Baby mama and her bff

Me and baby mama were kinda back together at this particular time. We had been spending a lot of time together over the last few weeks. Her and her best friend had been bff’s since middle college, and they all the time went out together. Her bff is married with kids and is pretty vanilla when it comes to sexual exploits. They have never done anything together in any way, I mean they have obviously seen each other naked before but that was as far as it went.

I love seeing tits, like it doesn’t matter if they are old, saggy, perky, stretched, big or small. I love them all. I had told her more than once that I wanted to see her bff’s tits and she was all the time like she’ll never let you bc she’s not like that. And I understood so I never tried outside of jokingly saying it. Anyways on this particular weekend they had went shopping together. I was with some guy friends watching football and grilling and they were going to meet up with us later. Baby mama calls me around 9 and is like hey… me and the bff are going to go to the bar will you come pick us up when we are ready to go? At first I said no, and then I said yes but on one condition, the bff shows me her tits. The bff agreed and so they went to the bar.

I end up falling asleep waiting on them to call me. They finally do call around 130am. So I hop up and just throw on some shorts and a tshirt. I get to the bar to pick them up and they are both a little drunk lol. They both can walk and talk fine but they laugh at everything and are both super flirty and touchy feely lol. The bff lives about 15 minutes from the bar and so we get on her road(it’s a dead end road and not many houses) and she says to me if you wanna see me tits you need to stop before I get home to my husband lol. So I discover a spot and pull over.

We both get out of the car and are standing on the drivers side while baby mama gets out and is standing on the passenger side. She pulls up her shirt and bra and pulls out her tits(nice perky medium sized tits) so of course I reach over and grab them lol. She leans up against the car and lets me play with them for a few seconds, so I put my lips on them. Baby mama walks around the car and pulls hers out as well. So I’m playing with both pairs of tits. My cock starts pulsating in my shorts like to the point it’s about to bust out of my shorts. I have my hands on the bffs side while I have baby mama’s tits in my mouth. So I slowly run my hands down her body, she’s wearing a skirt, I slowly slide one hand up her skirt. I can feel her spreading her legs a little for me, as soon as I get to her panties I can already tell she’s drenched. I take one finger and move her panties to the side and I slowly rub her clit and then slide one finger inside her. By this point baby mama already has my cock out of my shorts and is playing with it in her hands. Baby mama starts sucking my cock while I’m fingering the bff, I’m so turned on that I can feel my cock getting ready to explode with every passing second. I get baby mama to stop sucking my cock before I explode, I bend the bff over the hood of the car and I put my cock right up to her pussy lips. As soon as I do that she thrusts back onto my cock and I slide right in her. It felt so amazing, her pussy was soaking wet and just omg what a feeling. I grabbed both her hips and pounded her a few good times. Baby mama was playing with her tits as they were swinging back and forth. I’m not sure how long I lasted but it wasn’t super long lol. I could feel my cock getting ready to erupt so I pulled out as baby mama dropped to her knees. I exploded all over her face as the bff rested on the hood of the car. Let’s just say I have no issue being the DD whatsoever anymore lol.

NSFW: yes

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