Bad Cop. No biscuit. [CNC][BD]

Lexy was casually dressed in a mid thigh skirt, strappy high- heeled sandals, and a tight low cut top with one of those built in bralets. She looked just a few notches this side of slutty, and as usual, I couldn’t keep my hands off of her once we got in the jeep. My obsession with touching her caused what came next.
Out of deference to me, she had quite given up on underwear, and her skirt hiked up high on her bare thighs as she had climbed in. She had had a few glasses of Chardonnay, maybe one more than was prudent, but was, by no means drunk. However, as we headed home, my reaching over and playing “stroke the pussy,” caused her to swerve. That was all it took. Immediately, the interior of the jeep was strobed in the blue and red of a cop behind us.
“Oh Fuck,” she said, reaching across me to extract the car’s registration from the glove box.
The cop approached on my side and I opened up the jeep’s door to accommodate him. Totally ignoring me, his eyes raked Alexandria’s exposed thighs, her full breasts straining within the confines of her top, and he began to give her the third degree. She answered deferentially, “Yes officer, no officer,” but it was obvious that he was not gonna let us go with just a lecture.
“Ma’am, step out of the jeep, and come around here to the curb.”
“Stand on the curb-just the curb-and bend over and touch your toes.”
She did as instructed, standing in front of the jeep, bathed in the harsh glare of the headlights, bending fully from the waist, her skirt riding up to expose just a glimpse of her sex, her top gaping open to display her ample cleavage. He walked all around her, clearly getting off on the power he had over this beauty.
“Ok. Place your hands on top of the Jeep, while I check you for weapons.” I heard the snap of him donning latex gloves, and his voice was audibly strained now, as he gripped her arm and guided her over to my open door. He stepped directly behind her, and encircling both of her wrists with his hands, he placed her hands on top of the roll bar. In this position, her chest was heaving perhaps a foot away from my face. He forcefully used his foot to spread her legs, and pressing hard against her from behind, he began to pat her down, sliding his hands down her bare arms, breathing against the back of her neck, then on until he was openly cupping her breasts, right in front of me, quickly giving the nipples a tweak, leeringly saying that a lot of you carry a gun in your bra, but it doesn’t seem like you even have a bra. Then across her taut belly, the pale blue gloves contrasting with the bright red of her top, working his hands down over her hips. There he stopped, and changed tactics, hunkering down, and starting again at her widespread feet, up her bare legs, then up to her short skirt. His left hand grabbed her ass, a handful of it, and with his right, he reached under her skirt, between her legs, and ran his gloved hands over her hairless, now sopping lips.
Throughout this spectacle, I was horrified to discover that I was paralyzed to intervene, and at the same time was painfully aroused.
She was sobbing now, at the manhandling and the groping, but panting with arousal as well. For I learned then that part of her LIKED it rough and forceful, the sensation of being under the power of another…
He had been muttering dark threats throughout this ordeal, that if she resisted he could have her license, and she would lose her job.
After recognizing that she was pantiless, something seemed to snap in him. Quickly he fumbled out his handcuffs, and cuffed her hands to the rollbar. He staggered back to his patrol car, reached in to kill his lights and to get some items from inside the car. He hurried back and handed me a video camera.
He rasped, addressing me for the first time, “Film this…film me fucking this bitch.”
And, God save me, I did.
He yanked her top down to expose her tits, and hiked her skirt all the way up.
He had also gotten his nightstick, which he placed across her throat, choking her. With his other hand he unzipped, and wet as she was, was inside her in a moment. It didn’t last long, no more than a minute, him slamming up into her, from behind, choking her with the nightstick, pulling her head back by the hair. Her breasts were flopping, and she was making moaning, choking noises. He came with a roar, planted deep inside her, and releasing his numerous holds on her, twisted her head around to kiss her hard on the lips, biting her and leaving a purple bruise. He gave her nipples one last vicious squeeze, then un-cuffed her, claimed the camera from me, and scurried back to his patrol car. He peeled out moments later.
She collapsed into the car, across my lap. She could barely talk, her throat and lips bruised.
“Did that just happen,” she croaked?
She crawled in, and sat up on my lap, her back to me.
“I am going to need you to do something for me. Oh, good you ARE hard. That’s it, come to momma, uhhh, yes, I need your cock in me…that fucker didn’t even give me time to finish…uhhh, no manners…I think it speaks to a breakdown in our society (she was almost breaking, hysteria climbing within her)…uhhh, yes, that’s my boy, fill me up. Do you feel his cum? I am all sloppy aren’t I. Oh, my clit. Yes, YES!”
I could feel the vibration of her rubbing, and knew we were both very close. I reached up and began to maul her breasts, and I too pulled hard on her hair, pulling her down onto me, impaling her. That bit of violence sent her over the edge.
FUCK ME!” she screamed. And we both came, hard.
Semen, mine and his, streamed down over me, and I was revolted by myself. Exhilarated by witnessing a rape, a flagrant abuse of power…And I got off on it.
“I am so sorry, I…”
“Don’t. Just don’t”

NSFW: yes

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