Aunt after rub invite – Short Sex Story

After the invite of rub I didn’t do it at all because wanted to maintain my good image in front of her .

It was summer night all decided to walk some rounds in our society consume some fresh air at night .

Gathered all

Started walking all together as lanes were small she being unknowingly started touching me she has not concern what others will think . She started coming near me tried to get touch his boobs
I many felt that soft bounce touch my duck was having fun here.

This got repetitive our late night walks
& we also got to know each other.

In between she started holding my hand in her hand as couple do it was not anything but my bicep are was having fun there now I under stood how couple have fun in public holding just 😉 hands

(Guys try with your auntcrush 💯 fun)

In our recent walk she started new thing taking my hand over his shoulder & put it on her boobs

Literally doing this without any concern

Then I did not stop will there was dim are I started enjoying my hand touch something so soft & bouncy
( this aunt was so small in compare my height)

Touching boobs mild smell of sweaty pits as summer was there I was in heaven

Soon get back home sleep in thoughts that will fuck this aunt

Next soon

NSFW: yes

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