And They Were Roommates [FF short sweet and kinda silly]

I was brushing crumbs of lunch off my oversized night shirt into the trash when I heard the front door open and close with more force than needed. Checking the time on the microwave, I noticed it was four hours early for either of my roommates to be home from work, but the grumbled ranting told me who it was.

“Hey. I’m in the kitchen.” I called out, “what’s up?”

She entered with rage painted across her face, unzipping her jacket and tossing it back out of the kitchen. “They gave Liam manager!” She nearly shouted.

“Oh no.” I said and leaned against the counter. Not insincerely, but I found a specific beauty in her anger and methods her eyes flashed.

“Seven years on the job, five as assistant manager, and fucking Liam gets promoted. Liam!”

“Not Liam!” In all honesty, I couldn’t quite remember who Liam was. She’d been my best friend for years and moved into this house when I did, but didn’t talk about her job often, other than how she hated it, and the joint I smoked earlier was not aiding clarity.

“That really sucks.” I offered.

“Well I quit that shithole. See how well that store operates without the person that’s been making it run. If they’re advancement scheme is pandering the patriarchy then fuck ’em all.”

“Maybe you should’ve tried that?” I said, trying to add humor.

She glared at me. “Very funny. Almost as funny as me already having a day full of shit while you’re still in pajamas at two in the afternoon.”

“What? I’m off today.”

“Great excuse to act like a fucking child.”

“Don’t be a bitch.” I said defensively and straightened my stance. “I can do whatever I want. I get you had a bad day, but you don’t get to take it out on me. You’re killing my vibe and I’m just trying to help you feel better. And you are absolutely not gonna charge around telling me how to dress. You’re not… my… mommy.” The last word ended in a hard swallow. During my rant, she had stalked across the small kitchen to stand directly before me. Still with smoldering eyes and a clenched jaw,

Even in my ready-to-kick-an-ass-or-two stance, I had to tilt my head back to look her in the face. I suddenly felt a familiar queasiness as my cheeks started to heat up. I snapped my head to the side and tried my damndest to sound aggressive again when I said, “What?”

I could feel her breath on my cheek when she leaned down. “Make me.”

If there had been anything other than a tongue in my mouth, I’d have asphyxiated with how sharply I inhaled. “W-what?” I stammered.

She straightened and my peripherals saw her place hands on her hips. “Make. Me.”

She said each word separately. “Want me to stop taking it out on you, then do something.”

I managed to meet her face again but knew that summoning a tough expression was beyond me. “I don’t know what you mean. I can’t—”

“So you want me to take it out on you.”

“No, I—”

“Want me to make it up to you?” She said with more heat than rage, then I felt her fingers brush my wrist.

My brain blinked off and rendered my only response capabilities to a few short squeaks. I could feel my entire face begin to burn. As my mind flickered back on, I desperately searched for words. After another hard swallow, the best I could manage was, “what do you mean?”

Of course I knew what she meant, but what? Was it the weed? That’s it, I’m hallucinating all this. I’d been keeping a secret crush on her since high college, but a well kept secret, and she had never shown an interest in me. Had she?

My hallucination leaned in again and I pulled back as if her touch would be the end of me.

Legs pressed against the counter, however, there was nowhere to go but to lean backward.

She placed her hands on the countertop on either side of me. “You know what I mean.”

“I think I do. I think. Why?”

She stared into me. Her face was relaxed but her eyes had given up none of their fire. “Because I like you and I know you like me, too. Don’t even, it’s obvious. And because you do make me feel better and I was being a bitch and I’m sorry.” She finished, softly, and swept a hand behind my back to pull me into her kiss.

I was frozen for eternity in her embrace. Watching my mind crackle behind my eyes in slow-motion fireworks. Then she sucked my lip between her teeth and I felt the tip of her tongue slide over it. I sighed and deeply returned the kiss, my hands reaching up to her hips and pulling me into her. When my own tongue played at her lips I felt her smile against my mouth.

“I’m glad you didn’t try to deny it.” She said in a low tone then planted another kiss on me.

Pulling back for a breath, I added, “Shut up, you don’t know me.”

“Actually,” She gave me a quick kiss. “I do.” Another kiss. “And I’m about to know you even better.” She pulled her head back and the mischief on her face threatened to set mine aflame. In a fluid motion, she slipped her knee between my legs while pushing me back against the counter, then drove her knee up into my body. I whimpered.

“Don’t you sound pretty.” She cooed. “Bet you can do better than that, though.” As her mouth closed on mine again, her hands swept from my waist to the bottom edge of my shirt. An instant later I felt her finger tips on my skin. Upwards they moved, along my thighs, teasingly close. When she passed my hips she paused and broke the kiss.

“No underwear.” She said.

My stoned brain was struggling and all I managed was, “Yeah?”

Her fingers raced upward and took two handfuls of flesh. “You’re not wearing anything under that!” She teased.

“I’m off today.” I said, blushing madly.

“Oh, you’re getting off today alright!”

“God, that was so lame.”

I cried out as she took my nipples and pinched them savagely. She gave a satisfied giggle, “Knew it.” Some fingers started to pinch again while the others began to roll their sensitive nub between thumb and pointer. She leaned her mouth to my ear. “Let’s find out what other noises you make.” Then a hot mouth latched onto my neck and a low moan took the air from my lungs.

“Nicely done.” She whispered. Her hands returned to a cupping position where she began to gently knead my flesh. Little colored spots danced in my vision. My vision that she was quickly disappearing from.

“Why…” I tilted my head to follow her as she knelt between my legs.

“Gotta play a wind instrument with your mouth.” She said, smiling, and pulled the bottom of my shirt over her head.

I whimpered and pulled my shirt up from her head. She nipped at the tender skin of my inner thigh and I yelped.

“Put it back.” She said. I whimpered again but did as directed.

The first touch was a hand just above the back of my knee, then another on my opposite hip. She eased my legs aside just slightly and I felt her mouth kiss the middle of my inner thigh. She kissed again a little higher, then higher still. The sensation of her breath across my wetness made me shudder and I heard a soft giggle.

“Shut up!” I protested.

She giggled again. “Oh? Gonna make me, right?”

Through my shirt, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face into me. Her moan sent vibrations through my clit and an instant later her tongue went to work. Slow, firm licks, each one ending in a targeted flick. My body jerked to her rhythm, until she changed the pace to rapid tongue flicks. She began to gently suck and stars whited out my vision. My body started to shake as a wordless cry poured from my mouth like my juices down her face.

I wondered my legs were giving out, but then I felt her shift my leg onto her shoulder. “Nope. I’m not done with you.”

Still catching my breath, “Fuck.” I mumbled.

“Yes.” She said, and closed her mouth on my other lips. Sucking here, biting there, probing with her tongue as if she were making out with me.

Bliss had dulled me to the realization that her hand was creeping up my thigh. Her mouth aggressively targeted my clit again at the same time she sank a pair of fingers into me. My hips spasmed and I whimpered a moan. Her fingertips curved and she started to massage, maintaining a quick pace with her tongue. Another wave was quickly building and this tsunami might sweep me away. Worth it. I grabbed her head again as my whimpers became a scream. She started pounding me with her fingers and sucking at my clit. I shook so violently that the only reason I stayed upright was her.

I was still trembling when she eased me down to the floor. Instantly aware of my puddle, my face reddened anew.

“You’re cleaning that up,” She said, standing and wiping her smiling face with a hand towel. “I already worked today.”

NSFW: yes

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