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I receive all kinds of sex questions and confessions. And some deserve just a little more attention. Aah… sex. I can not write enough about it. The lust, the overwhelming, the disappointments, the downright weird. The most outrageous experiences, all the sexy news and professional explanations to provocative questions. This time: Straight men Bisexual men

For those that never read any of my posts, let me introduce myself, I am a doctor/general practitioner (GP), married, I have a gorgeous daughter, and I have a COCK addiction, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will answer any question you have xxx

Whether it’s a drunken experience or planned for some time. A lot of straight men fantasize about sucking a cock. But what if that fantasy becomes reality? Now the big question, why do straight men like to suck cocks? Simple, mainly because men are curious and competitive, compare their cocks, curious how another cock feels. Another reason is that no men ever refused a good blowjob, even from a man, and is not consider gay. I also know married men that suck cocks to proof to themselves that they are not gay, but straight. And there are men that are bisexual.

Bisexual does not mean to have a relationship with both sexes, but is purely sexual. Unfortunate, it is often assumed that bisexual men are “just gay” or at least have a preference for men. This idea prevails among both heterosexuals. Especially for women, this is often a reason not to date bisexual men. Most heterosexual men that often talk negatively about gays do this to hide their own gayness.

**There are still many prejudices about bisexual people: they are said to be unreliable, greedy and confused. Or ‘actually just’ gay or lesbian. Such stigmas get in the way of self-acceptance. Fortunately, more and more people dare to express that they are bisexual and that’s how it should be! Nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you’re straight, bisexual or gay, every person is gorgeous. And most importantly: as long as everyone is happy, right?!**

Curious to figure out what my readers and followers have with this topic? then quickly begin reading! Hope you like the following shared from my readers and I have their permission to post them:

**Anonymous 38**

I’m a married man but never have been curious about sucking a dick. Never during my childhood or marriage I have been tempted to do so, until 6 months ago. I manoeuvred myself into a complicated situation with my boss and I could not see a way out, then to suck my boss. I was on a company trip with my boss and in the hotel we both had a few beers too much. First in the hotel bar and one last drink in his room from the mini bar. When I had enough and wanted to go to my room, he pushed me against the wall, kissed me on the mouth, got down on his knees, unzipped the fly of my pants and took my dick out and started to suck it. I do love a good blowjob from my wife, but from my boss, that was a completely different story. Because I was quite drunk and did not want to lose my job, I let it happen and just enjoyed the moment and pretended that it was my wife sucking my dick. With my eyes closed and that last wondered, I spurted my sperm in his mouth.

But that’s not all, my advice to all men, if you ever consider to suck a dick, DON’T DO IT! The feeling of a dick sliding in your mouth, the smell and taste, so gross! And when he hits your throat, you’re close to vomit. When my boss exploded in my mouth, I felt so dirty, sperm everywhere, I had to gag always, never tasted something so disgusting. When my boss asked me a couple of weeks later to join him again on a company trip, I thankfully resigned.

**Dave 18**

When i was ** me and my friend all the time went to my house after college when my parents were not home. Together we watched porn and started to watch each other jerking off. The watching turned at some point into jerking each other off and it took us not long to begin sucking each other off. My mom almost caught us once, she came home earlier and found me naked with a boner watching porn, all alone in my bedroom (whilst my friend was hiding naked under my bed). I got a major preach from my parents that night about masturbation and sex. Our entire college time we experimented with each other and when we both got girlfriends and we somehow stopped seeing each other.

**Jeremy 29**

3 years ago, one of my best friends, Simon got out of prison (2 years) and needed a place to crash until he got everything sorted. He slept next to me on the floor on a matrass and when we got to bed, we started talking. I was curious about his time in prison and what he missed the most, I wondered Sex! but instead he said, woman’s. and then he started to confess, he had sex almost every day in prison, but not with woman, but with men. He had no choice and had to do it to survive. Already the first day he was forced to suck the dick of his cellmate. For protection, it became a daily routine for his cellmate to abuse Simon his ass and mouth. A simple exchange to survive in prison. Shocked from what he told me, but it also made me horny. Simon then told me that he was also fucked by other prisoners and had to fuck to survive. Simon told me that one time he was raped by 3 prisoners in the shower and he had to spend a couple of days isolated to recover. When Simon went to the toilet, my mind started spinning with dirty images, like I was there and watched it all happen. When Simon returned from the toilet, he sat down next to me on the bed and continued talking.

Sometimes his cellmate also ordered him to assault a prisoner and rape him, and he did. Simon still remembered the first time, it was a young boy, fresh, just in, like he was once. Simon got into his cell, hit him a few times in the face, forced him on the bed, pulled his pants down, took out his dick and forced it deep in his ass while telling him to be quiet otherwise he will be killed. After he had pumped his ass full, he told the young boy that he was his bitch now. Simon fucked him for a couple of months until he was transferred to another block. Listening to Simon talking about his time in prison, got me really horny and this was clearly visible and not unnoticed by Simon. To end the awkward moment, I told Simon that it was time to have a sleep. But Simon had a different idea and pulled my undie down and before I could say a word my dick was in his mouth. That moment, that feeling, the pleasure, I surrendered completely, I love girls, I’m attracted to girls. But for some reason, I let it happen.

But what Simon did with my dick, he literally sucked the sperm out of it. No girl has ever sucked me so good! Completely confused and in ecstasy, I came harder than ever before. I remember that after I finished, that moment I was speechless, trying to process what just happened. Needless to say, against my nature I had to swallow my pride and return Simon a favour. Never had a dick before in my mouth and since that moment I have much more respect for girls. Clearly, I was doing something right because Simon came quick in my mouth. Simon left my house after 4 months living with me, and we had many of those horny nights and in the end, we also did anal together. Now 5 years later, I am married and have a gorgeous daughter. Never told my wife or anybody what happened with me and Simon.

**Benny 34**

I am now in my thirties and in a relationship with a wonderful woman for over 10 years and together we have 2 children. I never doubted my sexuality. However, a few years ago I noticed that when I watched porn, I became more and more fascinated with how a man cums in a woman’s mouth. I constantly started to ask myself how a woman experience that. The idea of sex with a man did and still does little or nothing to me. But the idea of blowing a man off started playing in my head more and more. Last year, close to Christmas my wife went out with her friends and I invited one of my friends to come over for a drink, he is gay. After a couple of drinks, I told him about my fascination and asked him how it felt to blow someone off. Without saying a word, he got up, stood in front of me and dropped his pants. I quickly looked around in my Livingroom if my wife really was not there and grabbed his dick with my hands. Despite the fact that I had felt my own dick so many times before, it still felt strange. I moved my hand up and down a few times, took his dick in my mouth and started sucking him. After a couple of minutes, I heard a soft moan and then tasted his cum in my mouth. I swallowed his whole load, with great difficulty. I don’t know if he noticed anything, but I had to gag a bit. We took another drink like nothing happened and we never talked about it again. Happy that my friend was eager to give me the experience, not sure if I will do it ever again.

**Mell 25**

My name is Mell, I’m 25 years old, slim, dark brown curly hair to shoulders, I’m very tall 192 cm, C-cup. I’m married to Ramon and we have a 2-year-old daughter. My husband is bisexual and after several ups and downs I am close to accept it. Three weeks ago, I went to the sauna. When I arrived there, I went straight to the changing room, undressed, put on a bathrobe, and into the sauna. To my surprise, I lie down in the sauna next to the new lover of my husband, Jeremy. Besides all the steam in the cabin, we never met, he doesn’t know me, but I know him from all the pictures on my husbands mobile. I looked at his muscled body and notice that he has a big dick hanging between his legs. A size larger than I have at home. I started to have some casual chat with Jeremy, but my eyes kept getting drawn to his dick, the heat has created it even bigger. I remember that I wondered that it was hard to believe that Ramon could handle it. An intense feeling of jealousy got over me and I wanted to have what my husband haves. I crawled up and complimented him on his gorgeous dick. He doesn’t know what to say or how to react and looked at me in shock. Before I could finish the next compliment my had goes to his dick and grabs it. Immediately I feel it getting hard and started to jerk it off. He closed his eyes and let me have my moment with his dick. I sucked it and tried to better than my husband, I gave it all. Then I crawled on top of him and lowered myself on his big dick. It made me dizzy, never had such a big one inside me. I bounce, twist, move, and feel a orgasm coming on. Somewhere in the distance I hear Jeremy, but a few more turns of my hips and I’m there. Moaning, panting, shockingly I come, half way through my orgasm I feel that Jeremy is shooting me full, that wasn’t actually the intention. Without saying a word, I run out of the sauna, got dressed, jumped in my car and headed home. I don’t regret what I did, somehow, I feel I got closer to my husband, sharing is caring, right?

Anonymous 20

My boyfriend is 21, he is very handsome and I am in love with him. We have good sex together, but he is bi and he also has sex with other boys. From the beginning of our relationship, I knew he was bi. Half a year ago I cheated once and he knows it. So, I can not really ban it, so we talked and we agreed that I could watch if he has sex with a boy. He really liked it and, in the end, it felt good to me that he was able to be himself. The first time I watched they had a drink and then undressed, it remained with kissing, jerking and sucking. My boyfriend wanted to be fucked but couldn’t relax and the boy clearly had a gigantic device. When the boy left, we had very good sex. Then my boyfriend and the boy both wondered it would be fun to do a threesome. I’ve become curious about his gigantic device, so maybe we’ll do that sometime soon. Then I also meet his needs and I also enjoy it.

Please if you have any questions, confessions, or you need some advice, or just horny talks, feel free to contact me and I will answer any question you have xxx

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