Back to fuck my moms friend (65f)

I have been lucky enough to be able to see Tara steadily. My wife doesn’t mind if I pop over to see her and her husband John will occasionally watch. I don’t think he even realizes the regularity that I am at his house with his wife. Tara is now retired and since we have been together she is enjoying life and exercising more, she said it’s been great for her health and her confidence.

It was a slow day at work and I get a text that Tara would like me to come over. I texted my wife to see if she was good with it and she said not a issue. So we set it up for my lunch break and I head to her house. I let myself in and call for Tara, she is at the top of the stairs in a red corset, with black stockings and a garter. You can see she has lost some weight and was feeling sexy about herself. She looks great for mid sixties, her face is still very pretty, her breast are enormous and in the corset look even bigger. I get to the top of the stairs and we kiss passionately making our way to her room. I reach down and can feel the wetness through her neatly trimmed bush. She lays on the bed and I bury my face in her pussy, she is moaning and squirming begging for cock. I make sure she comes before I stand up and get undressed. I tease a little as I slowly let my cock come out of my underwear, she grabs it so fast and puts it to her mouth. She tells me it’s been a few weeks since she has been fucked, her husband is drinking again and it’s causing ED. Tara tells me she gets so horny and they try everything but it’s hard for him to get aroused, she uses toys but it’s not the same she said.

After a few moments in her mouth she begs again to feel me in her. I was gonna go slow but as soon as the tip was in she grabbed me and pulled me hard into her, I could feel how tight she was and for her age she was incredibly wet. I am a taller guy 6’1 and Tara is taller and a little heavier as well so when we really started to fuck the sound was incredible. The bed was hitting the wall so hard and squeaking like in the movies, she didn’t care and didn’t want me to stop. Tara is loud and was screaming and her words were getting dirtier. It started with you feel so good and deeper, to fuck me hard and make me your whore. I knew she likes a little roughness so when her tits popped out of the corset I grabbed them firm. I slowly put my hand to her neck and then gave a little squeeze of her throat, that sent her even wilder. She was now having full body shaking and a screaming orgasms, I could not take it either and came hard in her collapsing on top of her.

She got up went into the bathroom and came back out completely naked. We laid there talking for a few minutes and kissing a little more. We heard the front door open and her husband yell up to us. She looked surprised and a worried since she didn’t tell him about our meeting today. It was exciting and I started to get hard again, John came into the bed where he saw us naked, I told him to sit in his chair and to watch, he sat right down. I put tara on all fours and started fucking her hard doggy style facing John. Her enormous tits slamming back and forth sounded like someone clapping for us, my balls making the same sound on her ass. This was aggressive hard fucking, Tara was again really loud saying filthy things. John made the mistake of asking how good it felt. Tara went off saying how big and hard I was and how she never had been fucked this good. He looked down in embarrassment but he was turned on by the degrading, she said for him to watch her to see what a real orgasm looks like. Her whole body shook again I could feel her clamp on my cock, I kept pace and was was gonna come again too. Surprisingly after she came she spun around and opened her mouth, she wanted me to finish there, so I jerked a little more until I was shooting again straight in her mouth. Tara swallowed hard and then went right over to John, she kissed him and told him to go downstairs while we clean up. He left the room and Tara put her robe on as I got dressed to go back to work.

As we walked outside John was sitting in his rocking chair on the porch with a beer, Tara told him to thank me for the pleasure which he did. It’s a power play she is getting into and using me for. As I pulled out of her driveway she flashed open her robe showing me her enormous tits one more time.

NSFW: yes

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