Back home from the duplex. Part2.

Dee and Bobby took off for a bedroom, leaving me on the sofa with Jason. I had removed the tube top that Jason pulled down over my titties. He was busy sucking on a hard nipple.

I turned further towards him and pressed my large tits together, holding them up for him. He started sucking from one nipple to the other.

“That’s it baby. I love that. Suck them really good for me, before I wrap them around your hard cock again.” I sexily told this young, willing man.

This had me horny as hell again, being this naughty with such an inexperience youngster. I let my tits down and went to pop his shorts open, telling him to get them off.

Jason quickly. Undid them, raised up and pushed them to his thighs. His lovely young cock hard as rock and waiting for his tittie fuck.

I stood up and pulled the shorts free from his legs, then got down on my knees between his spread feet. I smiled at him as I rested my titties on his thighs.

I pushed my tits around his oozing cock and started working them up and down. “You like that, sweetie? Fucking my big titties.”

“Oh man! It feels as good as it looks.” Jason sighed, as I bounced my tits on his hard cock.

“You gonna cum for me, baby? Cum all over my tits, hmm? I want you to cum on me.” I purred at young Jason.

“Yeah, I’m going to! Ohh! Ohh!” Jason moaned, grabbing my shoulders.

As his cock head reappeared from my tightly pressed tits, I stuck my tongue out and hit the head of it. All of a sudden Jason let out a loud, gurgling moan, his eyes barely open.

I kept my tits moving on him as his cum shot up on my upper chest and ran back down on my titties. When his cum stopped shooting, I sucked his cock into my mouth, draining the last of it.

“Was that as good as you thought it would be, Hon?” I asked him with a big smile. I grabbed my tube top and wiped the cum from my chest and tits.

Jason was sitting there looking dizzy and flabbergasted from the experience. I tossed my top on the coffee table and stood up. I hiked up my blue jean skirt, Jason staring at my muff, as I knelt over his lap.

“You’re done, baby.” I told Jason as I reached back between my legs, guiding his spent cock to my pussy.

I held onto the back of the sofa as I slid down on his still hard cock, working my clenching, throbbing pussy on him.

“Oh honey! I really need this. You got me so horny. Your cock feels so good.” I panted at the young man as I pumped my pussy on him.

Jason squeezed and sucked my titties as I fucked him. He had no choice, they were right in his face. I flooded his cock with a much needed orgasm, grunting and jerking from the wonderful sensation.

Jason grew excited again, I knew he would. I’ve done this many times, and it was at all times amazing to a guy that never had this happen before.

Jason grabbed my ass cheeks and and bucked up in me very fast. I just held on and let his pound up in me. I came again.

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NSFW: yes

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