Becoming a goon slave

Yesterday I think I became my wife’s goon slave. I think I like it…

So my wife got me a new anal toy for me that had 3 beads ranging in size and cock ring attached to it. She gave it to me and told me go ahead and use it. She sat in the chair across the room naked and told me to go on.

I got naked and layed down on my back and started to jerk my cock with her watching me. I felt vulnerable while she just sat there and watched. I felt weirded at first but at the same time okay with “performing” for her. After 15 minutes, I grabbed my lubed and started to lubed my cock, balls, and extra on my asshole. I teased and fingered my asshole to get it ready. I lifted my legs with my ass pointing right at my wife’s face. She smirked and looked over at my face through my legs saying, “you look good like this baby.” I felt my face getting hot from exposing my self to her. I grabbed my anal toy and lubed the toy and placed it at the the entranced of my asshole with her in the background. I pushed the smallest bead in and it went in with ease. I felt my asshole tighten with the first bead and my balls and cock twitched with this new pleasure and precum started to drip out. I began pushing the 2nd bead in. Slightly bigger and little harder to push in. I began relaxing my asshole in order to push in the toy. My heart beating faster at the new feeling I was experiencing. Being watched while doing something indecent. As the bead began to get sucked in by my ass hole, my ass hole tighten, sucking the 2nd bead right in and clenching it in. My head rolled back with pleasure and I started to stroke my cock from the immense pleasure I was feeling. I clenched my asshole to move the bead back and forth as it was “fucking” me. I felt the beads rub against my p-spot and I felt my balls melt from pleasure. My lower back became weak.

I started to push the 3rd and final bead in. With my legs held back and me relaxing my asshole to fit the bead, my cock was pointing towards my face and started to leak a constant stream of precum onto my stomach. I felt such horniness and need that i just wanted to hand fuck my penis and for the toy to begin moving faster and faster. I had to put some extra lube to help but only a 3rd of the last bead could fit. When my wife saw me struggling, she got closer and whispered, “let me help you baby. You look helpless.” She started caressing my balls with her left hand, juggling them between her fingers, slightly pinching each ball, and jerked just the tip of my dick with her right hand, tracing the hole and tip to spread all the precum that was leaking around to get the tip all slippery. She told me to fully relax and without warning, pushed in the toy with her just her index finger and it slipped right in from my asshole being gaped from the pleasure of her abusing my cock and balls. “Oh now that’s a good boy!” She said while smiling and sliding her hands up and down and twisting my dick, churning the precum to a point where my dick slid through her hands and finger with ease.

My head rolled back and my whole body began to twitch involuntarily. I grabbed the bed sheets on both side while my wife continued to work at my cock. Grabbing the base with a firm grip to prevent ANY chances of cumming while twisting and tracing the tip with her fingers. Gripping my cock frimly to milk every ounce of precum i had. Cupping my balls while squeezing and juggling. Pushing my toy in every now and then to remind me that I was plugged and that she controlled all my pleasure, to pull any precum out for her viewing pleasure. My mind was slipping while she abused me. I clenched my ass back and forth to feel as if the toy was slow fucking me. My mind slipped and raced through thoughts and kinks I never dreamed of before; Being pegged. Her throating my cock while fucking my ass. Her grinding my face and using me as a cum dump while deep throating me and fingering my ass. All these thoughts raced as she had her way for the next hour and a half. I was in sex heaven. She bended my will and soul with my cock and ass.

She got up and stared at my precum drenched crotched and said, “I’ll let you cum later but we have to run errands first before it gets late. BUT you have to walk around like that. Don’t clean up.” With what energy I had I left, I threw on my box briefs and clothes. We went to 3 different stores. She made me push the cart and I followed her around with precum oozing out still and my asshole slightly gaping from the toy. My crotch was warm and wet the whole time. I never wondered I would say it but I sorta liked the feeling of oozing precum and feeling horny and controlled while walking around unknowingly people.

NSFW: yes

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