An Unsolicited Pixie Intervention Ch. 03 [M23/F22][Femdom][Huge cock][cock growth][humour]


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The rev limiter red lined as I came screaming sideways around the corner.
I threw it up a gear to stabilise then dumped it back and punched it. My foot stomping the accelerator hard and rocketing me down main street.
They were on my tail and I had to lose them!

I’m fucking with you.
I don’t know the first thing about drifting. I drive a Toyota Camry older than I am and the only thing I was trying to lose, by living out an obscure fast and furious fantasy, was the very recent memory of my sexy mum fucking her own throat on my almost foot long cock.

Don’t think I’m bragging about my size either. It’s necessary to mention because when I went to bed last night, I was packing my regular, every day 6 incher when hard.

See I live interstate. Have done for 4 years.
As soon as I turned 18 I started looking for houses and jobs away from my shitty home town.
I even made the move before a job came up. Risky I know but I had a lot in savings and was really thrifty with my money. I ended up going from as many as 3 to as few as .5 part time jobs at once just making ends meet.
It was rough and I missed rent more than once but I never considered going back to my home town.
A few months ago I finally landed a full time job on an amazing contract doing work I love.
Turns out all the hard work pays off eventually.

I’ve visited home several times over the years, Christmas, big birthdays like my mum’s 40th last year. And I’m here right now for my little sisters 18th in 2 days.
She lives out of home at the moment too, in a girls dorm. Our mum hated the idea seeing as the dorm was still in the same city but little sis “needed to feel like an adult”.

I’d come back to town a few days earlier to surprise her and help mum set up the party.
I got in late, gave mum a kiss and hug, had some small talk then went right to bed without unpacking. Only bothering to strip off and throw on just some PJ bottoms.

Then the weirdest fucking thing in my entire life happened very early that next morning in the form of being fully paralysed in my sleep, other than sight and sound, and getting my urethra assaulted by a Pixie. Who THEN used whatever she inserted into it to make my cock almost double in size!

Yep, you read all that right.
And to cap it all off, that same little Pixie bitch cast some sort of spell on my ***, transforming her into some kinda big titty bimbo and making her obsessed with my cock and the activity of draining my balls.
Then she paralysed me AGAIN so I couldn’t stop my ****** from achieving her goal!

Oh yeah the balls blew up in size too.
I went from a hard 6″ with regular sized balls to 11″ hard and balls like hen eggs.

And that leads us to here.
With me driving towards town at 6am trying to think of a blowjob better than the ********* one I just received in an attempt to divert my own arousal.
And coming up fucking blank.

“I need a shower. I felt gross inside and out.”

“Bullshit you feel gross you loved it you pervert.”
I’d have passed that off as my internal monologue had it not been in the gorgeous tone of a beautiful young woman.

I looked to my side and did a dramatic double take trying not to veer off the road.

Now I’m not normally violent. And if I were, women certainly wouldn’t be the target.
But there’s a certain quantity of bullshit one can handle before primal instincts lash out.
Plus I rationalised internally that this thing wasn’t even a human let alone a woman.
Shit last I saw she was shorter than my cock and now here she was, head unable to reach the headrest on the passenger seat but more human sized anyway!

Thus, my arm lashed out toward her head.
Intent on grabbing it by the straight, shoulder length platinum hair and introducing it to the passenger side dashboard in as abrupt a manner as efficient.

For the second time that morning I reached out for a woman and grabbed thin air.
(Go read chapter 2 if you don’t get that one.)

“Goodness me I know these things are practically indestructible but do you really need to wait so long between services?”
She’d folded over, narrowly avoiding my hand to open the glovebox, taken out the service manual and was flipping through it.

I angrily shared my attention between her and the road before grabbing out again to, once again, clench a fist full of thin air.

She was leaning back in the chair with a pair of aviator sunglasses that I keep in the glove box perched on her tiny nose.
They looked both huge and stupid on her.

“Polarised. Swanky. Ooh what’s this do?”
Leaning to the side and showing the back of her head to me she pulled the recline lever and her seat collapsed back just as my hand reached where the back or her head was.

“For fucks sake would you stay still and let me hurt you already?!?”

The seat had reclined enough for her small form to lay sideways on it, propping her head up in her hand. Her underside leg straight and her upper one bent at knee and hip to show off the curve of her little bubble butt in her shorts.

“Ooooh daddy, you promise?”
She cooed before spanking her arse with the service manual.
Predictably by this point, some glitter poofed out from this action.
Which made me even more angry cause anyone who grew up with a kid sister can tell you that glitter is bloody impossible to get out of anything. Especially fabric car seats.

“Seriously? This is what we’re doing is it? What the fuck are you even?! Last I saw you, you were shorter than my dick and now you’re 5 foot tall and shitting glitter all over my car seat like a unicorn with IBS!”
I slammed my fist down in a hammer grip and this time made contact!

Unfortunately the second I touched her, her entire body turned into those shiny metallic coloured, plastic cut out words that your one obnoxious friend at all times pours into Christmas and Birthday cards.
The outline of her body rained down onto the passenger seat and my fist slammed against the cushion making tiny little words explode all over the front of my car.

As I cursed and swerved all over the road I caught a glimpse of the word “Fuck You” in radiant metallic pink drifting majestically through the air.


“Four foot six. And I prefer to think of it as ‘Adding some sparkle to your day'”
Came her sing-song voice from right next to my face.

She stood in the space between the two front seats, leaning on an arm that was casually draped over the shoulder of my seat.
My sunglasses still over her eyes.

“You know what, screw this.”
I swerved hard and pulled into a parking spot slamming on the breaks causing her to yelp, rock forward, then tumble backwards onto the backseat.
I could spy right up the leg hole of her stupidly tiny pale denim cutoffs.
It’ll shock you to know the front portion g-string underneath was rainbow coloured. As was the thread stitching together the cut offs pockets and such.
She had on a faded black, baggy ‘care bears’ Tshirt and when she landed, I looked in the rearview mirror and could see right up the shirt at those bare, perky B cup tits.

“Get out of my car!”

“Awww, now? When we’re just getting to know each othe-”

I had turned around and was glaring at her as she sat cross legged on the back seat, an elbow on one knee and her chin in the palm on that hand.

“Mmmmmm. Nnnaaaah. Nah thats a big old nope-a-reno”

I sat there boiling over with anger before I suddenly had a moment of clarity.

“Fine. Suit yourself.”
I reached into the passenger footwell and extracted my bag from under a pile of glitter, quickly stepped out of the car and slammed the doors, locking them shut from the outside with the key.

She went to use the door, yanked on it a few times then lifted the sunglasses and glared at me before starting to pound on the window and shout.

“Eat me!”
I shouted in reply to the muffle screams before slinging my bag over my shoulder and storming down main street.

The good thing about running as your activity of choice is you don’t really need much equipment to get it done so you can catch a workout practically anywhere at any time.
The bad thing is nipple chafing. But that’s irrelevant.
The other bad things are rain, cold weather and not yet having enough saved up for a treadmill.
So to combat that, I’ve got a gym membership to a big 24/7 access chain that has gyms all over the country. I signed up here before I moved interstate so luckily, I knew exactly where to go to grab a shower.

I swiped my keypass on the thing and the doors slid open for me.
As I stepped inside I started rummaging through my bag making sure I had my toiletries when I heard a melodic, lovely little voice from the counter.

“Well heya! Fancy seeing you here this early.”

I squeezed my keys so hard they left an indent in my palms.
Latching onto my toiletries bag I raised it high in the air and wound up to throw it full tilt at her obnoxious, pretty little head.

“Will you just fuck off and leave me ALONnoooooh shit…”

The utterly shocked face of a female employee stared back at me like a deer in headlights.
She went wide eyed and took a step back as her eyes darted from mine to the toiletries bag. I stepped forward, lowering the bag I was brandishing like a spear.

“I am SO sorry!”

She stepped back again as I moved forward and banged into the filing cabinet behind her.

I stepped back, shoving the toiletries bag away.

“I shouldn’t have, I thought you were… It’s been a VERY bad morning, I’m sorry I passed that onto you. I hope your day gets better.”
I quickly turned away and power walked to the toilets.

Places like this weren’t normally staffed this early.
I assumed she was a Personal Trainer waiting for a client.
Places like this also didn’t have locker rooms. Instead they just had several gendered toilets and a couple of unisex shower stalls.
I ducked into the first shower stall I came to, cranked the hot water to let it warm up, stripped naked and slumped on the bench against the wall, resting my head in my hands, the heels of my palms pressing into my eyes.

As the water roared away in the background my mind flashed back to early this morning.
Having the two balls and the mini dildo being forced into my urethra followed by an entire Pixie arm.
The aching stretch in my groin.
Watching my own dick slowly expanding while that same hot little Pixie stood next to it in awe.
The panic laced with erotic elation when I saw it reach higher than her head!
And then receiving the most amazing blowjob of my life from my own mother.
Right after watching her body transform before me into a big breasted, thick lipped slut.

Predictably my hand had made its way between my legs as I reflected on my morning and I was only a little surprised to discover I was rock hard.

I hadn’t had a chance to handle my own enhanced equipment since the pixie conducted her evil antics.
If you don’t count slapping it rather firmly that is.

Shit was it thick!
I stroked the massive cock slowly in awe of it. Taking my other hand and placing it under the first, some shaft and the uncut tip uncovered still.

I stood, turned sideways and looked in the mirror as I slowly stroked my new huge cock.
“Maybe that Pixie wasn’t such a bitch after all? Wait, am I looking more jacked too?”
I let my eyes roam over my body. Not that I spend a lot of time checking myself out but my shirt and pants did feel uncomfortable on the drive here. I had chalked it up to frustration and the bigger junk.
I would have looked longer but I just kept getting drawn back to the sight of the third leg jutting from my crotch.

My thoughts drifted back to the Pixies hard little body, to my mum’s warm mouth and her tight throat as she forced me balls deep into her face.
My stroking got faster and more frantic. My scrotum started to tighten and my breathing got short and sharp.
If I had my faculties while I came I would likely have noticed a very familiar feeling as my orgasm hit. A telltale stretching, like my skin was gonna burst, and the sensation of my fingers being slightly spread aside.

I’d just pumped down firmly with both hands, my breath getting caught in my throat, my orgasm exploding from my groin and spreading through my body. My balls rising as the first long rope of many, of warm thick cum shot out from my cock.
And landed on the polo shirt of the utterly shocked woman from the front counter who was standing in the shower room doorway, keys in one hand, the other held in front of her in a lame attempt to stop the next 4 thick ropes of cum.

I cannot imagine my own face was any less shocked than hers. But at least her gasps were quieter than my own unashamed shouts of pleasure.

That is until she slammed the door shut with her foot and bore down on me.

“You’ve GOT to be fucking KIDDING ME!”
She shouted as she shoved me back hard forcing me against the cold glass of the shower screen.

“I’m sorry!”
I said in a panicked tone, staring down at the 5ft6, pigtailed, cum soaked bundle of 22yr old fury.

My cock, still hard because it’s a fucking traitor like that, was wedged between us and poking her under her C cup breasts.
If she was aware of it she seemed too angry to care.

“First my early client bails on me at the last minute, some ARSEHOLE comes storming in here and abuses me, the vending machines out of coffee, some new girl tells me a showers broken and THEN when I step in to FIX it, that same ARSEHOLE from BEFORE BLOWS HIS FUCKING LOAD ON ME!”
She prodded me in the middle of the chest with each aggressively spoken word for added emphasis.

She stood there, controlling her breathing despite her rage as she stared up at me.
The shower still roaring behind us.

I was about to say something when I felt an aching stretch in my cock and it started to twitch and bounce between us. Slapping against my abdomen and her own.

“I…I’m sor-”

“Oh my god are you KIDDING?! Is that thing seriously still going?!”
She stepped back and looked down as my cock fell from between us, bobbing and bouncing as it jutted obscenely out from my groin at a right angle.
The fact that her eyebrows rose very high and her eyes veritably bulged were not at all lost on me.

I smirked a little. This felt good, having women shocked at my size. I can see why they call being hyper confident ‘cocky’.
I decided to try my luck.

“Uhhh, like what you se-”

“Shut the fuck up.”
She said this with zero anger. Just reaching out, pushing a splayed palm against my chest and shoving me surprisingly firmly against the shower door.
Never once looking away from my cock.

My own eyes went wide this time.
Looking at the arm against me I noticed for the first time that she was surprisingly muscular. Prominent veins stood out on her smooth forearm.

She reached into a side pouch in her gym tights and pulled out a rolled up tape measure.
I followed her actions and, yep, her legs were pretty jacked too. She had some great shape and a nice round arsein those tights.

Wait, a measuring tape?

Dropping to her haunches she flicked out the tape with a flourish, staring down my hard cock and balls. One hand cupped under the base of my shaft in a light stroke before she took the end of the tape and pressed it against the root of my cock and slid the tape up the side to the very tip.

Slowly she straightened her legs, keeping her bend at the hips as she let out a gasp, checked and rechecked the number.

“Holy fucking shit that’s not possible, thirteen goddamn inches!”
I heard her mumbling.

No… she’s joking! I looked down but there it was, plain as day! 13”
I’d actually grown BIGGER!

Her hand splayed and pressed against my groin, rolling her fingers across my skin as if she was trying to discover a seam or something.

“It’s not fake. It’s actually real! This has gotta be the biggest dick on the whole damn planet!”

“Sound’s like you want to be friends with it.”
I tried again.
Lame, I know but c’mon, I got dick fisted by a Pixie and blown by my mum this morning, you could excuse me for thinking I’d dropped into porn logic land.

No sooner had I opened my stupid mouth than her fist hit me in the chest and shoved me back against the glass with a loud thud.
This time there was anger.

“WHAT did I say about shutting the fuck up?”
Her fist turned into a finger and she stabbed me in the sternum hard enough to leave a bruise.
She had straightened up and was arms length away facing me, her other hand reaching down and stroking at my erection.

“Listen up you big dicked prick, I’m having a shitty morning. YOU made it worse, so now your big friend here is going to make it better while you keep that stupid mouth shut or so help me, I’m going to make you wish you never got out of bed to turn up here and ruin my day.”

“Hey just wait a damn second this isn’t all on me! You said your client ruined your morniiIIIIAAAHHHH! FUCKFUCKFUCK!”
You wouldn’t believe the grip on this girl even if I told you. But if the vice clamp she was demonstrating on my right testicle was anything to go by, I’d imagine she’s likely not got a single unopenable jar in her house.

My knees knocked together, my head dropped down to her height as I hunched and I gasped and pleaded for her to stop.
She eased the pressure and casually raised her non ball buster hand and palmed my face to press it away from her.


Letting go of my right nut, she firmly gripped the root of my shaft and started taking long strokes of my cock.
I let my head rest on the glass of the shower door and panted away the ache, then just silently let her make up for the torture.
With a grip bordering on painful, she gave it one long final stroke and milked out a enormous dollop of precum.
Letting go of my cock she deftly slipped her thumb into the waistband of her tights, performed a little hip shimmying and soon had them bunched up around the base of her arse, making the muscular bubble butt look even more round and large.

Holy crap those tights actually made it look smaller!

She then gripped the base of my erection again, smeared my precum all over as much of it as she could, then rubbed the remainder off on my abdomen and thighs.
I’m a towel with a dick to this woman.

Then with zero ceremony, she turned, bent over the sink at the hips and arched her back.
She made aggressive eye contact with me through the mirror above the sink.

“Well? What the fuck are you waiting for, instructions? You do know how to fuck dont you?”


The glare! Oh lord the glare!
And why, may I quickly ask the traitor attached to my groin, did THAT make you throb and bounce?!

I step forward, one hand on her super firm, round right arse cheek, and my other hand guiding my ludicrously big 13” cock towards her pussy.
I pressed the thick tip against her folds and gently stroked it up and down a little bit. She raised on tip toes and I had to bend my knees a bit.
6ft to 5ft6 still needs adjusting even when you’ve got a 13” of downward angle for adjustment.
I milked a little more precum out and kept sliding up and down her pussy lips.

“Oh for shits sake just get on with it alreaddDDDDEEEEEEAAHHHH!”

Fuck this bitch.
That was my wondered, not just my express intention. She wants to be mean, fine I can be mean back.
As she started to rant at me I aimed true, flexed my arse and buried a good 7”s of extra thick cock into her waiting pussy making one of her legs raise and a hand reach out to grab the tap.
I kept a hand on the exposed portion of my erection. I hadn’t wielded anything this long before and I wasn’t wanting to figure out if it would bend in the middle if you pumped too hard into someone so I was taking the cautious route for now.

I pulled back till just the tip was in then slammed home again eliciting another gasp. I repeated this several times over till my balled fist was slapping into her plump arse cheeks.
My fist remained in place as support for my efficient vulnerable length.
It also seemed to be about the sweet spot of what she could take and it was a good buffer to prevent any internal damage.

What? She was being a bitch sure but there’s no reason to give her friggin stitches.

By that point she seemed to have either gotten over the initial shock, or her genitals had adapted as she was now gripping the sink and crying out in pleasure, her hips rocking back to sync with my own thrusting rhythm.

“Fuuuck yes that it! Get that big fucking donkey dick in there yes!”

She kept pushing back so hard I was forced to step back a little.
Soon she had her arms bent, her hands around the side of the sink and was full pulling herself towards it and shoving herself back onto my cock over and over.
I kept pace and in no time the clapping of arse on hand was getting quite frantic.

I decided to test her a little at one point and kicked my pinky finger out on a back stroke, sliding my hand down to expose more of my shaft before slamming back home and her knees buckled a little as she dragged herself away quickly and held there for a second.

“Jesus what was that?!”
She looked at me in the mirror as I slowly settled back into a gentle pumping rhythm, her staying still while I worked away.

“Fine you’re allowed to talk, now what was that?!”

“I moved my hand away a little”

“You… wait I’m not taking all of it?”

“Seriously? It’s 13 bloody inches! Did you THINK you were taking all of it?! I have my fist around the base.”

She just stared at me in silence for a little before reaching around and shoving me so hard I landed on the bench across the room.
Angrily she yanked her tights down and stepped out of them. Her muscular legs exposed but her upper body still in the form fitting, gym branded polo shirt.

“Show me how you held it. Now. Come on, I don’t have all day!”

I sat there with my legs splayed, my balls, each now past a regular sized hen egg and around a jumbo egg size, sat low between them almost touching the bench. My erection stood tall to the ceiling, the majority of its length slick with her wetness.
I reached for the base and gripped it with my hand. She snatched the tape up off the floor and ran it down my length to the first knuckle.

“Nine inches?! Seriously? I wasn’t even in double digits yet?”

“Well, I mean…”
I kicked my pinky out like I was about to have a sip from a very fancy tea cup and adjusted my hand down.
She re-measured.

“Ten. Ten inches and I almost cum. That’s it? Fuck me.”

“Wait, you almost came?”

“Shut up. Spread your legs.”
I shut and spread. I wasn’t about to have an argument with this woman.
One, I was getting more terrified the longer I knew her and two, she was fucking me. So what’s there to argue about really?
“And hands off it this time! Just hold onto the bench. You’re gunna need it.”

With her legs together she aimed her gorgeously round bubble butt at me and slowly lowered herself towards my cock.
Given its new 13” size she didn’t really have far to go.
Gently she guided the tip back in with a little moan and with a satisfied sigh she slowly sank down onto my erection.

Bending forward with her hands on my knees, she bobbed a few times to get it slick and then started taking deliberate and long strokes of her pussy on my cock.
Each down stroke she slowed till she reached her limit then pushed a little before rising back up, doing a little half length stroke and bringing it back down again.
She kept this up for several minutes and I’m not gunna lie, my knuckles went white with the effort to fight back my orgasm.
I had to look away, the sight on top of the sensation was just too amazing!

Her arse was so round and hard and the way it ate up my cock as she lowered herself down, good gods.
She was soon making some interesting grunting and gasping sounds as she got more of me into her.
Sometime along the journey I started feeling an oddly different pressure on the tip of my cock and I gasped with her as we hit that barrier.
But after a while, as with all efforts that exceed ones limits, she soon got frustrated and resorted to brute force.

The strokes stopped being one and a half, the control on the way down was lost and soon she was making my knees ache with her grip as she lifted and slammed her arse up and down against me over and again. Each drop pummeling almost a full foot of my cock into her soaked pussy.
She was making desperate grunting and whimpering sounds.
A hand suddenly left one of my knees and I felt her nails rake against my shaft as she started to rapidly tease her clit.
She kept up her pace but her breathing got super short and rapid and with one final rise she slammed down as hard as she could while wiggling her arse against my lap.
I could feel the walls of her flutter and grip against my length, her fingers still a blur on her clit. Her back arched and her body thudded against mine. My hands flew up to hold her firm upper body against me as she shook and her feet lifted from the ground.
After a short strangled silence she let out a loud orgasmic scream.

I felt it again. That stretching sensation. An expanding, like my cock was getting too big for my skin. I actually saw her rise a little from my lap despite her whole weight being on me and she let out a slightly different scream, her grip on my knee getting even stronger if efficient.

I let out a shout of my own and with strength I didn’t know I had I shoved herbbodily from my lap, getting her airborne till she caught herself on shaky legs and staggered, then sprawled to the floor facing me.
I dropped back against the bench, both hands stroking my angry looking, blood flushed cock. Huge balls rising again. I could feel a bulging in my urethra like a bolus was coming out.
A brief glimmer of hope blossomed that I was ejecting whatever the Pixie shoved into me, but as I came, I knew that it was simply due to the load being almost beyond the capacity of my cock to handle.

I counted about 8, long, SUPER thick ropes of cum flying from my cock, arching majestically through the air and coming down like rain made of white snakes onto the poor girls face and work top.

This time however she actually smiled as it rained down! Even having her mouth wide open and tongue out to catch some of it as it fell.
Once I’d stroked out the last few dollops and felt them roll down my hand I slumped and caught my breath, watching the oddly arousing scene of my towering cock gently deflating and drooping over my thigh.
I looked past it to see the girl smiling wickedly and doing the same.

“Ummm, I’m sorry about the work top.”

“Eh, don’t be, I got another in the back in case I sweat through this one. Thanks for not cumming in me, I’m not on the pill and my boyfriend probably wouldn’t stick around if I got knocked up.”
She stood up, moving a little slowly like she was on day two after an intense leg training session.

“Oh! Uh, ok then. Wouldn’t want that would we? Look, do you mind if I?”
I gestured at the shower with my head.

“No, no sure go for it. I’ll just be out front, next client should be in soon. How far did I get by the way?”

I looked at her quizically then noticed she nodded down towards my limp cock.

“Oh! Well it probably felt like you took it all because your arse was in my lap but lets be honest thats a HELL of an arse. It takes up some space. You were like, an inch or two short?”
She looked me up and down with a wry smile as she pulled her tights back on.

“Hmmm, alright if you say so. Just make sure you leave your number at the counter before you leave though, I’m not gunna be beaten by that thing.”
I just watched in shocked silence as she casually exited the shower stall covered in my cum, giving me a wink as she left.

I shook off my surprise and got on with my shower. It was well hot by this point and it felt good to finally get clean.
Drying myself off in front of the mirror, my suspicions about my body were VERY much confirmed.
I can see why she gave me the eye before she left. I’ve at all times stayed lean thanks to the running and I still was but there was a LOT more muscle on my frame now.
I had to rummage through my bag to discover some clothes that didn’t look painted on!

I swung by the scales as I left and sure enough, my former sub 80kg body was now pushing closer to under 90kg.

The girl was at the counter greeting her client as I was leaving, she nonchalantly slid me a pen and some paper while she chatted to them.
Before I left, she smiled at me and said,

“Thanks for stopping by for a workout this morning! I’m very glad that rainbow girl told me about the shower issue you were having. Un-drained pipes can be such a problem so you let me know if that ever pops up for you here again and I’ll happily clear it out.”

She waved as the two of them walked into the weights area.

I stood in silence, trying my best to fight the combination of rage, shock and nausea.

That settled it.
I needed food, some new clothes, a Pixie tracker and a magic shotgun.

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