Hot Auntie – Aunt Sex

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Over the past ten years I’ve come a long way from a sweet, innocent,
extremely naive 18-year old from the Bible Belt to, with the possible
exception of my Aunt Sally, the best cocksucker and blowjob artiste to be
found. I left home when I was 18 to attend college in southern California.
My parents were very strict; my father is a Baptist minister and my mother
teaches summer school and leads the church choir. They only agreed to my
going to school there if I stayed with my Aunt Sally, who lived within a few
blocks of the college. Sally was only ten years older than me but had a
master’s degree in library science with a minor in economics. Mom and Dad
approved of her highly and felt that she, despite being only 28, would be a
fit guardian for their sweet little virgin daughter. How little we knew.

I arrived at Aunt Sally’s house in June, two and a half months before my
freshman classes were to begin. She was very sweet and nice and gave me the
very best she had. She didn’t look at all like the photographs we had of her
back home. Aunt Sally was a foxy woman, and after she taught me how to fix
myself up a bit we looked so much alike that men often thought we were sisters
Sally lived in a nice house in a quiet suburban neighborhood and drove a
fire-engine-red Corvette. When I asked her how she could afford all of these
nice things living by herself, she just smiled and didn’t say much. All she
would say was that she was in the “entertainment” industry and she didn’t
bother to elaborate. She was somewhat mysterious about her work and odd
hours. Bit I was to learn soon enough.

It all started about three weeks after I moved in. Aunt Sally had gone
out, dressed to kill and carrying her purple gym bag, as she always did.
Alone in the house, I was in her bedroom looking through her drawers for a
pair of pantyhose when I found a ten-inch vibrator underneath some of her
black-lace panties. I couldn’t believe what I had found. I’d heard about
dildos and vibrators from some girls back home, but I’d never actually seen
one before, let alone used one. As I switched it on, its vibrations sent a
shiver through me and gave me a knot in my stomach. Not expecting Aunt Sally
to come home for a few hours, I let curiosity and temptation get the best of
me. I was soon almost hypnotized by the rhythmic vibrations of my new find.

Holding the vibrator to my breasts, I could feel my nipples getting
harder and my crotch and panties getting wetter and wetter. This was all so
new to me, but it felt so good that I just couldn’t help exploring my entire
body with it.

Well, I can tell you it didn’t take long for me to strip naked and fall
back on Sally’s big brass bed with my new toy. I even titled her big mirror
in such a way that I could watch myself.

After teasing myself with it, I placed the tip of the vibrator into my
moist, steaming crack and pushed it gently. As I watched it slowly slip into
me, I could feel my vaginal muscles tighten around it. I had been
masturbating with my finger for years already but I’d never felt anything
like this before. With both hands working that vibrator in and out of my hot
little cunt, I was soon beside myself in ecstasy. That after noon I came in one
loud and thunderous orgasm after another.

It was GREAT! I felt so deliciously wicked and nasty watching myself
masturbate in that big mirror. I was like an addict who couldn’t stop.

I must have been at it for quite some time. I was so absorbed with
ramming that humming fucker in and out of my tunnel of love and moaning like
an animal that I didn’t hear my aunt come into the house. You can just
imagine my embarrassment when I finally looked up and saw her with one arm up
leaning in the doorway, staring at me with a rather wry grin on her face.
(She later told me that she had been standing there enjoying my “performance”
for about ten minutes.) Before I could open my mouth to say anything to her,
I was wracked by another mind-blowing orgasm. I thought I was going to die,
but all Sally said to me was, “When you’re finished, come downstairs and we’ll
have dinner. I brought home Chinese.” She didn’t say anything about what she
had caught me doing, but carried on as usual–except that every time she had
that same smile on her face. We made an early night of it, and all she said
to me before turning in was, “Sweet dreams, baby.” I went to bed that night
red with embarrassment, but drifted off to sleep rubbing and fingering my
cunt, thinking about the next time I could get that vibrator up my now
yearning snatch.

I was out of the house for much of the next afternoon, still feeling
quite embarrassed. When I returned home around six o’clock, I saw my aunt’s
car in the driveway and went straight to my room. As I entered the doorway I
was surprised to find a brightly wrapped package on my bed. Attached to the
package was a note which read: “Since you seemed to enjoy mine so much, I
thought it was time you had one of your own, baby. With love, Sally.” I
ripped into the package to find a beautiful ten-inch vibrating dildo.

I rushed downstairs to find Sally waiting for me in the living room. She
was standing there, feet apart, hands on hips, and wearing a short purple silk
robe that barely covered her shapely ass or her proud, jutting, 38-inch
breasts. She had that by-now-familiar coy, seductive smile on her face. She
stood before me–wanton, raw sex personified. Rushing up to her, we embraced.
I knew this was going to be quite a night, one that I’d never forget and that
would change me forever.

After our touching embrace, Aunt Sally went to the kitchen and returned
with a silver tray of shucked and iced oysters on the half-shell, two chilled
glasses, and a bottle of wine. Next she dimmed the lights, lit some candles,
and put a tape on the stereo. I shouldn’t have been surprised that it wasn’t
a musical tape, but the erotic sounds of heavy fucking and sucking that Sally
and one of her lovers had made.

For the next half hour I sat on the sofa opposite Sally as she made an
erotic show of eating those oysters. Occasionally, between slurping oysters
and sipping wine, she would slip her hand down to finger her twat, then slowly
suck the pussy juice from her fingers. After some more of this, she stood up
and said, “It’s time we expanded your horizons, sweet baby.”

She took me by the hand and led me downstairs into her finished basement.
The lights were dimmed real low except for some stage light-type lamps hung
from the ceiling, which bathed the pool table in a warm, pinkish glow. The
pool table was covered with an orchid-color sating quilt, and Sally had about
a dozen of her favorite vibrators and dildos lined up along the edge of it
within easy reach. She placed me in a big leather easy chair, which had been
pushed up to where I had an unobstructed view. She put on a tape of rock
music, with a slow, heavy beat and alot of sax. She lit some incense and
said, “You wanted to know what I do in the entertainment industry. Well, Aunt
Sally’s gonna entertain you.”

I was so excited. Sally walked around behind the pool table and stood
with her back to me. She shot me a sultry “fuck me” smile over her shoulder
as she deftly slipped off her robe, letting it fall to the table in one swift,
catlike motion. There she was, kneeling in front of me, resting on her knees,
legs bent under and her thighs spread wide. Her thatch of brown pubic hair
was neatly trimmed into the shape of a heart. Sally reached back without
looking, and selected a 14-inch vibrator that not only moved in and out like a
piston but also made small circular motions while it hummed and vibrated. It
was so big that she could just barely wrap her hand all the way around it.
She was moaning softly as she worked that vibrator over her gorgeous tan body,
paying special attention to her jutting boobs. Her ruby-red areolae were as
big as half-dollars and her nipples stuck out hard as rocks. She held each
breast to her mouth, licking and sucking her nipples, leaving them shiny with

Turning her attention to her steaming hot crack, she ran that pulsating
dildo up and down over her cunt lips and clit, moaning louder all the time.
Then she brought the dildo, now gleaming with her cunt juice, up to her hungry
mouth and licked and sucked it from its bulbous head down to the base. Still
kneeling in front of me, her twat and thighs glistening from the flow of her
pussy juice, she set the vibrator on full speed and slowly guided its massive
cock head into her cunt, taking all 14 inches of it. Then she slowly pulled
it almost all the way out. Using both hands, she rammed that big fucker in
and out at least a dozen time in rhythm to the music, moaning like a whore in

On the last upstroke, Sally left that massive vibrator pulsating and
churning deep inside her cunt at full speed, using her well-conditioned
vaginal muscles to hold it in. Next, she spun around quickly on to her knees
and elbows, thrusting her beautiful ass toward the ceiling. She began playing
with her clit while the dildo was humming away inside her. Within seconds,
Sally’s entire body was shuddering in a violent orgasm that brought tears to
her eyes. It was incredible watching her wailing out loud like a wild animal,
hips and ass undulating in rhythm to the music, as she fucked herself.

Sally had all the practiced movements of a real pro. I couldn’t believe
it. Without missing a beat, she spun around again, kneeling, thighs spread
wide. She then leaned back and, again without looking, put a hand over the
far edge of the pool table. When she pulled back up, she was holding a
beautiful 12-inch lifelike rubber cock that was covered in Karo syrup. Sally
shook her head, her beautiful mane of brown hair falling away from her face.
There was a look of pure unadulterated lust in her eyes as she dangled that
glistening monster cock over her face. Slowly she lowered it and tickled its
head and underside with her darting tongue. Resting on one elbow for support,
she raised it up slightly, arching her back and neck. She then brought the
sticky, dripping dildo to her hot waiting mouth. Clear syrup, oozing from her
glossy wet lips, ran down her chin and cheeks as she slurped and sucked the
dildo into her mouth, devouring it deeper and deeper until she had finally
deep-throated it all the way to the very base of its rigid shaft, moaning
loudly with pure pleasure and delight the whole time.

Completely oblibious to everything else, Sally, thighs splayed wide, used
one hand to slowly pull the rubber cock from her mouth and stroked the
steaming slit of her cunt with the other. As she withdrew the cock from her
pursed lips, leaving only a slender thread of syrup and saliva between the
two, her tongue darted out to lick up the excess around her smiling, wet mouth.

The vibrator in Sally’s cunt was still giving her full measure and,
caught up in another approaching orgasm, she began to writhe and squirm. Her
hips and ass were rising in response to that incredible fuck onslaught. Now
using her hands to pinch and pull her rock-hard nipples, Sally went over the
brink. Her voice rising to a near wail, she went off like crazy. Her entire
body bucked and jerked wildly like an electric shock had been applied to her,
the whole time moaning and crying out with physical release and pleasure. No
doubt Sally was enjoying and savoring every minute of it.

I was really enjoying it, too. This was the most fantastic thing I had
ever seen. I didn’t know it was possible for a woman to give herself so much
pleasure and satisfaction. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

The show wasn’t over yet. After that last orgasm, Sally didn’t miss a
beat. Reposotioning herself on the pool table, she placed a heel in each of
the corner pockets for support. With renewed vigor, she immediatly launched
into a routine of hot, nonstop action and one almost continuous orgasm after
another. And each one seemed better than the last. Before it was over, Sally
had used all seven vibrators and five dildos that she had laid out on the
table. Even she lost track of how many orgasms she had had.

When she was through, I glanced at my watch and realized that she had
been going at it hot and heavy for over an hour. Sally rolled over to face
me, her head propped up in one hand, tousled hair across her face. One leg
was bent at the knee, giving me a full view as she gently stroked her hot
juicy crack and massaged the insides of her aching thighs.

I was so excited just from watching her. My own nipples were hard and
taut against the material of my blouse, and my crotch and panties were soaked
through. When Sally smiled that smile of hers and asked me if I would like to
join her “onstage,” I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Aunt Sally was sweet and gentle as she watched me treat myself to the
pleasures I had just seen her enjoy. Using my new vibrator, as well as my own
fingers, I learned how to bring myself off in countless orgasms. It felt sooo

After we both took cool showers, Sally explained to me that the
masturbation show she had performed earlier for me was really a dress
rehearsal. She would be doing the same act the following week at a stag party
for about 50 guys. She also told me that she had been working as an exotic
dancer and performing live sex shows onstage and at bachelor parties since
college. She laughed and said, “In what other line of work can you get a
roomful of guys to cream in their jeans over you all at once?”


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