Are all teachers secretly naughty?

I matched Claire on tinder, she had recently broken up with her boyfriend but I think they were still chatting potentially at the time. Anyway Claire was a good looking girl, blonde, tall and slim. She also was just an all round pretty girl, amazing legs and fairly well sized pair of tits.

She was a teacher, very much not the stereotypical teacher look. She liked partying and gonna raves so I definitely knew she was gonna be up for some fun but maybe not quite as naughty as she turned out to be. I’ve met a few teachers from tinder and without fail they have been really wild, must be something?

We agreed to go for some drinks, there was some light flirting beforehand, exchanged some of our naughtier stories so we knew where the night would likely end but we never made any formal arrangements to stay at hers, no dirty pictures exchanged.

We both hit it off and just chat easily, we end up in this really nice and intimate cocktail bar, Claire is wearing a reasonably fitted top and skirt, not too short but classy. Anyway, we’d made our way here and sat across from each other right at the bar, this is the first time I realise how big her tits were. She rarely had any photos of her showing her cleavage, she looked amazing, her big blue eyes staring into mine at the bar.

The tension was growing, minutes later we are down each others throat at the bar. Looking back the bar staff were either disgusted or appreciative of the performance, anyway we continue chatting, running our hands over each other, my hands occasionally sliding up her gorgeously long legs, drinking and snogging the face off each other. I think much to the relief of the bar staff we left, there was one thing on our mind, sex!

We get back to Claire’s and she shows me around her flat, we spend about 10 minutes on the sofa, kissing and running out hands over each others bodies, I think she intended to try play it cool and not dive straight into bed but 10 minutes later she stands up and grabs my hand and pulls me towards the bedroom.

Barely getting into bed our clothes are off and Claire’s incredible body is revealed. Her hidden big tits, slim figure and peachy ass. My hand glided across her naked body and her long legs, towards her pussy. I sensed her excitement and made her wait a little longer, my fingers tracing around her peachy ass and inner thighs but even I could only tease her so long, my fingers thought to her clit snd started in small circle motions, I was ready to spit on them to provide some lube but Claire was soaking already.

A few minutes passed as I played with her, she occasionally grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking it, I slid two fingers inside her, feeling how wet and sticky her pussy was about minutes of actual foreplay was such a turn on, my cock was definitely rock hard.

Claire moaned with every thrust of my fingers, she grabbed my cock and sat up, my fingers still inside her and moved her head towards my cock, her lips wrapped around my cock as I lay back, she was good. Her tongue flicking my head and her hand working the shaft, after a few minutes longer so stopped and I went straight back to her pussy, I wondered it was before but no this time she was wet, all around her thighs were covered, it was hot.

Before long, I’m between her legs repaying the favour with my tongue on her clit, my lips and face covered in her, she pushed my head up and said, “I’ll get the condom” she proceeded to rumble around in her drawer, lube was found and her vibrator but no condoms. Claire looks up and says, “I’m on the pill”.

This was the first time we met, this innocent teacher telling me to fuck her bareback. I didn’t need much encouragement, I slid my cock straight inside her, she was so wet, every single inch she took instantly, she didn’t expect that and let out a gasp, we fucked with her on her back and legs spread. It felt amazing, my cock was absolutely rock hard and covered in her cum.

After a reasonable period of time, I pulled out and tasted her again, my tongue on her clot and fingers sliding into her pussy, and lift my head and two fingers become three and then four, I switch between three and four, occasionally my pinkie going towards her ass, she liked it, two fingers slide into her ass and the other two in her pussy. She was so wet, that no lube was needed. Claire moaned louder as my fingers slid in her ass, I take my cock and begin to tease her ass, the tip sliding in, Claire looks up, “I’m scared to try anal” had her pussy not felt so good I might have tried to convince her, “ use your thumb”.

I didn’t need told twice, my cock back inside her pussy and thumb in her ass, I still think I’ve never experienced anyone as wet she was. It felt great, her pussy gripping my cock harder with my thumb sliding in and out her ass. She didn’t last much longer, she cums all over my cock. I grab her ass with both my hands and fuck her as fast and hard as I can, 5 minutes later, I’m ready to explode, I tell her “I’m going to cum” expecting to be told to do it on her tits or something, no, silence she only thrusts back harder. I explode inside her, it felt like a gigantic load and when I pull it, boy was it big. She looked so hot, lying there with my cum dripping out her pussy.

Not what she was likely intending to happen to let the guy she just met to creampie her and finger her ass, but I think there’s something inherently wild about teachers.

What do you think?

Do you want to hear more about teachers I’ve met on tinder?

NSFW: yes

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