Anniversary part 1 – Short Sex Story

We arrive at the hotel right at check-in time. It’s so rare that we ever get to go anywhere just you and I, even just for one night. You start to look up restaurants in the area for dinner, while I hop into the shower and begin getting ready for what awaits when we return this evening.
It took a little while to discover a place to agree on for dinner, but we managed to discover a place we haven’t been before. I of course got my glass of red wine as per usual and you a blue moon. We split our favorite appetizers of calamari and of course we had to try the wings. For dinner I decided on clam strips and you tried the veal parmesan. Everything was so delicious!
When we get back to the room I decide to begin filling up our jacuzzi tub. I slip out of my slightly revealing sexy black dress, underneath which I was wearing my red and black lacy bra and matching lacy thong. While waiting for the tub to fill I pour myself another glass of wine, and then slip out of what little clothes remained as you watch me from the bed across the room. I slowly climb into the tub. You can see how hot the water is by the steam rising on the mirrors surrounding it.
You begin to slowly get undressed as well while the tub finishes filling and I turn on the jets. You join my in the soothing bath while the jets blast an relax our bodies. It doesn’t take long for my somewhat tipsy self to make a move. Just when I go to change positions so I can reach up to kiss you, a blast from the jet caught em off guard and made me freeze. It feels so intensely good and I don’t want to move away. I lean up slightly until our lips meet each other. My tongue parts you lips and begins to tangle with yours as we kiss passionately. You can tell how aroused I am by how I am kissing you but you don’t yet know what the jet is doing to me.
Your hands begin to caress every inch of my body, gliding slowly against my skin just how I like it. You have such a way with your hands that makes my mind spin. After a few moments your hand finds it’s way to my slit being pleasured by the force of water erupting from the jet. “Ahh I see what you’re doing here” you say in a quirky tone and smirk. Just then your fingers start to circle my clit and it’s just enough to send me over the edge into a rippling orgasm. Just when the first wave ends, another rush of pleasure begins.
Finally after three ensuing climaxes I can’t take much more. I decide to climb out of the tub and dry off. I can tell from your smile and your rock hard cock that you enjoyed that almost as much as I had. You go and dry off as well and put on a pair of boxers. I go and get dressed into my next surprise for you and finish my glass of wine. The night is still early and I’m not even close to done with you yet.

NSFW: yes

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