At my (F19) sisters (F21) wedding we were both pregnant with her husband’s (M46) babies.

They were trying to be celibate during their engagement. I was staying at their apartment sleeping in the couch. They had done nothing but dry hump each other for 3 months so they were excruciatingly horny. So when they heard me masturbating in their living room, my sis soon came in.

She apologized to me for interrupting and said she had an idea. I was already so horny from being busted by her I would’ve done anything she said.

Instead of masturbating, I should fuck her fiancé and let her watch. They were only trying to be celibate for each other. They didn’t think it would fuck anything you if they had sex with others. Christian logic is so stupid.

Anyway like 16 seconds later my future brother in law is inside me. Bare bc these idiots wondered condoms in the house would be tempting.

Later my sister told me she assumed I was on bc. I wasn’t lol. I kept expecting him to pull out but he left it in. I didn’t know until I felt it. And I felt a lot. Fuck he was cumming so much.

She starts eating her fiancé out of me. Hard. I came so fast and quick. I can’t believe she did it in front of him. She was uncontrollably horny. In fact after I came on her face she demanded he fuck her lol.

He was hard already anyway so it took no time. God they went at it hard. I knew she was getting pregnant just watching how deep he came in her and how hard my sister was cumming when he was cumming up her.

I wanted to be fucked again after watching my her get cummed in. But he was drained. So we had her fist me while he sucked on my big nipples. I came hard on her knuckles. That big O is probably what sucked his first cum up deeper into my pregnant spot.

I know a lot about fucking

NSFW: yes

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