And with that my face once again disappeared into that wispy bush [M21] [F22] – Short Sex Story

I didn’t party much in school. My idea of a hot Friday night was dorm-made spicy mac and cheese, a study guide and some lesbian porn.

But whenever I couldn’t concentrate, it was because of Nicole. We studied together for years, and I wanted her so bad … I just didn’t know how to tell her. Ahhh, life as a shy guy.

I never made a move on her. She never made a move on me. Looking back, I have no clue why that is, but when I went away to school I realized how sad

Nicole was exactly 5-foot-2, with light brown curly hair and a smile that would disarm anyone. She wore skirts that showed off her perfect legs. She was a goddess. And I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

One side effect of an over-abundance of lesbian porn is that constant craving to eat pussy. Except in my case, there was an interesting twist. I had never done it. All I knew was what I had seen so far, and while I know now porn isn’t real life, it was all I had as a guide back then. Rather than hoping for the chance to practice, I decided to “learn” everything I could so I could someday go down on Nicole.

The movies I liked were tame. Nothing weird. Even toys and fingers were a bit much. I quickly realized that if it’s feasible to bring a woman to orgasm using only my tongue that that would be the best way to prolong the experience. So I memorized techniques and positions. I tried to figure out when to tease. It was clear early on that flicking a tongue hard and repeatedly on her clit was good, but that variety was a must.

When I went home for my first school break, I called Nicole. She was enrolled in a travel college because she wanted to work in some capacity for an airline. She wanted to hear about my experiences and I wanted to hear about hers.

As she exited her car, all my feeling came rushing back. A few months away made me realize that I really cared for Nicole. She hugged me. A few minutes into the conversation, she asked if I had met anyone.

“You mean a girl? I replied.

“Of course I mean a girl, silly.”

“No. Too busy studying. You?”


But then I decided it was now or never to bring my feelings to light.

“But I will admit I thought a lot about you.”

“Really? Hmmm. I thought about you too.”

“Really? Hmmm.

And then like you see in the movies, we both jumped at each other in a hard kiss. It was so worth waiting for. She was gorgeous. Her perfume was intoxicating. And her tongue was oh so soft.

I took her by the hand and led her into my house. We went upstairs to the bedroom where we spent so much time studying. And we collapsed in each other’s arms in my bed.

Clothes started flying off. I saw her breasts for the first time. Everything was happening so fast. We climbed on each other. Our lips trailed along each other’s arms and neck and stomach.

That’s when my lips ended up enticingly close to what was between her thighs, now covered with the most gorgeous red lace panties.

“Oh that’s interesting, she purred.” Would you ever consider using your tongue down there?”

That question in her voice is burned into my memory. Honestly, it still gets me off.

I replied “consider it? I can’t stop thinking about it.”

She replied, seemingly stunned but oh so pleased, “Reallllllllllly. Now that’s interesting.”

That’s where my Friday night lesbian porn fests took over my brain. I’ve seen the movies where the hottest oral begins with her pussy still covered in satin and lace. I instantly knew what to do. I knew how to breathe on it. I knew how to kiss over top of the material. I knew how to touch it. I just knew.

And based on her reaction, she knew I knew. It’s when she started rubbing her pussy over my lips that I knew it was time for the panties to go. I pulled them down over her perfect thighs and flung them on the floor. And that’s when I saw it for the first time. That beautiful pussy. Meaty, pink and with just the right amount of wispy light brown hair at the top.

From there, it all seemed like destiny … until several minutes in when she said “what are we doing? We’re friends. I have to leave, don’t I? I mean we have to at all times be friends!

I lifted my head for the first time in about 10 minutes, my chin drenched with her sweet juices. I whispered in my naughtiest voice:

“Nicole … my friend … you’re not leaving until you cum in my mouth.”

Her smile said it all.

And with that, my face once again disappeared into that wispy bush. And inexperienced as I may have been, I was determined to be true to my word. I tried to recall all the tips I had picked up in watching lesbian porn — how to be fast on her clit but only for so long because it’s so sensitive. How to kiss the folds just so. How to lick up and down with slow loving strokes as the droplets of sweet nectar began to collect on her lips. At this point, I wanted to think I was enjoying as much as she was, as this was still my first oral sex experience. And while I was preparing myself to be told later that I did an ok job, her reaction indicated I was better than ok.

Her moans became longer.

Her breathing became more intense

Her thighs were moving with each swipe of my tongue

“If you keep that up I’m … I’m …”

And as tempted as I was to lift my face again and whisper “you’re … you’re …” I of course knew. And I knew from those movies that the orgasms that got me to shoot my load and hit my forehead were the ones where the woman exploded in her partner’s mouth.

Since I hate to break promises, I was ready to experience that explosion for myself.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. As she yelled “Jesus, I’m going to cum! Holy shit I’m going to … I’m cummmmm …” she clamped her thighs around my face so hard. Her soft thighs were like vice grips and I knew that meant I was doing it well. Creamy juices shot into my mouth and covered my face. It tasted like heaven, even though I really didn’t know what heaven tasted like. All I knew was that nothing could taste better or feel better running down the back of my throat.

When her thighs began to open up and release their sexy grip on my head, I was able to see what I did. There was a puddle of goo in the bed, a puddle which I licked up in delight. I put the juices on my tongue and rose up to deposit them on her tongue in a very sensual kiss.

I whispered “I hope that was ok.”

She whispered … in the midst of still catching her breath … ok? That was … that was …

I smiled.

She smiled.

And then she said … tell me the truth. I won’t be mad. You’ve done that before, haven’t you? You had to. No one can possibly do that in his first attempt.

I looked her in the eye and I said “Not only do I swear that was my first time eating pussy, but I’m pretty sure you have the most beautiful body in the entire world.”

She said … you’re sweet.

And then I said, you are the sweetest.

And she replied … in her throaty sexy voice. “Now. Your turn.”

My turn. Mmm my turn.

NSFW: yes

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