Becca [Ch. 2 Pt. 2] My wife becomes submissive to my best friend.

We arrived at the boat rental place and parked the boat. We unloaded our gear and made plans for the evening. Ted offered to buy us dinner at the resort’s signature Asian cuisine restaurant, which we gladly accepted.

Becca and I returned to our villa to prepare for dinner. A couple hours later, she stood in front of me wearing a colorful flowing floral cocktail dress. It had an open back, and the front was open to below her breasts. There was a slit up the side that went to her knee. She wore strappy tan sandals, and her hair was styled to perfection. She looked radiant.

Becca held my arm as we walked into the restaurant. I noticed heads turned to admire my gorgeous wife as we walked by. She was beaming. Ted was seated at a table over the water overlooking Mount Otemanu. He stood as we approached and gazed at Becca’s beauty. He pulled her hand into his and kissed her knuckles.

“You look beautiful, Becca,” Ted said.

“Thank you, Ted,” Becca replied beaming.

She sat facing the water, and we sat on either side of her. The lighting of the tropical sun shimmered off her hair and skin. Her dress was the perfect amount of sexy and elegant, and her cleavage looked heavenly. The slit on Becca’s dress went up her thigh as she sat down, revealing her sexy smooth skin.

“Thank you both again for an amazing vacation. Becca, you’ve helped me realize what I need to look for in a wife,” Ted said.

“Wow Ted, those are the types of compliments that will get you everywhere,” Becca smiled flirtatiously.

“Steve, you are a blessed man to have a wife like Becca,” Ted said. “I can only hope I find someone with a spirit like hers.”

“Thanks Ted,” I said. “I’m lucky to have a friend like you as well. I’ve been blessed to have the two kindest people I’ve ever known as my best friend and wife. And I think this week has brought us all closer.”

We talked for a long time about life and friendships. The waiter brought our food, and we drank good beer and wine. Our conversation seemed so natural between the three of us. We had twenty two years of life as good friends, and this trip had brought us even closer. Becca transitioned from barely being able to tolerate Ted to where she was now, shimmering in his presence.

We finished our dinner, and walked back to our villa. Becca walked between us holding both of our arms. She flirted with both of us as we walked down the boardwalk toward our room. I held the door as we walked into our villa. Becca reached for the dress strings behind her back, and untied the knot. Her dress fell to the floor, and she stood there naked, looking at us. She walked through the back door and onto the deck without saying a word.

I was out of my clothes in a flash. Ted did the same. We followed Becca through the back door and onto our sun deck. I kissed my wife and led her to the lounge chair, laying her back.

“Ted, Becca needs your hands on her skin,” I told him.

I caressed her body, and Ted did the same. I grabbed the coconut oil and poured it over her skin. We rubbed it over her whole torso and caressed her breasts. Her body melted to the sensation of four hands caressing her at once. Ted massaged the oil on her legs starting at her feet. He worked up her legs and moved up her thighs.

She spread her legs as she looked in Ted’s eyes. He moved his hands closer and closer to her center as they lustily gazed at each other. His hands reached her pelvis and her hips moved toward his hands.

“Don’t hold back, Ted. I want you to touch me,” Becca said breathlessly.

Ted moved his fingers over her slit, and he pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger. He slowly ran his fingers over Becca’s labia as he circled her clit with his other hand. Her body writhed beneath us as I continued to caress her breasts and kiss her lips.

“This is amazing, Steve,” Becca trembled. “Oh, ahh, hmm!”

I was completely awestruck by the vision of my wife’s body writhing under my best friend’s hands. Her tits were rising and falling with each short breath. Her nipples were hard and her lips were parted as her whole body was enveloped in ecstasy. Ted slowly inserted his fingers into Becca’s moist pussy for the very first time.

“Ahhhh, yes, Ted!” Becca squealed.

He slowly began pushing his fingers into and out of her as she writhed below him. He sped up his pace and her moaning got louder. His fingers were making wet sloshing sounds as they pistoned in and out.

“Ahhhh yes, Ted. Fuck my pussy with your big fingers!” Becca yelled.

Becca looked down at Ted and saw his enormous cock for the first time since she laid down. Her pupils dilated as they focused on the enormous slab of his dick. All of her attention and focus was narrowed to one thing: his big cock.

“Ted,” Becca said.

“What, gorgeous?” Ted asked.

“Can I touch your cock again?” she begged.

Ted moved toward her to give her access to him. She reached out with both hands and her left hand wrapped around his cock, and her right one caressed his balls.

Fuck, you have a nice cock, Ted,” Becca moaned.

Becca began stroking Ted as he increased his attention to her pleasure. He pinched and circled her clit with one hand while he rammed her soaked pussy with the other. She was even wetter now that she was holding Ted’s cock. He put more pressure on her G-spot as his hand became a blur. I was concerned he’d hurt her, but apparently I was wrong.

“Oh fuck, yeeeeees!” Becca screamed as her body let go.

Fluids shot out of her as she came all over his hands. Her body was overcome with tremors as she completely gave herself to our hands. She blacked out and fell back on the chair. Both of us gently rubbed her as she recovered from her orgasm and slowly regained consciousness.

“That was wonderful,” Becca gasped.

“You are wonderful,” I told her.

“I want to make both of you cum,” Becca said as she reached for both our cocks and started stroking us.

Becca’s hands looked so small on Ted’s enormous cock. His cock looked so much bigger than mine. But rather than feel jealousy, I felt total arousal at the sight of her stroking his cock. I pulled away from her hand and moved between her legs. I started licking her as she focused on stroking Ted’s enormous cock. I licked up and down Becca’s wet slit, and she increased her stroking of Ted’s enormous cock.

I moved back to Becca’s clit and focused on her there. She writhed beneath me as her pleasure increased. I could tell she was nearing another orgasm, but I wanted to prolong her pleasure. I moved up and pushed myself inside her. It’s very rare for her to cum just from penetration, so I knew she would stay on edge as long as I was just fucking her.

“Do you like Ted’s cock, baby?” I asked.

“Oh God yeah.” She moaned.

“What do you like about it?” I asked.

“It’s so fucking big and hard,” she groaned.

“Maybe someday you can let him fuck you with that big dick. Would you like that?” I asked.

“Mmmm!” Becca moaned as she gyrated against me.

“Here, why don’t you get my cock wet with the oil,” Ted said as he poured it into her hands.

Becca began working his cock with her oily hands, making her hand job easier and more pleasurable for him. She reached her right hand under his balls and caressed them as she stroked his nine inch cock. She squeezed and fondled his balls with her oily hands as she increased her pace on his throbbing dick.

“Oh fuck, Becca, your hands feel so good on my cock!” Ted said huskily.

“You feel good in my hands,” Becca smiled up at him. “I want you to cum for me, Ted”

Ted caressed her tits as she worked his cock. I rubbed her clit with my thumb as she neared her own climax. She slid her hand further back and caressed Ted’s taint. She felt his cock throb as she did this. She worked her finger in circles trying to increase his pleasure as his cock throbbed in her hand. She stroked him harder and pushed her finger toward his ass.

“Oh fuck, Becca, damn that feels so good!” He moaned.

Becca increased the movement of her finger on his ass as she stroked his enormous cock over her face. She wanted to bring him to her lips, but wondered it would be going too far. She stroked his cock as hard as she could while she wiggled her finger on his taint and rear opening.

“Cum on me, Ted. I want your cum on me. Cum on me with your big hard cock!” Becca screamed as she hard her own orgasm as I fucked her. Her whole body convulsed as she rode through her orgasm. She pumped Ted even harder as the feelings enveloped her body and mind.

This set Ted off immediately. Ted unloaded jet after jet of cum all over Becca’s tits and stomach. Becca moved his cock and pointed it toward her mouth and she opened it, completely caught up in the moment. A large wad of cum shot out and landed on her tongue and chin. Seeing this set me off, and I pulled my cock from her pussy. I painted her body with my white seed. Ted and I both continued to convulse above her as the last of our cum landed all over my squirming wife.

Becca was a sight that I’ll never forget. Her whole body was covered in our combined cum. She was still holding Ted’s enormous cock above her face as she smiled up at us in total bliss. She swallowed Ted’s cum and licked her lips, taking as much as her tongue could gather.

“That was incredible,” Ted gasped, as Becca continued to stroke his sensitive cock.

“This week has been incredible,” Becca added. “I guess I should clean up again.”

She then got up and dove into the water. Ted and I followed her in to cool our sweating bodies.

“You two sure know how to make a guy feel better,” Ted laughed.

“I hope I took care of your big dick problem for you Ted, at least for now,” she laughed.

Becca climbed out of the water and rinsed herself off in the deck shower. We climbed back on the deck after a few minutes of floating around, and we carried on our conversation. I was happy that nothing felt awkward between us. We opened another bottle of wine and poured three glasses.

“Cheers to good friends and great hand jobs,” Ted said laughing. We toasted and drank our wine.

Becca sat across from us as we enjoyed our wine. Our eyes kept drifting over her body as hers ran over ours. She looked at both of us as if she were comparing our bodies, and I was curious what she was thinking.

“What are you thinking about, babe?” I asked.

“I’m just looking at you two. You both look so different,” she grinned.

“Are you referring to the size of our dicks?” I asked.

“Well, yeah. Ted’s is just so much, um, bigger,” Becca said. “I hope that didn’t offend you. I love your dick.”

“Did you like having his dick in your hands?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was so big and heavy. I wonder how it would feel to have one that big inside me,” she admitted. “Oh look, yours is getting bigger.”

I looked down, and mine was rising to attention again.

“Oh, and Ted’s too,” Becca said.

“Can I hold both of you again?” Becca asked. “I’m just curious and want to explore.”

“Curiosity killed the cat, you know,” Ted said.

“Oooh, are you going to kill my kitty? I like the sound of that,” Becca said sexily as she teased him.

Becca stood in front of us and held each of our cocks in her hands. She moved them around and compared their weight, size, and firmness.

“I like this thick vein that runs down the top of your cock, Ted. It makes it look so…manly,” she said, admiring him.

Both our cocks were hard again as Becca stood in front of us, exploring us with her hands. Her diamond ring shined as she held Ted’s giant cock. This was the same ring he handed me on our wedding day before I put it on her. I never would have pictured she would have her hand wrapped around his cock while wearing this same ring.

I kissed her as she held us and reached up to cup her breast in my hand. I pulled away from her kiss and looked in her eyes as she gave me an evil grin. She leaned toward Ted and gently kissed his lips for the very first time. She pulled back, and they stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

Their faces moved forward again and their lips connected again. This time their mouths opened and they explored each other’s tongues. My cock twitched in Becca’s warm hand as I watched her make out with another man for the very first time.

Becca was stroking Ted’s cock as they made out, and he reached forward and explored her body with his big hands. She then pulled back and looked at Ted, smiling.

“I never thought I’d be kissing you while holding your big cock,” Becca said. “I always thought you were just an arrogant jerk.”

“Not arrogant,” Ted said. “Just not afraid to take what I want.”

“And what do you want right now?” Becca asked.

“Your beautiful lips around my cock,” Ted said huskily.

Becca looked at me questionably. I smiled and nodded. She turned and kissed Ted again and slowly trailed those kisses downward. She kissed his chest and nipple, then down his fat belly, and finally she landed on her knees facing the object of her recent desires. She had a look of pure hunger on her face. My gorgeous wife of twenty years was about to take another man’s cock in her mouth for the very first time.

Becca’s lips parted slightly as she leaned forward. There was a stream of precum dripping out of Ted’s urethra. She kissed the tip of his cock and licked up the fluid coming out of him. She could taste the saltiness on her tongue, and she wanted more. She opened her mouth and took his cock into her, moaning loudly.

“Mmm, is this what you wanted, Ted?” Becca asked seductively.

“It’s a start,” Ted replied. “Now suck my dick.”

Becca immediately took him back into her mouth while looking up at him. She began bobbing on his big hard cock while stroking his shaft with her left hand and cupping his balls with her right. The sight of her wedding ring hand stroking him while she sucked Ted’s big cock was extremely erotic.

“Deeper, Becca,” Ted grunted. “Take my cock deeper in your hot mouth!”

Becca was lit on fire by Ted’s words. This man who she couldn’t stand a week ago had captured her sexuality in a way she would never figure out. She wanted nothing more than to please him now.

She pushed Ted’s cock to the back of her mouth, and lucky for her, she had no gag reflex. His enormous cock pressed against her throat and she slowly was able to push it further into her. She was unable to get all of it down her throat, but she took most of his nine inch cock. She came up for air as she continued to stroke him.

“Come here, Becca,” Ted said as he sat back on the deck chair.

I was captured by the sexy vision of my nude wife crawling towards Ted’s enormous cock. She crawled between his open legs and captured his left testicle in her mouth as she moaned into him. She stroked his enormous dick as she alternated between each of his enormous balls.

“That’s right, suck my balls, Becca,” Ted said.

“Mmm, yeah. Tell me what to do, Ted,” Becca moaned.

“You like my dick, Becca?” Ted asked.

“Oh fuck, yes,” Becca gasped.

“What do you like about it?” He asked.

“It’s so big and hard,” Becca answered breathlessly.

“Suck my big hard cock in front of your husband,” Ted barked. “Show him how much you like it.”

She began bobbing on him as fast as she could as his words took over her being. I couldn’t take it anymore and my cock needed to be inside her. I kneeled down behind her upturned ass and entered her in one push.

“Mmm, mmmm, mmm!” Becca moaned into Ted’s cock.

“See, your husband loves watching you please my big cock,” Ted told her. “Now take us both.”

I slammed into her drenched pussy as she bobbed on Ted’s enormous cock. I was overwhelmed by the eroticism of watching my wife take two cocks for the first time in her life. She was loving it, and so was I.

“I love having your big cock in my mouth while my husband fucks me,” Becca moaned.

“Take it, Becca,” Ted moaned.

She began stroking him and bobbing on his cock rapidly. Becca’s left hand squeezed and caressed his balls as her hips rocked back at me. My balls slapping into her made loud wet slapping sounds as I fucked her as hard as I could. The intensity of the situation was getting to be too much for me, and I was getting close to cumming. I pulled out of her and buried my face in her wet pussy.

“Oh God yeah, eat my pussy while I suck Ted’s huge cock, baby,!”

I attacked her clit as she attacked Ted’s dick. Her body shuddered on my mouth as her orgasm took her. She was deep throating most of Ted’s cock as he gazed at her in lust.

“I’m going to cum soon, and you are going to swallow it,” Ted told her.

“Mmmmnnnnn,” Becca moaned as she bobbed faster.

She wanted his cum. It was apparent in the way her body responded. She was ready to please Ted in a way she had not even submitted to me. Her body was shaking at the taboo nature of what she was about to do. She sucked hard on Ted’s cock, while I fucked her just as vigorously as I could. We were using her for our pleasure, while she did the same to us. We were all connected in one act of passion.

“Take his cum, Becca. I want you to take it!” I moaned as I watched her suck him.

“I’m cumming, Becca! Take my seed!” Ted yelled as he grabbed her head and held her on him.

Ted’s body convulsed as Becca kept her lips sealed around him. She moved her head up on his shaft as jet after jet was unloaded into her wanton mouth. She swallowed quickly, knowing it was now what she wanted. She continued to squeeze his balls while stroking his shaft as if she was trying to milk him for all of his cum. Her hand moved in circular motions around his big balls as she caressed the last of his seed into her hungry mouth.

The sight of Becca swallowing Ted’s seed was too much for me, and I unloaded into her, inseminating her at both ends. I felt Becca’s body convulsing around my shift as her own orgasm overtook her. All three of our bodies found relief in each other. It felt amazing.

Becca removed Ted’s cock from her mouth well after his orgasm was over. His cock popped out of her mouth with a suction sound. A bit of his cum dripped down his thick shaft. Becca brought her lips to the base of is cock and opened them to suck up the last of his seed. She followed the stream upward and slurped it into her mouth. She kissed his cock head one more time before she made a loud gulping sound.

“Was that okay, Ted?” Becca asked seductively.

For the first time in Ted’s life, he was absolutely speechless. I leaned down and kissed her cheek. She slowly kissed up Ted’s body. She kissed his big belly and moved her kisses up his chest to his neck and ears. She dragged her lips across his jawline to his mouth. She kissed him deeply and their tongues intertwined again. Her whole naked body pressed against his as they made out. Her engorged pussy lips straddled his enormous cock as my seed dripped onto him.

“Tara was an idiot,” Becca whispered. “I love your big cock, Ted!”

“Fuck, you’re a lucky man, Steve!” Ted said as he pulled her into him for another deep kiss.

Becca sat up and pulled me to her, kissing me as well. We made out like teenagers as we came down from what just happened. We broke our kiss, and Becca looked down at Ted laying on the chair. She kissed his belly again and worked her way back down. She noticed my cum all over his shaft and brought her lips to him to clean it off. We both watched as she slurped the remaining seed off his shaft, making both of our cocks twitch again.

Becca grabbed her wine glass and walked into the pool. I went into the villa and grabbed another bottle of wine. I refilled our glasses as we watched the sunset.

“To the best sex of my life,” Becca said as she raised her glass. “Thank you, boys.”

I kissed her again as she wrapped her arms around me. We were back to being a ordinary loving married couple again. We talked for a couple hours about life and love. We shared stories from school and laughed at each other. We eventually said our goodbyes, and Becca and Ted kissed again. It was less passionate than the previous kisses, but it still looked erotic to see her lips held against Ted’s.

The following day, Becca and I took a long swim and then showered before meeting Ted for breakfast. This was the last day of our vacation. Becca wore a flowery light undress and looked pretty as usual.

“Becca, this is our last day of vacation, and I wanted to thank you for making my fantasies come true,” I said as I admired her in her dress. “Some of the things we’ve done, I never thought I’d ever want.”

“Thank you, Steve,” Becca replied. “Never in a million years could I have imagined what’s happened, but I’m so glad we had the courage to be open and honest with each other.”

“I want you to know, I have no regrets about any of this,” I encouraged her. “Let’s make sure we have no regrets about not taking any chances. This is our last day of vacation so let’s make the most of it. I want you to completely let go, and do what feels natural.”

“With Ted?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m okay with you giving yourself to him completely,” I said huskily as my words processed through me. “I trust you both to make this vacation complete.”

“You know what he will probably want, right?” She asked, grinning.

“The same thing both of us want,” I replied. “All of you.”

We met Ted at the restaurant, and he already had a table. His eyes took Becca in as we walked across the restaurant. He had a hungry look in his eyes as he looked her up and down.

“So, how are you two love birds doing this morning?” He said smiling.

“We couldn’t be better,” I said. “Becca has seemed as happy as I’ve seen her, and I think we all enjoyed our day yesterday.”

“How are you feeling about everything, Becca?” Ted asked her.

“Honestly, I feel amazing,” She answered. “I almost feel like I did when Steve and I first started dating. There’s a newness to all of this that makes it intoxicating.”

“What did you like the most?” Ted asked.

She wondered about his question for a bit and answered, “I liked when you told me what to do. Each time you told me to do something, it felt like a challenge that I had to overcome. I liked that.”

“Interesting,” Ted said, scratching his chin. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

The waiter came and took our order. When he walked away, Ted got a look of mischief on his face.

“Becca, pull down your dress and show me your tits,” Ted said plainly.

Her face immediately flushed as she looked at me questionably, then looked around her. No one was near us, and her back was to the closest patrons who were on the other side of the restaurant. I nodded at her and smiled.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said as she pulled her top down exposing her round tits. She let us gawk at her for a few seconds before covering up again.

“Did I tell you to cover back up?” Ted challenged.

Becca looked into Ted’s eyes and brought her shaking hands back up to her dress. She pulled it down to his feasting eyes. She sipped her coffee as she tried to act as if everything was ordinary.

“Are you wearing panties, Becca?” Ted asked.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly.

“Prove it,” He told her.

She reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it slowly exposing her thighs. The dress slowly moved upward exposing more and more skin until the pink color of her panties became visible between her legs.

“Those are pretty panties, Becca,” Ted said.

“Thank you, Ted,” She said blushing. “I’m glad you like them.”

“Give them to me,” Ted ordered.

She gazed into his eyes as she bit her lip. She reached under her dress and lifted her butt as she slid them down and off her. She reached across the table with her pink panties dangling from her finger and handed them to him. She was playing this game well.

He brought her panties to his nose and sniffed them. There was an obvious wet spot on the crotch area of her panties.

“Your pussy smells fabulous, Becca,” Ted said. “You really like being told what to do. I can smell how aroused you are. When we leave here, we are going back to your villa, and I’m going to eat your pussy in front of Steve.”

Becca gasped at his words, and she bit her lip with lust in her eyes. She was breathing heavily as she imagined him between her legs while I watched.

“Show me how wet you are, Becca,” Ted told her.

She pulled her dress up and parted her legs, showing him her pussy.

“That’s not good enough,” Ted said. “Put your feet up on the chair, and open yourself up to me. I want to see you spread yourself open.”

Becca looked over her shoulder one more time and then lifted each foot onto the seat as she spread her legs widely. I could see moisture dripping from her open labia as she exposed herself in a public restaurant. She was in heat. She looked incredibly sexy with her perfect breasts and pussy exposed for our hungry eyes.

“Are you horny right now?” Ted asked.

“Yes,” she gasped.

I want you to touch yourself,” Ted told her huskily. “Show me how you get yourself off. I want you to cum for me.”

“Oh God,” Becca gasped as his words hit her again.

She reached down with both hands while lustily gazing at Ted. One hand started making circles on her clit, while she inserted two fingers from her other hand into her wet pussy. She was on fire. As this was happening, I saw our waiter coming with our food.

“Becca, our waiter is coming,” I said, breaking her out of her sexual trance.

She quickly dropped her legs and pulled up her dress. The waiter arrived and started handing us our dishes while refilling our coffee and water.

“Becca, give me your left hand,” Ted told her while the waiter filled our coffee.

She reached her hand across the table as he said, “You have something on your fingers. Let me clean them off.” He brought her wet fingers to his mouth and sucked them as the waiter looked on. Becca’s body trembled as he sucked her juices off them. “Yum, it tastes good, whatever it was.”

“May I get you anything else?” the waiter asked.

“No, we’re good, thank you,” Ted replied.

We ate our breakfast in a state of sexual tension and anticipation as we all knew what was coming, or “who” was coming. We finished our breakfast in a hurry without much conversation. We walked back to our villa with Becca holding each of our arms again.

“Take your dress off right now,” Ted told her as we were about three units from ours.

Becca pulled the dress up and over her head and handed it to me. Her nipples were erect from anticipation and her body flushed once again. She continued to walk between us holding our arms as if everything was ordinary. I opened the door and escorted my nude wife and best friend into our villa.

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