Back when GF(43) and I (47) were (adult) content creators, we got recognized by 2 “fans” over a weekend away… GF showed her appreciation to BOTH

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We booked a suite at a casino resort nearby, with the intention of bringing our recording equipment, and making some new videos. While we were there, we figured we’d go off and gamble a bit to take some breaks from the action…

The first night we were at a blackjack table, just chatting away with the other players, when the guy to my right (let’s call him “Joey “), was just staring at us. It was a bit unnerving, so I started staring back in here quickly apologized. He said something like “I can’t put my finger on it but you two look really familiar!” GF and I had a quick “huddle” I decided to inquire further. I whispered to him what we did, told him about some of our video, and he lit up like a Christmas tree!

“I knew it! You are (my porn name) and (her porn name)! I think I’ve seen all your videos! I even tipped you guy before!”

This was the first time something like this never happened in the two years we have been “active“.
Joey couldn’t have been nicer or more respectful. He got out his phone and quickly confirmed that he had the right couple in mind.

Joey was on vacation and that was his last night in town. We learned about how he lives in a small rule mid western town. It was on vacation with his mother, and, and Cousin . He had to leave for the airport around 6AM I think. After establishing that NOTHING interesting or wild has ever happened to Joey, we decided to give him a story to remember. “Joey, how would you like to hold our camera and record some content for us?”

He was IN immediately! He made us up in the room about 45 minutes later. After recording us in action, I gave her the “nod“ (which we hadn’t discussed!) and she immediately asked him “Joey we really appreciate your helping us record tonight! I know you said this will be the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you, but would you like to maybe join in a little bit? I don’t mean to put you on the spot or make you uncomfortable if you aren’t interested….”

He didn’t even have to audibly say the word “yes” (which he was suddenly unable to physically do) at that very moment. It was as if We were asking him if he wanted to hit the lottery jackpot!! he asked if he could use our shower real quick (polite/respectful move)

While he was filming us, I asked him if I could see the camera for a minute. I was recording her while she was smiling at me, and then dropped down to her knees and gave Joey a blow job that he wondered only existed in other peoples lives…. She had asked him to “warn her“ when he was about ready to pop. That didn’t take very long lol. I wondered what she was going to tell him. Knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, for this guy, I would have that that she was going to “finish strong and kinky.” That bet would have paid off! Still on her knees in front of him, she jerked his cock until the first blast hit her in the chin. She then pointed his cock down a little bit and gently stroked him until every drop wound up on her neck tits. Every year on the anniversary of that night, he shoots us a text to thank us again …

The second night we were there we were playing blackjack, and this time there was no question as to whether or not we were recognized! The guy two chairs down from us knew our names and types of content we created.

(Quick apart: for two people that got into this “company“ in their 40s already… we couldn’t believe that we actually had some fans!?)

This guy didn’t just wind up getting a blow job. No, he got to participate in our very first “spur of the moment” MFM threesome.

He told us that we could use the “footage“ for whatever we wanted and then… After he left, we noticed that he left $200 on the dresser. I texted him because I assumed it was a mistake. Nope! He didn’t want us to argue and tell him it wasn’t necessary, but he knows that contact creators enjoy tips and so he wanted us to know how much fun he had….

It took us a little while to understand whether we were offended, flattered, confused, etc.…. We finally settled on “shut up and take the money!” to this day, after maybe 6(?) MFM’s …she still maintains that this special guest star was the best “fuck” of any one of the lucky guys that had ever joined us….

It was my favorite content we ever recorded as well…

NSFW: yes