Began cheating because of Reddit..

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NSFW: yes

A couple months ago I found the x-rated side of reddit, and eventually after commenting on some pics and videos random strangers messaged me and the conversations kept getting steamier and sexier until the first time I couldn’t just settle for my hubby that night. So eventually I agreed to meet a man I was chatting with at the mall and we got along well, had a coffee at the tim hortons in mall and try he kiss before I got in my car left me almost weak in the knees and definitely wet.

We continued chatting and a couple days and met him at a nearby tim hortons again for coffee. We kissed again this time his hand was all over my ass and I felt the bulge in the front of his pants and told him we should go somewhere more private.

We drove to a nearby hotel, he went in and booked a room, came out and gave me a key card, I went up to the room and got undressed down to just my underwear and he came in just as I was getting out of the washroom. It was very flattering they he froze in the doorway looking at me so I walked up to him and started kissing him in the doorway some people walked by and saw us one guy whistled and complimented my ass before we eventually closed the door.

I haven’t been mauled like that in ages, his hands were all over me, and he kissed and licked every part of my body before going down on me until I came. He did have a descent size cock which he wouldn’t let me touch or suck because he was afraid he’d cum to quickly, he did eventually cum all over my belly. He wiped it up and we lay there talking and making out before my hands reached to his semi hard cock and stroked it a bit before I was down on him sucking him and when he was hard again I got up and sat on his cock and rode him till he was about to cum again and I got of and stroked his cock and watch him cum before we got dressed and I left, I went home and showered I felt high alll day and couldn’t focus.

That’s my first encounter we’ve been meeting a fair bit since but have had to cut back because his wife was getting suspicious.

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