Brian’s eyes.

Brian dropped his duffle bag and stared at the mating couple. Bella bit her lip and stared back at Brian as she began moving her hips again. She was so close to release, and she didn’t want to stop. Especially right now.

Bella felt Brian’s eyes on her, and she felt Steve’s hard cock continuing to drive into her. She felt conflicted. On one hand, she should not be allowing another man to watch her like this. On the other, she wanted his eyes to devour her, all of her. She lowered her hands and allowed Brian to look.

With the light on, Bella was completely exposed to Brian’s lustful eyes. Her perfect C cup breasts tapped with perky pink nipples moved rhythmically as she moved her hips. Below that, her firm tummy flexed as she ground her pussy into Steve’s hard cock.

Bella’s creamy thighs had no sign of cellulite, just firm feminine perfection. Even her feet and toes were gorgeous.

Brian couldn’t move from the spot as he watched the couple in front of him. Bella stared at Brian as she continued to have sex with Steve. He’d dreamed of seeing her like this. He just wished she was sitting on him.

Bella bit her lip sexily as she gave up holding back. She reached one hand behind Steve’s neck and began riding him for everything she was worth..

“Fuck me, Steve,” Bella moaned. “Baby I need to cum!”

Bella watched as Brian began rubbing the outside of his jeans. Her eyes drifted down to the gigantic bulge in his pants as his hands slid over it.

Bella looked up at Brian’s eyes again as he stroked his cock, watching her. She couldn’t decide where to look as her eyes drifted between his strong hands rubbing his bulge and his eyes gazing down at her.

All she saw was lust, and it made her need for an orgasm grow intensely. Bella bit her lip as her body sped up even more.

“God baby, he’s watching us,” Bella cried. “This is so hot. Make me cum. Show Brian how I cum!”

Steve couldn’t believe the words coming from Bella’s mouth or the situation they were in. They’d talked dirty in the past, but having sex in front of someone was more than anything he’d ever experienced.

Brian couldn’t take much more and had to release his throbbing cock from the confines of his jeans. He unbuckled his belt and began unbuttoning them as Bella watched intently.

Bella couldn’t believe what she was seeing as Brian started to unbutton his pants. She’d at all times thought and sometimes fantasized about what was under them, and she was finally about to figure out.

Brian pulled his pants down and stepped out of them, leaving him in just his black boxer briefs and a t-shirt. Bella could see the gigantic lump under them, and she licked her lips instinctively as he reached for the waistband.

Bella was fucking Steve on autopilot as she watched Brian’s hands reach for his waistband. As if in slow motion, he pulled them down until she could see the root of his thick cock.

His movement suddenly stopped, and Bella looked up at Brian questioningly. His eyes smiled down at her as if he was teasing her. She looked down again, but his boxers stayed as they were.

Bella looked back up at him beggingly. Brian shook his head with a teasing grin. She realized he wanted her to ask him.

“Please,” Bella begged.

Steve wondered Bella was asking him to make her cum so he latched onto her tit with his mouth.

“Show it to me, Brian,” Bella moaned.

Bella’s words shocked Steve, and he released her nipple to see what was happening. He looked up at Bella to see her biting her lip and staring at Brian who was pulling his boxers down at that very second.

Steve and Bella both gasped as Brian’s gigantic cock revealed itself in all its massive glory. It had to be at least nine inches long and almost three inches thick at its base.

Brian’s cock looked menacing as he began stroking it while watching Bella. The three of them were carried to a whole new level as their lust overwhelmed them.

Bella moved her feet onto the couch and began rising and falling on Steve’s cock, making loud slapping sounds. Her tits bounced seductively as Brian watched, stroking his gigantic cock.

Bella looked at Brian again and bit her lip as he stepped slightly closer to her. She couldn’t believe how big his cock was and it was sending her body into a sexual fever.

Brian grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head, leaving him nude to Bella’s wanton eyes. She studied every muscle in his chest and abs on his 270 pound frame. His gigantic jutting cock was perfectly proportioned to the giant man.

Bella licked her lips as she watched Brian resume stroking his giant dick. He was only a couple feet away from her, and she could see every vein and ridge of his thick cock. The purple head of his engorged erection bobbed enticingly as Brian stroked it in front of her.

“Oh God, baby!” Bella cried as she slapped her hips down on Steve. “So big. So big!”

Brian took another step closer as Steve and Bella watched. Seeing Bella lick her lips as Brian brought his giant dick closer to her, was pushing Steve’s lust to new levels. He’d never seen Bella this worked up, and he loved it.

Steve watched Brian stroke his cock just inches from Bella’s mouth. Bella was lost in passion as she drove her hips down on him wildly. Steve couldn’t believe any of this was happening.

Bella was lost as her orgasm was right on edge. She looked at Brian hungrily as his cock moved even closer to her. She could see a drop of pre-cum running out of Brian’s cock-head and running down the tip.

Bella was overwhelmed with the masculine scent coming from Brian and the sight of his cock bobbing in front of her. She wanted to touch him, but her inhibitions were holding her back.

“Steve?” Bella moaned.

“Mmm, huh?” Steve replied.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” Bella cried as she continued to ride his dick.

“You’re so hot, baby,” Steve told her. “Just let yourself go. Cum for me baby.”

Bella wondered Steve was giving her permission to touch Brian, and that’s what she did. She reached her delicate hand up and grabbed Brian’s firm cock. She ran her fingers from the base to the tip and then held it towards her open mouth. Brian moaned as the gorgeous blonde touched him for the first time.

Bella’s fingers couldn’t wrap all the way around Brian’s thick spear. She parted her lips slightly as she leaned forward and licked the fluid dripping from him. Bella and Brian both moaned as she opened her mouth and sucked his cock-head into her hungry mouth.

Steve heard their moans and looked over to see his girlfriend sucking Steve’s giant dick. The sight of it was more than he ever fantasized about. He pushed his hips up while grabbing hers, and he began slamming into her sloshing pussy as hard as he could, making her moan into Brian’s cock.

Bella coated Brian’s cock with wet kisses from the tip to its base while looking up into his eyes. She studied every vein and the thick one on the top of his shaft that was pulsing with blood as she stroked him. She’d never seen a cock this big, and she wanted to savor all of it.

Their apartment was filled with the sounds of sex as the three of them consummated their lust for one another.

Bella’s cries increased as she neared her orgasm. She’d never dreamed of actually living out a threesome, and she stroked and sucked Brian’s cock with abandon as Steve drove his cock into her.

“Oh God, keep fucking me Steve,” Bella cried as she took a breath. “I’m gonna cum!”

She took Brian’s cock back into her mouth as Steve slammed his hips up into her. Slapping sounds filled the room as Bella bobbed on Brian’s thick cock. She couldn’t take the whole thing and had to stretch her jaw just to get half of it in. He was so much bigger than she was used to.

A week without sex and seeing Bella so lost in passion was becoming too much for Steve. He couldn’t hold back anymore as he came hard into his girlfriend as she sucked Brian’s dick with abandon.

Steve eventually stopped moving his hips and slumped back into the couch as Bella gyrated her hips, desperate for her own release.

“Did you cum?” Bella cried in desperation.

“Yes, babe,” Steve shuttered. “I’m so sorry.”

“I was so close!” Bella groaned in frustration.

Bella stopped stroking Brian as she dismounted Steve and looked down at his deflating cock.

“I was just so worked up,” Steve explained. “This whole situation was just so…”

Steve looked over at Brian’s menacingly gigantic cock, wet from Bella’s blowjob. It was bobbing in front of him offering a solution.

Steve battled his own mind about whether he should say what he was thinking. Seeing the look of desperation and wanton sexual desire on Bella’s face helped him make his decision. He loved his girlfriend and wanted to please her. Steve pushed his jealousy and insecurities apart.

“Maybe Brian could just…” Steve hesitantly suggested before he even wondered of the ramifications. “Until you can …”

Bella could not believe the words coming out of Steve’s mouth. Was he really suggesting that she should have sex with Brian? He’d already pushed her this far, but actual sex was cheating. Why would he want this?

“Are you suggesting Brian and I should…?” Bella asked, looking Steve in the eyes.

“I know you need to…” Steve explained. “And it’s just this once.”

Bella looked back at Brian, who was looking down at her with anticipation. His gigantic dick looked so much bigger than Steve’s. Could she even take him inside her?

Bella looked back at Steve, unsure what to do. She loved him but felt so conflicted. She’d never felt such sexual need in her life. Her inhibitions were fading fast.

“Are you sure?” Bella asked.

Steve hesitated as he peered into his gorgeous girlfriend’s eyes. He knew this decision couldn’t be taken back. The finality of it made him shiver in both dread and anticipation. His conflicted mind made its decision.

Steve nodded.

Bella said nothing, but she rolled onto her back and slowly opened her legs as she peered up into Brian’s eyes. Bella rested her head on Steve’s thigh as she prepared herself to be mounted by her boyfriend’s roommate.

Bella bit her lip as the giant football player lowered his cock to her quivering sex. Pre-cum dripped from his tip and provided a bit of lubricant as he slid it up and down her opening, stimulating her clit.

After several seconds of teasing, Brian lined his cock-head with Bella’s opening. Bella looked up into Steve’s eyes with glazed lust in her own. She bit her lip and moaned as Brian began pushing into her, parting her labia.

“Oh fuuuuuuu!” Bella moaned as her body yielded to Brian’s thick cock-head.

Bella dug her nails Into Steve’s thigh as her body stretched to accommodate his girth.

“He’s so biiiiig!” Bella grunted, and her body trembled.

This moment was surreal in Steve’s eyes. The girlfriend he fell in love with was being penetrated by another man; a gigantic football player who was just on national television a few hours ago, sending his team to the playoffs.

Bella’s thighs quivered as her body opened up to the big man. Her toes curled sexily as she breathlessly moaned. Brian had a hard time penetrating Bella’s tight pussy. For several minutes, he patiently pushed and retracted his thick spear as her feminine lubricant coated him thoroughly.

The sounds coming from Bella’s throat were a mix of pain and pleasure as her body submitted to Brian. After several minutes, Brian’s pelvis pushed against hers. She was able to take his entire thick shaft.

Bella looked down between their bodies in awe as she realized he was all the way inside her. She looked up at Brian and grinned sexily as if she’d met some personal goal.

Bella pulled Brian down, and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Seeing this had Steve’s cock hard as a rock again. He never imagined he would be watching the woman he loved kissing another man. It knotted his stomach in jealousy, but electrified him with arousal at the same time. He liked seeing her flirt, but this was earth shattering.

The size difference between the two bodies was striking. Brian’s six-five, two-hundred-seventy pound frame looked massive on her five-two body.

Brian pulled his now glistening cock back a few inches and then pushed forward again, making her moan loudly. He was officially fucking her. Bella’s heels hooked behind Brian’s hips, pulling him into her as her toes curled.

Slowly, Brian’s thrusts became longer and faster until his cock-head could be seen on the out-stroke before plunging forward again. Bella’s moist labia moved in and out with each stroke, hugging his shaft tightly.

The sounds coming from Bella’s mouth were new to Steve. He’d never heard her moan as loudly or as energetically as she was right then. Her whole body quivered, and her tits undulated violently with each long thrust.

Bella’s pink eraser shaped nipples stood erect as Steve had ever seen them. Bella was biting her lip, and her eyes rolled back. She opened them with a look of pure bliss as she gazed into Steve’s eyes.

“So good. Mmmmmm so gooooood!” Bella moaned; her voice shook with each of Brian’s thrusts.

“You look so fucking hot right now, Bella!” Steve gushed.

“Baby, he’s gonna make me cum,” Bella cried as her eyes glazed over. “His cock feels so good. Don’t be mad at me. His cock is soooo good! Uh, keep fu uh uh fucking me!”

Brian reached down and grabbed Bella’s panties that were still pushed to the side and ripped them off her. Bella cooed at his sudden aggression.

Steve reached over and pinched Bella’s nipples, knowing how she loved him to do this, Feeling Steve’s hands on her made her moan even louder as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Brian’s cock was stretching her and stimulating parts inside her that she never knew existed. Bella’s body gave itself completely to the giant football player as her long-awaited orgasm boiled to the surface.

“Uhhh uhhh uhhhh, yeeeeeeees, I’m cuuuuuuming!” Bella screamed at the top of her lungs as the dam burst inside of her.

Bella’s body went into convulsions as the pleasure coursed through her. Steve watched in awe as fluids began gushing out of her pussy with every thrust of Brian’s gigantic dick, surprising both of them.

Her body continued to convulse as wave after wave of her orgasm pushed her to levels of ecstasy she never knew existed. She pulled Brian down to her as she kissed him again, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths in mutual appreciation and pleasure.

Brian held himself still inside Bella’s quivering body as she came down from her orgasm. Her mind came back to the present, and she looked up at Brian and then over at Steve. Brian slowly started to pull out of her.

“No!” Bella suddenly shouted. “Don’t pull out.”

“But I…” Brian began.

“Steve, please… Bella looked at him pleadingly. “Don’t make him stop. This feels so good.”

“You want to keep going?” Steve asked.

Bella bit her lip and nodded.

Bella’s request jolted Steve’s senses. On one hand, he wanted to pull her away and take her to bed, but on the other, he wanted to see Bella pleased in a way she never had been before. He felt as if he was being pulled in four different directions. His desire to please Bella overcame all other thoughts.

“Ask him,” Steve said.

“Ask what?” Bella asked, confused.

“Tell him what you want him to do to you,” Steve told her. “I want to hear you say it.”

Bella hesitated, not sure if she should say the words that were on the tip of her tongue. Would it hurt Steve’s feelings? Should she just stop this? She felt Brian’s cock twitch inside of her as his muscles pulsed. Her decision was made.

“Brian, will you keep fucking me?” Bella asked in the sexiest voice imaginable.

“Absolutely, gorgeous,” Brian’s deep voice replied.

Brian reached down with his gigantic hands and grabbed Bella’s waist and began thrusting into her again. Bella’s toes curled, and she yelped in pleasure as their mating continued.

Brian held nothing back this time. He was climbing towards his own release, and he wanted nothing more than to keep fucking this gorgeous woman, who’d been teasing him for the last month.

“Tell Steve how good this feels, Bella,” Brian grunted.

“So good, baby.” Bella moaned. “He’s fucking me so good. So deep, uh uh uh! Don’t stop fucking me!”

Bella came again as Brian began jackhammering her pussy for all he was worth. She looked up at Brian’s gigantic body as he pushed into hers. This orgasm was smaller than the last, but it seemed to never end as waves of pleasure continued to overwhelm her.

“Yes, Brian, yes!” Bella encouraged as he leaned down and kissed her.

Brian’s body was sweating, and they were making wet slapping sounds that could probably be heard in nearby apartments. Steve couldn’t believe his girlfriend was capable of taking the pounding Brian was giving her. He’d at all times been so gentle with her, but this was something different. It was raw fucking.

Brian grabbed Bella’s breasts in his gigantic hands and pinched her nipples hard as he pile drove into her. The couch was moving across the room with each hard thrust.

“Take it, Brian,” Bella moaned. “Take my pussy! Fuck me hard! Use me however you want!”

Bella’s words sent a chill through Steve’s body. His cock was ready to burst, and he was afraid to touch it. Her decadent words made the whole situation that much more surreal. He loved it.

“I’m gonna cum soon, Bella!” Brian grunted.

“Yes, Brian, cum!” Bella cried. “I’m close too!”

Brian kept slamming into Bella until the couch pushed up against the wall that was six feet away earlier. He was really hammering into her with all of his strength as he neared his own climax.

“Yes, yes, yes, don’t stop fucking meeeeee!” Bella cried.

Brian started to pull out, but Bella hooked her heels around his hips, preventing him from doing so. Steve saw what was happening and anxiety mixed with lust overwhelmed him. He knew what could happen if he came into her fertile womb. But the wondered of it had him ready to explode.

“I’m gonna cum,” Brian warned. “I should…”

“Cum in me,” Bella begged. “Cum in me! Cum in my tight pussy!”

“Oh fuuuuuuck!” Brian moaned as every vein in his body seemed to be pumping cum into Steve’s writhing girlfriend.

Brian pulled Bella’s hips into him as his body flexed above her. It looked like he was trying to plant her body into the couch as he pushed as hard as he could into her.

Bella felt every ounce of Brian’s cum shoot deep into her womb. Her body reacted based on an instinctual need to be bred by the strongest warrior of the tribe. She wanted his seed inside of her, at least for that very moment.

Bella’s body reacted as pulse after pulse shot into her fertile womb, pushing her into her own earth-shattering orgasm. This one was the strongest of them all as her body completely let go, squirting her own secretions all over their connected bodies and onto the leather couch below them.

“Uuuhhh, yeeeeses!” Bella cried in complete satisfaction.

Brian collapsed onto Bella’s body once he was done ejaculating inside the blonde girlfriend. He was totally spent. Their bodies were covered in sweat, and Brian tenderly reached down and moved Bella’s blonde hair to the side and kissed her forehead.

Steve watched stunned at the erotic scene in front of him. He looked down and realized he’d cum all over his chest, stomach, and thigh. His own body felt exhausted by what just happened.

After about a minute, Brian slowly withdrew his cum coated dick from Bella’s tight passage. A gigantic gush of their combined juices leaked out of her and onto the leather couch below them. Her labia were red and swollen from the hour-long sexual stampede.

“Here, let me clean you up,” Brian said, grabbing his shirt and wiping her soaked sex. “Let me leave you two to talk.”

Bella felt an immediate sense of regret and shame as she looked over at Steve. How could she have let it go this far? How did she let him, no, make him cum inside her? Was it the alcohol? Was it all the teasing around the apartment? Was it Steve pushing her to do this?

“Steve, I…” Bella began.

“Shhhh, no regrets, babe,” Steve interrupted her, knowing her thoughts before she said them. “We both did this. All three of us wanted this. Yes, alcohol and lust probably clouded our judgment, but I still love you. I don’t want you to regret this or think less of yourself.”

Bella teared up and started to cry. Emotions of the day’s events overwhelmed her, and Steve’s words of encouragement made her love him more than ever.

“I love you, Steve,” Bella cried. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, Bella,” Steve said as he pulled her to him in a passionate kiss.

Bella looked down when her hand touched something wet on Steve’s chest. She looked down and saw his cum dripping down his torso.

“You came?” Bella asked. “You really enjoyed watching me?”

“You have no idea, Bella,” Steve said in a deep sigh. “I’ve never seen anything more intense, exhilarating, anxiety provoking, sensual, and just plain hot. I came without even touching myself. You were amazing.”

“It felt amazing, Steve,” Bella admitted. “I never thought I’d do something like this. You kept encouraging me, and then when I’d see the hungry look in your eyes, it set me on fire. Plus, his dick was…”

“I can’t believe you squirted,” Steve said. “Have you ever done that before?”

“Never,” Bella said. “I didn’t think I could until tonight.”

“Speaking of firsts, you let him cum in you,” Steve said, concerned. “Are you concerned?”

“I… I’m sorry, Steve,” Bella said, suddenly ashamed. “I wasn’t thinking. I was just so…”

“It’s okay,” he replied back to her smiling. “He came a lot. I was just concerned about the obvious. But it did add something to what we did tonight. Icing on the cake, so to speak.”

“When did you cum?” Bella asked with a naughty smile. “Which part pushed you over the edge?”

“When you told him to cum in you, and then seeing him do it,” Steve admitted.

Just saying it made his cock rise again. Bella noticed and smiled as she reached down and stroked it gently.

“Someone is awake again,” Bella giggled. “You like knowing I’m full of your roommate’s cum?”

Steve’s cock throbbed in her hand as she said this. He loved when she talked dirty before, but knowing she was actually full of another man’s cum made him want her even more.

Steve kissed Bella deeply for several minutes. Brian had jumped in the shower at some point, and they heard him turn off the water and open the door.

“I could use a shower right now,” Bella said as she stood.

A line of cum dangled from her swollen labia as she rose and walked toward the shower. Steve used his own shirt to clean up the couch after she got up. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple towels to finish the job.

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