Anniversary Trip part 8b [33m/32f/22m/22f] – Short Sex Story

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She got up and got on all fours with that perfect ass in the air. “Take it slow Steve, it’s been years since I’ve had a cock in my ass”

I got behind her and Sally handed me some lube. As wet as her ass was slick with cum and the precum on my dick, I was sure I could slide into her without it. I played safe and covered my shaft and her hole. I leaned forward and pushed my head against her rosebud. She reach back and grabbed Jack and pulled him to her.

“Watch him slide into my tight ass” she said

I pushed a little and my head slipped into her ass. She let out a groan. “Deeper” she whispered.

Jack looked like he’d exploded from jealousy.

I pushed in about half my length and she groaned again. She started slow little circles with her hips. Her ass bulged and gripped me with her movements.

Jacks hand dropped to his cock again and Sally saw and moved to his side. “Can I suck his dick rita?”

“As long as he keeps watching my ass get fucked, give me your whole dick!”

I pushed in and jack moaned as Sally took him into her mouth at the same time.

Rita continued her small movements with my whole cock in her. “Her ass is sooo tight!” I said.

“Umm… that’s it tell him what he’s missing” rita said.

I pulled out until my head reached the end and pushed my whole length back in her. “God her ass is gripping me tighter than anything I’ve had”

Rita moaned as I continued to slowly fuck her with long thrust.

Jack stared and groaned at Sally’s sucking.

Sally took him out of her mouth and whispered into Rita’s ear. “You’re not even until you have both their cocks in you”

Rita moaned, “I couldn’t take both their cocks, they’re too big”

“Yes you can baby, you’ve haven’t lived until you are completely stuffed.” Sally said.

Rita whispered, “okay”

Jack instantly climbed on the bed and laid on his back. Rita and I moved to the left and she straddled him without ever taking my cock out.

“You ready to get fucked like we fucked her babe?” Jack asked Rita

“You better give it to me harder and better” she demanded

I felt her guide his cock to her slick cum filled pussy. She lowered herself onto his cock and I felt the extreme pressure of our cocks filling her tiny body.

“Oh my god! I’ve never felt anything like this!” Rita moaned

Jack started thrusting and I matched him.

I saw Sally stand in front of Rita’s face and said, “I’m not going to be the only one not cumming, I haven’t stopped thinking about how good you eat pussy

I saw Sally tense as Rita started working her tongue inside her.

Jack said, “fuck that’s hot” he had a prefect view of my wife’s ass and pussy as Rita licked her

He started pounding harder and I struggled to keep up.

My cock was swelling and so was his. “Fuck yes! I’m cumming” Rita’s body tensed but we kept pounding. She rode her orgasm for a minute until we both unloaded in her. Sally was cumming grinding her pussy against Rita’s face.

Sally collapsed on the bed and Rita fell against jacks chest.

I slowly pulled out of her. Her pussy was still stretched by jacks gigantic cock. My cum started to leak from her ass down his balls.

He pulled out and a gallon of cum flowed out of her.

Rita caught her breath and said, “now we’re even.” She sat up and put both her hands around his neck and squeezed tight.

She said, “if you ever cheat on me again, I’ll fuck all your friends at once, have them all cum in me and come home and feed you 10 loads of cum out of my pussy. Understand?”

His face was bright red and he nodded yes.

She let go and he gasped for air. She rolled off the bed and said, “get dressed, we’re going home”

Jack followed her like a dog and did just that.

Sally pulled on her dress but handed me her thong. “Here’s something to remember me by and a thank you for giving me the best fucking of my life”

She walked over to Sally and kissed her. “You’re lucky, I could have killed you I was so angry, never touch him again”

Sally nodded and said, “I wouldn’t have if I had known, We’re leaving in the morning, his magnificent cock is all yours”

Rita turned and walked out with jack.

Sally and I were alone again.

“Well that was unexpected…” Sally laughed

“You happy with your anniversary present my love?” I asked joking

“That was worth all your bullshit over the last 10 years” she joked

“I just can’t wait for what type of fucking you’re going to give me on our 15 year trip!” She laughed

“I don’t think this can be topped” I joked

“It can and I want it to be, you have 5 years to plan it” she kissed me and I welcomed the taste of Rita’s pussy on her lips.

I laid beside her and we fell asleep on our last night in Italy.

NSFW: yes

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