Anal Training Log – Day 2

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I [34f] have been wanting to train my ass for years.
I’ve finally committed to the process and am documenting my journey.

I woke up and started slow, with my tiny princess plug. Even though the plug is so small, the weight makes my ass feel full.
After getting ready for the day I grabbed my newest toy, an inflatable plug, and very gently slid it inside me.
Resisting the urge to inflate the plug, I quickly thrust my lush into my dripping pussy. And turned on a low vibration pattern.
I squeezed the hand pump cautiously and felt the plug grow inside me. Two more quick squeezes and my ass felt so full. Walking to the other room was…pleasurable.
One more squeeze.
I sat on the couch, the released the pressure. I repeated the process a few more times. Squeeze, squeeze, release, squeeze, squeeze release.
I turned up the intensity on my lush, and inflated the plug as much as I could stand, contracting my pelvic floor until I came, the unrelenting vibe still pounding hard against my g spot.

After I regained my composure, I turned on a low vibration pattern giving my body a chance to have a delicious come down. I pulled the lush out of my pussy and then realized how much room the plug was taking up in my ass.
I released the pressure and immediately came again.

After pulling the inflatable plug out of my ass, I got the medium dialator, lowered myself onto it and slowly started fucking my ass. I love the feeling of when it goes in, the tip pushing against my tight asshole until it yields.
My ass hungrily and easily took the training tool- something that was a challenge yesterday.
It was sliding in and out of my ass so easily, I had to use my thong to help keep it in place.

I kept it in for a while as I worked. Then gave my good little ass a break for a while.

This evening, my ass was wanting more, I fucked my unicorn horn a few minutes, almost coming just from fucking my own ass.
Yesterday, I grabbed a plug that has a 1.75” diameter, (5.5” circumference) at its widest point. I was determined to conquer it. I just had to get the widest point in my ass.
After teasing my ass with the plug for a few minutes, I started trying to ride it, feeling my ass stretch almost to the limit, I gasped a couple of times.
In one fell swoop I pushed the toy passed my tight asshole.
This is officially the largest object I’ve ever had in my ass and it feels amazing.
I reward my body with my waiting lush. The vibe training my pussy to soak when my ass is played with, and training my ass to relax when holding an object.
That brings us to now. I’m stealthily double penetrated, on the couch, watching Jennifer’s Body.

I wonder how much more of the unicorn horn I can take tomorrow?

NSFW: yes