Ayas hard day (fantasy, ff, f26 f28. Fantasy race so years are equivalent human, actually centuries old lol)

The small tower was quickly built by the few remaining master craftsmen remaining to the elves, standing tall and proud amongst the rag tag community of survivors and the motley assortment of strange people now living at the Crown of Stars. Beautifully adorned with silver and art. Pretty flowers and wonderous plants thrive along the walls and in the corners. Large windows and open terraces on its side. But it is a pale shadow of the queens former home. Her people did what they could to honour the last remaining member of royalty they have, and she is proud of it. But saddened by what her people has lost.   Queen Aya Way’natta’re, last of her line is tired. The small elf climbs the stair leading up to the bed chamber on the top floor. She is short even amongst elves. Standing just under a bare four and a half feet tall. But she stands tall for her height. Noble. Long flowing light blond hair ripple its way down her bare back, swaying with the motion of her steps. Eyes that are a bright green they sparkle in her pert and perfect face. Full lips partially open as she breathes a little heavier from the exertion of climbing. She is slim, like all elves, but has a very tight pert derriere and unusually large breasts for her size, they would be at home on a human. They sit firm and perky on her chest, swaying and bouncing gently with the motion. She wears a silk and silver backless short dress that is leaving the top half of her milk white ass cheeks for view and the top only covers her right side leaving her left breast exposed to the world. The dark pink nipple a stark contrast to the lightness of her skin. The clacking of her silvered high heels on the stair signals the end of her long long day, and she is anxious to relax in the arms of her little butterfly and enjoy a good nights rest.   She reaches the top of the stairs and pushes open the double doors, looking into her bedchamber, but the sight she sees before her is not as she expects.   The room itself is adorned with white silk and satin draperies with wide windows letting the breeze flow through. Her large bed fit for a human king adorned with minute carvings of pretty things. Expecting to see Tente Ju’la, her Little Butterfly already sleeping covered with most of the bedspreads, but instead she sees the large silvered bath in the center of the room full of steaming water, the small table nearby piled high with thick towels, soaps and lotions, and her Butterfly standing beside it naked waiting with a smile on her face.   Tente is very different from her lover. She is normally much shyer and quiet. Graceful. Happy, optimistic, even now during what could be the end of all things and is very close to being the end of their race, she focuses on the beauties of life and what good can be. She stands tall for an elf, over five feet tall, her gorgeous skin slightly tanned. Her blond hair darker and dusky. Blue eyes peer out of her happy smiling face. Lips smaller but curled gracefully. Her breasts are small, but very perky and beautifully shaped, large light pink nipples that all the time stand erect. Her derriere is not as perky but she has very long, beautifully shaped legs, and where they meet….. a very gorgeous example of a womans sex. And a tiny tuft of blond hair. She stands naked, wearing nothing but her jewelry. A small saphire butterfly hangs from a golden chain attached to a ring on her left nipple. And a fine golden necklace hangs around her neck, and settled in the small valley between her breasts.   Aya rushes to Tente and the two embrace. “What is this? I expected you to be deeply asleep already” Aya asks, looking into her Butterfly’s face. “My love, you haven’t been sleeping well, and so many things have been weighing on your mind, I decided to surprise you and help you relax tonight.” Tente responds, as she takes the Queens hand and guides her over to the bath.   “Here, let me help you”. Tente reaches out and slips the top of the dress off Aya’s shoulder, and unties the nearly invisible strings tying everything on. Aya looks on silently, her eyes welling with water as she smiles her happiness. The small pieces of fabric fall to the floor and the now completely naked elf suddenly feels nervous. It has been a while since they have done anything intimate. The trouble with the void shadow, the politics of the city, the catastrophe, the preparations for the war. Tente finishes removing the last strips of Aya’s clothing and looks down into her lovers face, seeing the tears, and understands their source. She leans down and softly kisses Aya. Her lips gentle, pulling softly and sweetly at Ayas own. They move softly together, well matched, moving with understanding, love, lips dancing, parting allowing slow probing thrusts of wet tongues and soft nibbles. Tente’s hands move gently down her back, caressing, before resting on Ayas firm ass and squeezing. Aya pulls Tente in more urgently, whimpering….. but Tente pulls back. “Not now love. Not yet. Get in.” and turns the Queen to the large silvered tub, and lifts her hand to help her in.   Aya steps in the tub and exhales deeply, hissing slightly. The water is hot. Not TOO hot. Just hot enough to feel slightly uncomfortable. The perfect bath temperature. When standing in the bath, she turns to help her Butterfly into the water, but Tente stays back shaking her head with a smile. “No love, tonight is about you. Helping you relax.” and pulls on Aya’s hand to help her down, to settle into the water. When the short elf has relaxed into the water and rests against the side of the tub, she reaches out with her now wet hand and caresses Tente’s face with it. Tente holds the hand there for a moment looking lovingly into the eyes of her Queen, then leans in for another kiss. After parting she smiles happily, shyly, and pulls the small table over with the assortment of things on it. Pulls a towel off and puts it on the ground, kneeling onto it, she then turns the assorted bars, liquid soaps and lotions towards the bath so aya may look at them and choose. Putting her hand over each in turn, with her one brow upraised in question, she waits for Ayas choice. Aaaah, summerberry. Excellent choice, it lathers well and smells pretty.   She reaches into the water with the bar of soap, wetting it and lathering it in her hands, locking gaze with the smaller elf she lifts Aya’s hand and arm and begins washing it. Moving slowly, rubbing and massaging as much as she is cleaning, using her thumbs to massage the palms of her hands and washing each finger individually, and when cleaned and rinsed, kissing and nibbling playfully with their tips. Washing her legs in a similar fashion, then her belly. Leaning over the tub she leans down playfully and kisses Aya’s breasts floating at the top of the water. Moving slowly, kissing across the entire surface of them, moving in slowly shrinking circles until she is kissing the areola which she then darts her tongue out to lick, then kissing the dark pink nipples which stand firm and erect. Licking them. Nibbling them. Then drawing first one then the other into her mouth for a long slow nibbling suck. Aya moans, reaching out to clutch the back of Tente’s hair at the nape of her neck, pulling the sucking lips down harder, leading Tente’s nibbles to become harder and more forceful….. then she pulls back, looking down at the Elven Queen, moaning and shivering in the hot water. Her gorgeous body, sculpted from the dreams of men, submerged. She lathers the soap and leans in to wash those large, wondrous breasts, that she had just spent nuzzling. Lathering the soap well on the mounds, squeezing and fondling, pinching the nipples lightly, before rinsing them off.   Kneeling beside the tub, she lathers the soap, gazing into the face of the woman she loves. Now flushed with passion, her lips pouting and moist, eyes glazed over with want. Hair wet and half splayed on her cheeks. She reaches under the water with the bar of soap, and the mass of lather on it and her hands. Watching Aya the whole time, she moves her hand and the soap slowly along the leg, reaching ever so achingly slow to the cleft between her legs. Her soapy hand eventually hits home as Aya breathes in sharply and arches her back, pushing her groin into Tente’s hand, exposing her large wet breasts with achingly hard nipples, as gorgeous as cherries, into the cool night air.   Tente’s soapy fingers move across her lovers mound, smooth and hairless, flesh tight and swollen with passion. The slit wet and throbbing, begging for attention, she washes her lovers pussy. Gently. Slowly. Occasionally sliding her finger along the queens slit. Driving Aya mad with passion. “Y… Y… y.you tease….” Aya gasps out. “Shhhhh……” Tente responds. Leaning in for another kiss, Aya responds passionately and forcefully. Kissing back hard, tongue aggressive, gasping all the while. And Tente inserts her finger into her, curled along her slit and around into her wet hole. Aya moans deeply, throatily. And Tente moves to satisfy Aya’s desire and passion. Now not moving gently, or teasingly, but rather with aggression and pressure, begins to move her hand earnestly to satisfy her lover, alternating between thrusting her fingers into the elves pussy and rubbing her clit in hard small circles, she also kisses, suckles and nibbles at her large floating breasts. Between her own motions, and the uncontrollable movements of the young queen, water sloshes out of the tub, soaking the floor and Tente as well, but neither of them pay it any heed. Aya is brought, finally, to earth shattering orgasm. The waves of intense pleasure cause her to call out, screaming in pleasure, as her body spasms uncontrollably. A sweet pleasure so great it can almost be called pain, seems to go on for ever. And when it stops, and Tente finally stops thrusting and rubbing, Aya settles into a numb, engorged mass of quivering flesh. She feels nothing but her throbbing pussy. And she cries.   Breaking into tears of happiness. Release. Ecstasy. And all the stress goes away. And for a few moments she isnt Queen. She is just Aya, Tente’s lover. After she recovers enough, tente helps her from the bath, dries her well, and puts her to bed under the pile of bedspreads, curling up with her, chasing away her bad dreams. And for the first time in months. She sleeps well.

NSFW: yes

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