Anonymous grindr fuck (FTM 22)

For context, I’m a trans guy. I’ve had top surgery, and I have a pussy.

I recently downloaded grindr for the first time ever and I am having so much fun with it.
This morning I was chatting with a guy who liked anon hookups… and I love getting fucked be strangers. So we organized something fun.

I showered, got myself ready and told him to message me when he was here. When he arrived, I unlocked the front door and went to my room where I got on all fours under the covers with only my pussy sticking out. I placed a condom on my ass so we could be safe and told him to come on up.

I then heard him coming up the stairs. He came through, locked the door and walked into my bedroom where I had the door wide open, pussy exposed to be used. I told him not to bother getting undressed, I wanted him to just use me.

He started touching me and I wiggled my ass in delight. He played with my pussy and spat on his fingers to make me even wetter for him. He teased me so much, sticking a single finger into my wet hole only to stretch me out, nothing else.

Then came his cock. He slapped it on my ass a few times before lining it up and sliding it deep in my slick wet cunt. He grabbed my hips and used me like a good little cocksleeve and I moaned like such a little slut.

He spanked me a few times and told me how tight I was, and what a good boy I was. He then grabbed me hard and shoved his cock deep in my guts where he twitched and came. We both groaned and stayed still till he had finished.

After that, he pulled out, spanked me one more time, cleaned up and left. When I heard the door lock, I tried to run out to catch a look at his face through the window, but he was gone. He even took the condom with him.

I’m still so horny now though, it’s been hours x

NSFW: yes

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