another co walkers gf

So I worked at a business which was dominantly white, not that it mattered or bothered me. I was one of the few people of colour there, so I was at all times centre of discussion especially at parties and work dos. Everyone would bring their wives/gfs to parties so everyone sort of knew everyone.

I worked with this guy who was still training, so every few weeks he’d go off and then come back with all these stories about how much he partied and every now and then got laid. He had a gf whose dad had got him the job so he had to keep it hush around him, but around everyone else he used to flaunt it. His gf did suspect something was up as she asked few of us through snapchat and what not, but it was at all times like a backhanded opinion such as I bet all you guys do is shag around. We’d laugh and joke about it.

This one time while he was away at training I get a snap from his gf, I was at work and didn’t think much of it at first so I didn’t open it up right away. At lunch I checked and there were a few more messages. I opened them and they were apologies and not to make or say anything about the snap. It didn’t make sense until I opened the snap, which was a nude of her, legs wide open, freshly shaved pussy looking wet, with the caption which said shes missing you.. blood quickly rushed my to cock and I didn’t know what to say or do. I replayed the snap and took a screenshot. I sent her a message saying that looked too good for me not to keep, hope you don’t mind.. she replied later saying she’s soo embarrassed but doesn’t mind me keeping it aslong as I don’t show or tell anyone. I said my lips are sealed. Then I wondered let’s see how far this goes and said my cock would love to unseal your lips.. she replied with a shocked emoji and said its not fair that I’ve seen hers and she hasn’t seen mine. So I sent an old pic of my cock rock hard and veiny. Obviously it was a hot pic.. she saved the pic, and sent some heart eye emojis and said that looks soo big and loved the veins. She also loved that it was cut. Said she doesn’t like sucking uncut cock. I said well she could suck mine whenever she wants… she was like she would love to and couldn’t get over the big fat vein running down the shaft. I said imagine it throbbing inside your pussy… she sent a video of her teasing her pussy which was dropping wet. I said I would love to taste her and she replied this is your only chance. I said I was at work and would think about it after, she was like no, its no or never… she said if I get out of work then let her know and she’ll send the address. I phoned my manager and said I had an emergency, I had a leak or something at home to take care off. Manager was decent and said go, he’ll take care of work. I got in my car and sent her a snap of my semi hard cock and said cant wait to bury this in you. She sent a message with the address.

I got there and knocked on the door, she opened it in a silky robe, she had dressed up for me, she was wearing black fishnet stockings, lace underwear and garter belt. As soon as she opened the door I pushed in and launched myself at her pushing her against the wall, begin groping her all over, the door was still open but I didn’t care. I ripped her robe off and begin sucking on her tits and rubbing her pussy. She finally pushed me away and closed the door. She then dragged me into the living room and told me to sit on the sofa. She got on her knees and pulled out my cock. As soon as she saw it she was in love. She begin kissing it all over, licking the vein, then she begin sucking me off like she was possessed. I stood up and threw her onto the sofa. We 69d for a bit, I wanted to taste her pink juicy pussy. She was yummy. I was face fucking her and she was taking it like a champ. Then I slid 2 fingers into her and she lost it. I begin blasting her hard and she begin shaking uncontrollably. She begin orgasming and I didn’t stop, she carried on cumming, and must’ve been through her second one when I pulled her legs aside and rammed my cock balls deep into her. I must’ve hit the right spot as she begin screaming like a fiend, and must’ve orgasmed mid way through an orgasm. Her legs were twitching like she was having a seizure. I begin pounding her for all I was worth. I knew I wasn’t going to last long but I didn’t care and just continued hammering her. She came again and this sent me over, I begin filling her up with my seed. She had a shocked look on her face but she was cumming at the same time so she couldn’t say anything. I carried on going until my cock went limp and then I pulled out and my cum rushed out like a flood. Some on the sofa and some on the floor. When she recovered she goes I can not believe you came in me, and she’s not on birth control. I said that pussy was too good to pull out of. She begin laughing then got on her knees and cleaned the cum of my cock. We fucked twice more that day before I got off and went home. We continued fucking regularly. She even got pregnant with her bf. That didn’t stop her. And pregnant sex was even better with her. We stopped just after she had her second kid. Luckily none of the kids looked mix raced or that would’ve been an awkward conversation

NSFW: yes

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