At The Drive-In

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I didn’t begin fucking my sister until after I joined the
service. It was my first night home on leave after boot camp, and my
sister, Carol, and I had been gonna double-date, but my date fell
through and so did hers. We’d both really wanted to see the picture
playing at the drive-in, so we decided to see it anyway. I borrowed Dad’s
big old two-door Olds and picked her up at her apartment. Carol’s a sexy
little thing, and she looked good enough to eat as she got in the car. I
got a half hard-on just looking at her, even if she was my sister.


When we parked, we got into the back seat together, with the front
seats folded down so we could stretch out and be comfortable. We settled
down to enjoy the show, but the picture turned out to be a complete zero
and I started bitching about my luck.
“If I had Cindy here, I could at least have a little fun with her
to pass the time,” I groused
“Poor boy,” Carol teased. “All bored. What would you do with
Cindy? Make out and things?”
“Yeah. That’d be a lot more fun than watching this.”
“I suppose you’d feel her up and things, too?”
“Of course.”
“Would it make you feel any better if I let you feel me up a
little bit?” she teased.
“It sure would,” I said. “Feeling up my sister would be a lot
better than this. Besides, you’ve got the prettiest pair in town, and I’d
like to get my hands on those beauts even if you are my sister.”
“You really think they’re pretty?”
“Yeah,” I said.
“Well, why don’t you go ahead and play with them if it’ll make you
feel better.”

“Yeah?” I put an arm her and pulled her over and put a hand on one
of her tits and massaged it a bit. “You don’t mind?”
“I don’t mind. I kind of like it. Does that help some?”
“It’d be more fun if I could really feel you.”
“Go ahead, but don’t get funny just because I let you do it.”
“Ah, you’re my sister,” I said, unbuttoning her blouse and running
my hand over her bra-covered tit. “I guess you know you’re gonna have
to undo your bra for me, though. I don’t know how to work those hooks.”
“Boys!” she said, as she leaned forward to undo her bra, then
leaned back again with her bra loose. “Is that better?”
“Yeah.” My hand already pushed her bra up and was on her bare
breast and enjoying the feeling of the sweet, spongy texture of her tit as
I rolled the nipple around with my fingers.
“If you’re going feel me up, you should at least kiss me.” She
giggled nervously.
“Kiss my sister?”
“No kissy, no feely,” she teased, as she put her lips up to me to
be kissed.
“Okay.” I kissed her lightly, but it felt kinda good, so I
increased the action and eased my tongue into her mouth.
“Wow ! You’re good at this!” She drew back and then put her lips
back to mine for more and tongued me back. I kissed her hotly for a bit,
then worked my mouth down to one of big, pretty tits and started sucking on
a nipple.

“Ooh! she gasped. “Was this part of the deal?” But she she didn’t
pull away as I continued sucking. After a bit, I lowered a hand to the hem
of her skirt and worked it up so I could massage her bare thigh, and when
she didn’t protest, I moved my hand higher, still massaging and caressing.
“Whoa a minute,” she whispered, as she lightly put a hand on my
busy one. “Just how far are you going to carry this?”
“Don’t worry, Sis. I won’t do anything.” I kept my hand busy and
kissed her as hotly as I knew how, and her hand went to the back of head
as I cupped her firm little ass and squeezed.
“I don’t mind you playing around, but don’t carry this playing
around too far.” She kissed me eagerly as I ran my hand all over her
thighs, and then she gasped as my hand reached her crotch and I cupped and
massaged her pussy through her panties.
“Don’t get excited,” I whispered to her. “I’m just feeling.” But
my fingers were working the edge of her panties apart as I searched for
and found her slit.
“Ooh!” she gasped again, as she spread her legs to help. “Don’t
you think we better stop?”
“Why?” I whispered, with my finger busy working its way into her
juicy pussy, “I’m just felling.”
“It’s starting to feel too good,” she whispered. “I’m not sure I
want you to stop.”
“I can make it feel better if we get your panties off,” I said,
searching for the elastic of her waistband and starting to work them down.
“I shouldn’t let you do this,” she whispered, as she lifted her
hips to help me get her panties off.
“We’re not going to do anything,” I whispered back, as I cupped
her pussy and felt her up before starting my fingers to work on her pussy
so I could really get her hot.
“You are doing something,” she whispered. “You’re playing with my

“Just feeling,” I whispered, as her pussy got slurpy with juice.
“You’re not going to try fucking me, are you?” she whispered as
she kissed me frantically and started her hips moving.
“You’re my sister,” I said, as I took time to undo my pants and
slid them down.
“What are you doing?” she eased away slightly.
“You’ve got me so wound up, these tight pants are killing me.” I
said. “Feel if you don’t believe me.”
“Oh,” she said as she felt my dick, “it’s big and hard, isn’t it?”
“Yeah,” I said, fingering her again, “now you might have to play
with me a bit.”
“I don’t know how.”
“That’s okay. I know what we’ll do,” I said as I eased over
between her legs. “Let me just put the head of it in your pussy for a bit.
That’ll help.”
“You’re going to put it in my pussy?” she whispered.
“Yeah. Just the head of it.”
“I don’t know about this,” she said, spreading her legs for me. I
put the head of my dick to the lips of her pussy and worked it in a bit
and made a couple of short strokes before I said, “Just a little deeper,
Sis,” and eased a little more dick into her tight pussy.
“Are you in deep enough yet?” she whispered. “It’s okay with me if
you want to put it in a little deeper.”
“Just a little.” I stroked some dick into her wet pussy.
“You can put it in a little deeper than that if you want to,” she
whispered, and thrust her ass up to me.
“God, I like the feel of your tight pussy Sis,” I whispered back
as my dick went all the way in and I grabbed little ass with both hands
and started fucking her.

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“It feels so good.” She squirmed and tossed under me as I fucked her. “Put
it in as deep as you can! Oh, You’re fucking me! We’re really fucking!
Oh! Deeper, fuck me deeper!”
I increased the tempo of my fucking, and she bucked her little ass up to
me with a will as I slammed into her wet pussy and more juice slicked my
prick. “God, you’re pussy feels so good, Sis,” I panted, as I fucked her
faster and faster.
“Oh, that’s it brother, fuck me, I love it” she gasped, as she fucked me
back. “Fuck me hard! Oh! Oh!”

I was stroking into her a mile a minute, and then my prick throbbed and
swelled as I pumped hot jet streams of cum into her. She threw herself up
to me as her tight pussy squeezed and quivered around my dick. With one
final thrust, I rammed my dick as far up her pussy as I could get it, and
then just kept it there while I ground my pelvis against hers and let my
cum drain into her.
“That was fun,” she whispered, as I finally stopped and just lay against
her and let my dick soften in her pussy. “I knew you were trying to fuck
“Yeah?” I panted.
“You knew that I wanted you to fuck me, too, didn’t you?” she said
“Not half as much as I wanted to fuck you.”
“Lets get out of here and go up to my apartment. I want you to give me
another good fucking in bed now,” she said.
We did and I did. Several times that night and the rest of the nights of
that leave, and now we’re both looking forward to my next leave so we can
fuck up another storm.


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