Ask your doctor – Confessions – Does size matter?

I receive all kinds of sex questions and confessions. And some deserve just a little more attention. Aah… sex. I cannot write enough about it. The lust, the overwhelming, the disappointments, the downright weird. The most outrageous experiences, all the sexy news and professional explanations to provocative questions.

For those that never read any of my posts, let me introduce myself, I am a doctor/general practitioner (GP), married, I have a gorgeous daughter, and I love… cocks. if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will answer any question you have xxx

Everyone, there is a major difference between an average cock size and a satisfying size. Does size matter? Yes, more than 90% of the woman say it does. Most woman prefer to have serious relationship with a man with an average size cock, but big enough to reach an orgasm. And during a one-night stand woman prefer a big cock, to stimulate all nerve endings in their pussy and less to reach an orgasm. Yes, I think both size and technique matters, without the skills the fuck is hopeless, no matter how wonderful his cock is.

Hope you enjoy the following shared from my REDDIT followers, friends and patients, and I have their permission to post them:

**Diana 33**

In the years before I got married, I was dating my husband, I cheated on him with a guy that had a ridiculous big cock. I knew that what I did was wrong, but I was young, innocent and curious. A couple of times I tried it with him, but he was too big for me to handle, my vagina at all times needed a day to recover. I’m just a small girl and anything over 8 inch is too big for me. We both liked each other but not in a serious way. Besides I was in a relationship with my now husband. I also could not see myself for the rest of my life fucking a baseball bat. I know they say that eventually you get used to it, your pussy will stretch, but I am 100% sure I will never get used to be fucked by a cock that can almost touch my longs. I don’t think all woman will cheat, no matter how big the cock is, I just was young, innocent and curious and stupid to cheat for a big cock.

**Sicko 25**

We had a roommate in school who at all times walked around naked, waving his huge cock when he was drunk. We all loved him and he was proud of his cock and everyone had to know that he was fortunate. In the beginning it was all fun, but it also made me and many other boys jealous. Especially when we discovered that all the girls were actually serious about wanting to try his cock. it must have been very arousing and a big ego booster for him. At that moment I learned that all girl are sluts and are horny for big cocks, regardless if they were in a relationship or not. Almost every girl from school fucked him, even the prudish ones. Sadly, so did my girlfriend, just when things started to get serious between us. I found them together fucking in the bathroom. If your girlfriend cheats on you, that one thing, but if you actually see it happening, that’s something that will hunt you for the rest of your life. For a moment I watched how his huge cock destroyed her tight pussy and I will never forget her dirty horny face and the sound of his cock slapping inside her wet pussy. After I kicked his ass, I broke up with her. I am happily married, and never told my wife what happened during school, maybe because I am ashamed or jealous that I am not so fortunate?

**Emma 24**

Last year I divorced my husband because I found out that most of my friends fucked my husband behind my back. Most woman say that size doesn’t matter, but when I told my friends that my husband had a big dick, they were as flies on him. Yes, my ex has a big dick, but that was just a part of him, I loved him for who he was, not only for his dick. Sadly, most man with a big dick can’t seem to keep their dick in their pants and are more than happy to let all woman have that big dick experience, even if they are married.

**Jack 34**

I was at all times s strong believer that being in a relationship doesn’t mean you are each other’s property, that you are free to do anything, even sex with someone else. Until I met Emily, she was everything to me, she was gorgeous, sexy, clever and the sex was amazing. Already 3 months after we dated, she moved in with me and I was the happiest man alive. There was only one issue, she doesn’t like to give blowjobs. She told me that she had some bad experiences and decided not to do it anymore. And then I made a stupid mistake, by coincidence I run into my ex (she at all times gave me amazing blowjobs), and after some small talk, I convinced her to give me a blowjob. When Emily found out, she was in tears and later her sadness turned into anger. It took her a couple of days to deal with it, but by the end of the week, everything seemed fine. A couple of weeks later, when I almost forgot what happened, she texted me that I don’t have to wait for dinner, because after work she would go straight to a good friend for some drinks. Around 7pm I received a photo of her and her friend, Stella both holding a glass of wine and having a good time. one hour later another photo, both quite tipsy and a lot of fun. Around 10pm a photo of them both in the taxi and the text that she was going out for a drink, but will be home on time soon. At 11pm another text message with apologies for being so late, and a photo of her and Stella standing with 2 black men. Still no alarm bells until I received a video call at 1pm, I was happy to see her face and to hear her voice, to be honest she was quite drunk. I also noted that she was in someone’s room and that she was not alone, I guessed it was Stella. She told me that she was still angry for what I did with my ex and that this was her revenge. The next moment I had to watch her sucking a big black cock. I begged her to stop, and instead of just ending the video call, I continued to suffer and watch her doing what I wanted her to do with me. For someone that doesn’t like to give blowjobs, she knew pretty well how to handle it. I ended the call the moment she let him came in her mouth, that was too much for me to handle. That night when she returned, we did not spoke a word, and I slept on the sofa. The net day we talked and both apologized. We are still together and slowly she starts to give me blowjobs. Everything is fine, but I can’t forget the image of her sucking that big cock. Somehow it made her dirtier, but also hornier.

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