and he was a committed pastor: part 2 – Short Sex Story

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it wasn’t long until he bit my nipples & kissed my breasts while simultaneously sucking them. the pleasure too much to handle. i covered my mouth to prevent my moan from slipping out, fearing the rest will wake up hearing it. i kiss his forehead & eyelids while he looks at me with his mouth still on my nipples. i whisper to him, “can you go a little harder?”
he chuckles & says, “let’s go outside” as he slowly gets up & signals me to follow suit.

we head out to the porch & he checks if there are any cctv cameras fixes which to our relief wasn’t. he unlocks his car & signs me to come in. i cautiously slide myself on the backseat of his car while he’s seated on the driver’s seat. i let my hair bury my face completely as everything we had done begin to hit me. he breaks the awkward silence as he looks at me & says he was coming to the back seat too which he does. he sits next to me & asks what we need to do next. i just stare at him blankly, my mind refusing to process anything. that’s when he cups his hand on my face, his lips brushing against mine. i kiss him back fiercely to which he comments that i was a ‘violent’ kisser. i can feel our tongues gliding together as his hands slowly slides underneath my tshirt and bra, squeezing my breasts. i break away from the kiss to stare at him and to ask him what we were doing to which he replies, “smooching & other things”. i go in for an eskimo kiss as i slide underneath his T-shirt playing with his nipples. he lets out a laugh & reveals that he feels ticklish there.

we go in for a french kiss again & asks me if i’d like to make his car dance as he reaches out for my pants. he slowly removes them leaving me with my black lace panties. he slides his hands underneath my panties & caresses my clit, i let out a moan which he silences with a kiss. my hands make their way to his pants & i feel them: as hard as stone.

we slowly let go of each other & he asks me if i was a strong- hearted person. i sort of sensed what what was coming but i still asked him to spit it out because i wanted him to confirm it himself rather than hearing from grapevine to which he reveals that he was already seeing someone for the past 6 years & that everything between us shouldn’t have happened in the first place. i let out a heavy sigh, my brain unable to process everything we had done so far. i rest my head on his chest feeling defeated & hug him. he hugs me back as i feel his arms enveloping me completely. i break free of the hug to look at him as our eyes meet and we kiss each other fiercely again, this time even harder. my face cupped in his hands……….

to be continued.

NSFW: yes

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