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Oh the Anticipation. Part 1

So this is about my first real experience with another man. About 14 years ago when I was in my early 20s I found myself myself masturbating a lot, like 2-3 times a day. I had a fiancé at the time and we both worked for the same employer however had different shifts. She loved sex too and I knew deep down that she was having little affairs when other people at our business. She was sort of a known slut, not that I was any better. But we enjoyed each others business. Anyway we were not having sex like we used to and I was horny always I would get home at 5pm and she would be leaving at 4pm due to traffic we would never see each other awake at least.

This lead to me masturbating non stop and with the iPhone being a relatively new thing, I had the world of porn at me fingertips. I was addicted! I even started not wanting sex with my fiancé because I was so turned on by the women from BangBus and Ball Honeys. But as it went on I started going deeper and branched out my JO material. First it was tribbing lesbians, then BBW, then MFF threesomes, then cuckold stuff. Eventually, I started beating off thinking about how my fiancé was definitely fucking dudes behind my back and it was such a turn on. This led me deeper into the cuckold stuff and MMF stuff. This led to me starting to get recommendations for gay male videos. I resisted at first I mean I wasn’t gay that was nasty right? But my curiosity got the better of me one day mid session and I clicked on a video for a silver daddy seducing a younger man. I felt strange at first but got really into it. I imagined I was the younger man and this big cock well built daddy was taking control of me. I came HARD. I came hard and immediately felt shame by it. However, that wouldn’t stop me I would continue this for months, once again I was addicted, it felt so wrong but that feeling of wrongness and shame turned my into a complete sissy cock hungry bitch.

I started feeling like I wanted this in real life. I would drink by myself some nights and get all worked up and go cruising through Craigslist. At first I would read the M4M advertisement and just jerk to them, i know sounds weird but just the fact of knowing there were guys close by that I could actually do this with was a gigantic turn on. Eventually I started messaging some of them trading pics and eventually flaking because I wasn’t gay I had a female fiancé and I would never actually do anything with a man. This went on for months.

While at work one day I started getting real horny. At lunch time I went to my car to jerk off and cruise Craigslist. I started going through the personals and came across an add from a 51 year old Caucasian man. His picture made my cock jump. He had the body of a cyclist, well tanned, and a well groomed beard and mustache. But my god this guy had a big thick cock hanging from between his legs. I reluctantly messaged him and within a few minutes he messaged back. Asked my stats and all that and asked if I wanted to meet up. I didn’t get off work for another 3-4 hours but I let him know if he was eager I would meet up. He said his wife was out of town with her family in another city and he had the whole week free. I said sure let’s meet up totally knowing that I was gonna flake on him because I am not gay.

The end of the day comes and I had forgot all about it. I got to my car and seen my fiancé message that she was headed in to work. I also saw that I had a message from the guy. He sent a pic of his cock oiled up and said waiting for you. I got super horny. I messaged him back for his address and he sent it. 30 minutes away. But I wasn’t gonna go was I? Something the hormones the curiosity, something took hold and I gathered my resolve and started driving to his address you know just to drive by and see the house then leave. As I drove there with every minute passing my heart was quickening and pounding out of my chest. I could feel my pulse in my head. My cock wasn’t even hard but was leaking thinking about what might happen. As I pulled up to the house I wondered just leave. But I opened the car door and got up. Wtf was I doing? My heart was gonna explode now. Oh the anticipation this feeling of uncontrollable uncertainty was incredible. As I walked to the door it suddenly opened. There he was just like the picture a few inches taller than me about 6’1 and maybe 15 lbs heavier. He was fucking solid. And his eyes were sharp and no nonsense. He was completely in charge. We exchanged names and he commented that I seemed nervous. I was fucking overwhelmed. He asked if I would like a drink. I said yes and he led me to the couch and poured me and himself half a glass of whiskey a piece. It helped tremendously to calm me down.
Continued in part 2 because Reddit is dumb.

NSFW: yes

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