As my wife was passed around the fraternity – The graduate – Short Sex Story

During a party at the house a guy that had graduated in the last 5 years started talking to her. They drank, flirted, and talked until the evening was coming to an end . He asked her to drive him back to his hotel and of course, when they arrived he asked her if she wanted to come up. When they got into the room, they talked and a drank a bit more until he started kissing her. He got her shirt and bra off so he could play with her big tits and suck her nipples. He put his hand down between her pants and panties and started rubbing her pussy. He pulled her pants off and panties over as she happily spread her legs so he could play with her. He played with her pussy until she cum all over his fingers

She started kissing him and got down on her knees on the floor next to the bed. She took off his pants and got his dick out and started blowing him. sucking one side, deep throat, them the other side, down to lick his balls and around the horn again.

She did this until he told her to get up and bend over the bed, he put on a condom, pulled her panties over, and put his dick in her pussy. She said he fucked her hard for 15 or 20 minute making her cum a few more times before he really started to pound her as he came.

They collapsed on the bed, laying there for a few minutes. He got up and went to shower with out saying much, she got dressed and left without saying good bye. She went to her friends apartment and never saw him again. She later learned from one the active brothers that someone told him she was a good fuck and he found out for himself!

NSFW: yes

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