Another fun day of being a Mistress

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I had a session earlier this week with some of my slaves. I wanted to come up with something more elaborate. Usually, my femdom challenges are in real-time. I gather my slaves online, give them humiliating tasks that take 5-10 minutes each, and the person with the highest score wins. As simple as that. But today, I wondered that it was time for something special for my little flock.

The challenge took 24 hours. I ordered everyone to build a account on a dating app. A girl’s account. They can use faceapp for the pics. To make things fair, I allowed my subs to use any app that allowed them to change their location to any big city. Once the profiles were ready, they started hunting for the cock. The task is straightforward: you must get as many men to tell you they’d fuck you as feasible. Be slutty, provocative, ask them… Whatever will work. Whenever someone says they’d fuck them, they should take a screenshot.

This is a Mistress order- I don’t care if they’re straight, bi, like feminization or not. I want results. I think the screenshots will be fun to read. We’ll see tomorrow.

NSFW: yes

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