Auction Night Part 1.3 [M+F+ over 25][cheat][exhib][bdsm] – Short Sex Story

Filling in the missing pieces from Part 1…

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Lucy was displayed on stage, trussed up in red ropes, her thigh high stockings black against her pale skin. Grace, Raj, and Lakshmi circled her.

“Hello, Lucy,” said Lakshmi. “How are you doing?”

“Hi, Lakshmi,” said Lucy. “I’m good. I guess this is how you guys do parent/teacher conferences at your school?”

The crowd laughed. Champagne Lady pushed herself closer to her hubby and reached over to unzip his pants, cradling his erect member in her slender hands.

Grace turned to Raj and Lakshmi. “Your bid allows you oral privileges,” Grace told them. “You may both give and receive. How would you like to begin?”

“I would like to offer myself to Lucy,” Raj said.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, fat and thick but shorter than mine. He walked over to Lucy. The pole dancer guided her blind-folded face toward Raj’s waiting cock.

Lucy opened her mouth and tried to accept it. The first time she missed; on the second try she kissed his tip, then opened her mouth wider as he fed it to her. She began to lick his shaft and suck harder, her head moving back and forth while her arms were pinned behind her back. Raj closed his eyes, smiling. He held the back of Lucy’s head and started to control her motion, thrusting his hips forward.

Lakshmi asked Grace, “Do you think we can release her arms? I would like her to lie down so I can taste her.”

Grace stepped over to Lucy and adjusted the ropes so that her arms were free but the rest was still pretty tight. The pole dancer gently repositioned her so that she was now lying on the floor with her knees bent.

In this new position Lucy had to raise her face to meet Raj’s cock. He used this leverage to his benefit, deep throating her with extra thrusts. She groaned with each push.

Lakshmi got on all fours and put her head in Lucy’s crotch. Her face was hidden and we couldn’t see exactly what she was doing but Lucy began to twitch and moan even more intensely. Lakshmi’s hips were moving in rhythm with Lucy’s.

Someone in the audience called out, “Hey, Lakshmi! Give us a peek! Show us your ass.”

Without stopping whatever she was doing to Lucy, Lakshmi reached behind, pushed her dress up over her back, and pulled her pink panties down, revealing her ass and plump pussy. The crowd cheered.

Soon Lucy began to convulse even more, and it was clear that her orgasm was coming. Raj held her head tightly and pushed his cock as far a sit could go.

“You are such a good girl,” he said. “You suck me off so nicely.”

He started to jerk, and then released her from him. Strands of cum trickled from her mouth and his tip as he stepped back. Lakshmi was fingering herself from behind while Lucy finally came in massive rush.

As Raj and Lakshmi composed themselves, Grace turned to the audience. “Now it’s time for Act 2…”

[Part 2](

NSFW: yes

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