Another day in Tampa

Hello everyone.

What you are about to read is 100% true…this happened about five years ago at a little park off of Florida avenue near the old water tower on Hillsborough river.

I rode my bicycle out to the natural spring source on the westside of Florida Ave right by the river. I’ve been wanting to go and check it out recently. After a short jaunt from the Busch Blvd. area i arrived at around 6:45pm-ish on Wednesday.

The only people there are a workman type guy who is laying down on a bench up near the road. His truck door is open and the stereo is playing edie brickell in the background. Cool deal. Whatever. A couple of people finishing their beers and talking about fishing in the nearby polluted river.

After the people split, i walk over to the edge of the old stone walled pool where the two natural springs feed into it.

Im minding my own company when i notice a jeep cherokee pull up and park in one of the parking spots. I scope it for a brief second and can see a non descript woman with glasses, dark shoulder length hair and bangs get out.

Im looking in the pool of water at the fish that are swimming around when i hear the sound of dog feet trotting through the leaves and debris that are scattered around the park.

I hear a female latina voice, “Cici, Booo!”

She is calling the dog. Her male companion who i haven’t seen until now, but hear, is speaking to the workman on the bench in spanish.

Im still looking in the water.

I hear the females chipper voice directly behind me.

“And how are you today?” She asks.

“Really good. How about you?” I say back.

“Great!” She replies.

Immediately her male companion is directly across from me facing the water and smiling at me. Not creepy. Just smiling. I say something briefly just making small talk.

He sort of fumbles around with words like people do when they have no clue of what they are talking about but want to sound like they know exactly what they are talking about. While he is explaining his pseudo answer. His female companion has moved from behind him to next to him.

He ties the dog leashes up to an old iron pipe of some sort that is sticking out of the ground.

We begin talking about his dogs. He asks me if its cool with me if they smoke a little weed. I say sure no issue at all. He motions back if i would care to partake. I motion maybe a little and smile.

They walk around to where i am and commence to preparing the smoke. Im offered green and go with it. Its good weed. Fruity like citrus. The pipe goes back and forth several times. The man starts to throw a ball to the dogs and he winds up back on the other side of the pool again across from me. The woman moves halfway between us.

The man throws the tennis ball into the springs. The dogs dart to the edge but dont go in.

Ok. Pretty boring so far, right? Well this is where shit starts to get weird.

Im back kneeling…more like doing the slav squat by the edge of the pool. I notice the woman briefly turning around to adjust her top and tennis skirt.

She is the physical definition of the word  “thicc.”

She has a nice body, a nice tight round bubble ass in proportion to her waist..which is not too skinny, but she retains somewhat of an hourglass shape. Some people would say she is fat. I disagree. She is attractive no doubt. She is a bit homely in the face though. Just real basic. Straight shoulder length black hair pulled back in a ponytail, bangs to the eyes, and black rimmed unintentional hipster glasses. Her tits are big, about the size of small cantaloupes or perhaps large grapefruits. They are most definately soft titties. She has nice skin…it is very pale and milky white. For certain a latina from tampa. She stands in my view so i can see what she is doing. Im thinking she is trying to remove a wedgie perhaps or just adjusting herself. I dont know really. I look away to give her a moment of privacy. I cant help my eyes from darting back and forth though. I’m interested in her body for sure.

When she turns around she squats in the same position that I am in. She has a paddle shaped palm branch in her hand trying to paddle the dogs ball in the water toward her. That’s what i initially notice. She is leaning over the pool and stretching her arms to the point that the top of he nipples are a fraction of an inch from completely popping out…and then one does……and then the other.

She immediately throws the palm leaf paddle behind her and reaches down to give her soccer shorts a hard tug to the side.

Her pussy is fully exposed.

She is not wearing any underwear. Her dark inner pussy lips are very long and stuck together. They are meaty lips and hang down together about three inches. She licks the inside of her finger tips nonchalantly and gives her muff a very quick rubbing getting the outside of her pussy wet. Then she licks her fingers again tasting her own twat. She rubs her vagina a second time only this time she rubs a soaked finger between her labia separating the two so her fuckhole is now an exposed open silky wet slit. She strokes her pussy back and forth a few more times as if she is priming her pussy to loosen it up for a large throbbing dick to plunge into its warm depths. She then takes both hands and pulls on both sides of her labia. She pulls them hard stretching them double their original length. She does a momentary hip grind in a quick circular motion. Im thinking she is enjoying the exhibitionist show she is putting on for me. Her pussy is not bald but the hair is very short. Like it was shaved recently but has about five days worth of growth on it.

Im not gonna lie. Im in a state of shock. I look away acting like i didnt see what i just saw. I look away from the water to the womans male companion. He is smiling very wide and his eyes are darting between me and her. He is looking to see what she is doing and my reaction to it. I nod my head in an affirmative way.

I think that I am starting to get whats going on here.

This is what they do. This their kink or fetish. I look at the man again for any sort of malice or ill will….there is none. Just smiling horniness.

The woman reaches down with V fingers and nonchalantly pulls her pussy up and open wide exposing her rather large hard reddish pink clit. Her pussyhole puckers in and out several times quickly. It opens and closes as if blowing smoke rings. It’s yearningly sucking at a phantom cock. I look and make eye contact briefly with her and she smiles. She begins to lick her middle finger and use that hand to dab her open pussyhole. She is apparently already a bit turned on and wet. She slowly pulls her finger away with a sticky string of juice attaching her finger to her opening.

Her male companion looks around and then starts to walk toward her. They are smiling at each other communicating this way. His smile has disappeared to a grin as he is slowly looking around the park. He is scanning the area for others i assume. As he walks up next to her he begins to unzip his cargo shorts and reaches in. He pulls his semi flaccid cock out, strokes it several times, and feeds its rather large mushroom head to her. She sucks it hard, her cheeks become sucked in and tightened so he can fuck her face. He grabs her ponytail and begins to pump her face with mild aggression. His cock grows harder quickly. She is rubbing her clit furiously with one hand and fist pumping the mans cock when she is not cramming his dick in her mouth. She also puckers her lips and kisses the head where the penis mouth opening is, sucking any liquid that it is drooling out.

Im still just squatting down watching the x-rated show that is unfolding before me. Neither of these people are overly attractive by any means. Im guessing that they are in their mid thirties. Just basic everyday people that you would see shopping at the local grocery store.

He looks like he was really into physical fitness….maybe ten years, two wives, and five trips to rehab ago.

She looks around and reaches down to free her large titties from the sports bra/shirt hybrid she is wearing. She just reaches in, pulls her fat titties completely out, and caresses them both. She occasionally pinches her nipples playfully and letting out little exclamations of joy. I notice they are milky white with very pink nipples. Some of her saliva has run down onto the tops of her bosom. She uses the saliva to rub down to her nipples. It gives her tits a nice oily sheen to them.

The man has now pulled his cock away from her, apparently, very talented mouth. I can see a long dripping stream of saliva run down into the crevice between her two big titties. A glob of his sticky precum spurts right out onto her cheek near her lips. Her tongue darts out of the side of her mouth and licks the mans clear cum off with one fast sweep.

He is face pinched trying with all his might not to blow his entire load just yet. As she pushes her boobs together for a tight fit he probes the naturally oiled boob crevice with the head of his cock which now looks like an overgrown mushroom cap. His eyes are closed tight as he attempts to titty fuck her awkwardly. Im left wondering if he shot his main load down her titty canyon or not.

I have to say that what i am witnessing has me very aroused just by the shear nature of what is happening. Not by the people physically but by what i am seeing. The rawness of it all. I need to stand up and adjust my cock as it feels folded in half and growing. I am naturally  getting a lob on so to speak and the position im squatting in, is rather uncomfortable for my dong that is trying to fill with blood. I reach down and move my cock from the downward folded position to the left side. I feel like my dick is growing and needs some room. It gets it. As i am adjusting the woman sees what i am doing and asks if i would “like to get more comfortable?”

I told her i just needed to rearrange myself. She said in a pouty voice “i thought i would get to see what is in that big bulge in your shorts!”

I knew what she was getting at. I know what she wanted. The man, with the short pecker with the big cap, just smiled, put his hands up and shrugged. I guess she was the ultimate boss. The shot caller.

I’m down for this action! I squat back down looking around the park. I began to undo the buttons on my shorts. The woman let out a little squeal and said something in spanish to the man. I reach in my underwearless shorts and pulled out my dead weight cock with precum shining out of the blowhole. It was lobbed but filling up. I reached down into the spring water and put a handful of it on my dick and stroked it in the OK jelqing motion a few times encouraging it to fill to maximum capacity.

I looked around again to make sure that we were alone in the park. We were. I stood up and unbuttoned the top to my shorts. This allowed me to remove my shaved cock and balls completely. I reached down for more water to put on my hardening pole. It just looks wet and glistening. I was hoping that it was turning the thick assed woman on. Her gaze told me that she was loving what she was seeing.

I just sort of stood there like a dummy showing of my package. I have rarely done anything like this exhibition/voyeurism before in public. By now my cock was throbbing and its veins were starting to bulge more. I bounce and flexed my cock a few times to show off a bit. A little bit of precum flung out of my dickhole in a thin clear upward stream. It then hung off my cockheads hole slowly working its way to the ground below. At its longest point it was probably fifteen inches in dripping length before it finally broke free.

“Oh wow!” The slutty latina exclaimed.

The woman and man complemented me on my hard cocks spitting ability. They spoke back and forth in spanish quickly and inaudibly a few times. It did make me feel a little odd but the truth is we were three grown ass adults all exposed.

The man started rubbing his peckerhead on her cheek for her to start to suck on his cock again. She more than obliged with her mouth followed by the OK strokes she was giving his dong. However, she would look back at me to see what i was doing. She focused alot on my rock hard dick that I was slowly stroking. I decided to make her feel good about what she was doing and show a little more gratitude for the effort she has put forth.

I grabbed the base of my cock with V fingers also and pressed in. This at all times makes my cock grow bigger. Her eyes grew massive while the other guys dick was in her mouth. Just to push her over the edge a little, l loosely pumped my cock with a backwards grip while looking at her body. This made her let out a muffled sigh. It made her quicken the pace while blowing the other guy. He was back to pinching his face “ohh and ahhing.” She apparently sucks a mean dick.

I went and sat down on the bench just behind them to watch from a different angle. I was now about three feet from the action. I pumped my throbbing meat for her to get off on.

She looked sheepish.

“Are you ok with me touching it. You know, just with my hand?” She asked.

“Yeah. Sure.” I replied. I was more than fine with it.

“Good. I will give you a little hand here and there.” She said again.

She got in a little closer with the other guy. She was sucking on his dick now harder. Almost trying to get him to blow his load down her throat. And then she started to move her hand toward my cock which i was already pumping at. She put her had over mine as i slowly removed mine altogether. She was now lightly pumping my cock that was slowly dripping precum all over her hand. She noticed and was using it as natural lube. Inbetween this she would lick a little of my clear jizz of of her fingers.

“Mmm, you taste so good papi!” She said.

This complete stranger was giving me a hand-job and licking my cum off her hand by the purity springs in tampa. A complete stranger that was simultaneously getting mouth fucked by her husband. Yes. I could see their wedding rings now.

She stopped blowing him and was now pumping both of our cocks. Im not gonna tell you it wasnt great or only mediocre. This rather thick latina knew what the fuck she was doing. It felt fantastic. I had to think about dumb shit in order not to blow a large hot premature cum load. And by the way it was gonna be a massive one if and when and if it happened.

I should probably mention that I hadn’t busted a nut in almost 13 days. This bitch was just priming my cock for an explosion of white hot lava.

The man sat on the other end of the bench. Both of our dicks were at attention. Mine was throbbing in time with my heartrate now. The woman was now kneeling between us pumping our cocks. She would occasionally lick the head of his cock. She moved closer and closer to mine all the while gripping me lightly and letting her fingertips feel all the spongy veins. She was cooing. Her face couldn’t have been more than 5 inches from my cock. I wanted to shoot my cum all over her glasses and in her hair.

She blew a cool stream of air toward my hard cock.

She looked in my eyes and barely uttered the words, “Can I taste you?”

It was a risk that I often wondered about. What if?

You only live once as they say. She was only gonna suck my cock. Maybe just a few sucks at that.

I smiled and nodded an agreement toward her.

She smiled and slowly licked the longest wet tongue lick up my shaft. God it felt good. No lie. She did this quite a few times getting me used to the pleasant sensation. She finally licked my cock up to the tip of the head and then she engulfed my dick in her mouth. I flexed my kegel again and with that shot a large dose of precum into her mouth. I felt her mouth contract and she swallowed hard. She was and is a pro at this.

She worked the head a bit with a combo of mouth and hand. Then she was taking almost my entire length and girth in. I could feel my cocks head in her throat while she let out “hmmmms.” I was near her voice box. She was deep throating every damn inch of my meaty oaker.

By now the other guy…the husband was watching his wife suck my pulsating cock while he hand pumped his smallish pecker. She would occasionally suck the head of his dick and then quickly return to mine. Back and forth, back and forth. It should have felt weirder than it did. He looked like he was really enjoying it.

She was working my cock up and down, up and down. She occasionally stop stop give my dickhead a long slurp sucking out any precum that was pumping out at regular intervals.

She stood up asked if she could rub the head of my cock on her swollen clit. I agreed. Her hands were covered in my glistening clear precum.

She lifted one leg up on the park bench and leaned in to rub her clit on my dickhead. With her other hand she held her pussy open again and her clit was smooth and hard. Up close it looked like a small penis helmet. She was rubbing my wet dickhead on her drenched pussy using it to separate her large pussy lips. My cockhead was pushing her leaking pussy juice up toward her swollen clit. She did this for a few minutes alternating between that and then licking the little bit of pussy juice of of the tip of my throbbing cock. She backed up a little and deep throated my cock again sucking her own pussy juice of my dick for what seemed like many minutes.

I really felt like i was gonna explode now. She had sucked, pumped, and clit rubbed my cock into maximum ball pressure. My balls were actually hurting from pressure.

She got off from sucking my dick and started to rub the tip to her clit again. As she was rubbing she got weak in the knees and lost her footing. The head of my cock penetrated the opening ring of her raw tight pink fuckhole sort of a little too hard i wondered..

I felt that familar “pop!”

She quickly gained her footing and caught herself before being fully impaled by my concrete hard cock. She just hovered there with the head of my dick in her pussyholes entrance.

“Ohhhhhh myyyy gawwwddd papi!” She gasped. That initial minor penetration of my cockhead into her pussy was unintentional i could tell. We both felt that intial pop of my cocks head entering her lovehole. It was a tight fit. But she and i both froze in that position not knowing whether to take it further..or deeper.

I almost reacted by gently pushing her off of me. I didnt know if this is where things would get weird in a bad way. Like the husband would flip out because i entered his domain. He didnt. He was just smiling and watching while pulling on his pud furiously.

She paused for a moment looking at me like she didnt know what to do. I could feel my cock just barely in her entrance to her soft warm pussy. Nobody moved. Except my involuntarily jutting cock. I couldnt help it. It was involuntarily growing heavier and inching forward into her welcoming womb and spitting out what felt like a few pints of precum. Judging by her pussys to contractions, she could feel it. My dick was begging and attempting to violate the rest of her nicely textured love canal.

She was smiling and eased herself slowly onto my throbbing dong. I put my hands on her thick hips and guided her down onto my veiny rod. Her weight secured her pussys tight grip on my cock. She slowly began to pace steadily up and down on my shaft looking around the park to see if we had an audience beside her husband. We didnt.

Her husband was just watching and enjoying the show while spanking his dick back to life. He was probably happy not to have to perform for his insatiable wife. She seemed thrilled to be having my strange cock filling her up with my cum spitting meat.

As she paced variabley up and down on my penis. Her pussy became a frothy mixture of my precum and her pussy gruel. It even smelled like hot sex in the humid air. Sort of musty. I could see the white foamy mixture gathering at the base of my cock. I could even feel it slithereing its way down my balls when she would ride up toward the tip of my dong. Each time she would ride down it would push more cum out of her tight pussy. Then she would sit back down on it taking me fully in while my dickhead tried to enter her cervex. I was balls deep and she was grinding as if she wanted even more length and girth. I could feel her short pubic hair coarsely rubbing against my freshly shaved cock base.

It became way too wet after about five minutes of her riding my shaft like a piston. She dismounted me and ordered her husband to lick to cum combo off and out of her pussy from behind. But before that she OK ringed my stiff wood to remove more of the sex juice with her hand. She rubbed it on her gash of a pussy. He did as he was ordered and licked the combined cum off and out of her nasty snatch. Without missing a beat she popped right back on my hard cock like the dick riding champion she is.

As she rode me up and down i knew that i wasnt gonna last much longer. Her pussy gripped and distended. The inner ridges were gripping my love missle all over like a few hundred little tongues licking my meat stick all over. I could feel those long labia lips gripping my dick with each pump. I told her i was about to blow a thirteen day nut in her pussy. Her eyes grew massive like a great gift was about to come.

A man gets what i call “dick strength” when he is about to cum enormous. Its a weird kind of adrenaline strength. I wrapped my arms around her and told her to hold on tight while I picked her thick ass up all the while pumping like a shaft driven machine in her wanting open pussy. I spun her around and had her on the bottom on the parkbench. I ripped the thin silky material in the crotch of her soccer shorts essentially making them a very skimpy skirt now. She pulled the elastic waistband up toward her titties. Her pussy and ass were fully exposed now. She let out a little whimper when i did this and even said “Hell fuckin’yeah papi!” when i did it.

I was now in control of drilling into that pussy which was now raw, red, and leaking our combined liquids again. I pulled out and kneeled down to blow a cool stream of air onto her raw dogged twat. She must’ve read my mind and again pulled her pussy up and open. Her rather large clit was at full attention. It had to have measure 1.5 inches. I gave it a dirty little momentary tongue flicking and it bobbed around.

This sent her into overdrive!

Gripping the benches backrest, I reentered her fuckbox and pumped several long strokes in her. I could feel her clit touching the base of my cock and being dragged along the shaft as i moved in and out of her box.

I pumped her with furious long strokes bottoming out in her hot ribbed fuck canal. This sent me into jackhammer mode and she screamed out a cry of ecstasy. I pounded the dirty bitch hard and unrelentingly. She immediately put her hand over her mouth to not draw any attention to her just in case there was an unseen person somewhere.

In and out. In and out. Her pussy was getting that frothy white again. I was fucking her aggressively and without a care now. I didnt care if she was enjoying it but she clearly was. I had one main goal and that was to empty thirteen days of hot cum into her nasty big lipped box, and to do it in style. She said in spanish something that i didnt know.

I hope she was on some sort of birth control…but the wondered of breeding her in Purity Park (the irony!) while her husband watched made my cock throb and spit harder and harder. I would fuck the daylights out of her, leave her pregnant, and never see her again. Nice.

Her husband had his cock in her mouth again when she wasnt moaning and speaking in spanish….”Papi this, papi that!”

She was in heaven. She was getting my thick cock pounding its way home through her twat and she had her husbands cock in her mouth.

I couldn’t hold back any more.

As i was almost pulled all the way out of her latin snatch I began shooting a large gushing hot rope of hot cum. I wanted her to feel that hot cum paint the walls of her pussy. I could tell she was feeling it. I spurted hard several times in her hole. I started to flood her pussy with my cum. I could feel my hot seed slowly oozing out of her. I started stroking deliberately in time with each pulsating shot of jizm. I even pulled out at shot a load that was aimed at her stomach but hit her tits and chin which she licked off greedily. I wanted her to see the magnificent load i was blowing in and on her. I sank my death meat back in her open gaping pussy and shot even more cum in her. I kept pumping as she grabbed my ass to pull me deep into her hot hole. I kept tightly pumping though it.

“Jesus Christ!” They both exclaimed.

I felt the last streams of cum spurting its way deep into her pussy. I was still turned on as my cock was now dry heaving emptiness. I slowly withdrew my cock from her as she kept her pussy aimed upwards to keep as much of my hot cum in her hole.

My dick looked like a glazed donut when i finally withdrew it from her pussy. It was just covered in frothy white jizm and pussy juice. The thick assed latina pulled me close to her and once again engulfed my lobbing dick into her mouth. She licked me clean. Every single drop was eaten off of my cock. She was a nasty keeper i wondered. I wouldve like to have fucked her several more times but wasnt trying to push my luck.

Her husbands cock was hard enough to plunge into her cum flooded pussy. He pumped her pussy about twenty times before letting out an orgasmic cry and he too shot his long awaited load into her sperm depository of a pussy. When he was done adding his seed to her box he immediately squatted down by her pussy and to my surprise began to felch the mixed creampie out of her box. She put her hand on his head while he tongue fucked and slurped at her well used fuckhole. He seemed to genuinely enjoy eating his, hers, and my cum out of his wife. It was like a mini creampie gangbang… the park.

When he was done they almost embarrassingly made their way to their jeep, got in, and drove off. Incidentally the woman rolled down the window blew me a kiss and yelled “Gracias adios!”

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