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I started dating Allie the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore years in school. She had an athletic create with a nice ass, smaller breasts, brown hair, and a nice dark tan. Her most endearing quality was her love of giving head, and she was incredible at it! Before we started dating, she was hooking up with my best friend’s cousin who nicknamed her “The head-mechanic,” because of how happily and frequently she gave head.

If you’ve read my other stories, you know I’m typically into conservative, religious types, which match my upbringing in the Midwest. Allie wasn’t quite that way. She was much more sexually expressive and not as reserved, but most of her friends were good Catholic girls. In a way she was the wild child of her group of friends.

Despite gonna different colleges across the country from each other, me in a Midwest engineering college and her in an east cost liberal arts school, we managed to make the long distance thing work for most of our Sophomore year. We were both home for the winter, and that’s when this story takes place.

Our colleges had a later begin to the winter semester, and with the extra time off in January, we decided to head down to Cincinnati to visit a couple of friends of ours who attended a small Catholic college. Due to the rules of the university dormitories, I wasn’t allowed to stay with her and her friend, so the plan was for me to stay with my buddy and her with her friend Mary.

Since our hosts ran with different groups of friends, we split up for the begin of the night. My buddy took me to a house party where I was introduced to beer pong (they called it Beirut). After quite a few games, I was pretty well off, and I got a call from Allie. Ends up she’s at a house with her friend and wanting me to meet up. I left my friend and headed over to Allie’s party. When I got there, Allie immediately took me to the bathroom. Unfortunately, instead of hooking up, I spent the next 15 minutes or so holding Allie’s hair back as she threw up all the liquor they’d been serving her. When she was better, I grabbed Mary and walked them back to their dorm.

It was early enough in the night that I could head in with them without drawing attention. Mary was a short and attractive girl, very conservative from my interactions with her. Her roommate wasn’t expected home that night, so she didn’t have an problem with me staying over. The room was setup with a bunk bed and futon on one side and two desks lining the wall on the other side. The room shared a full bathroom with the neighboring room. Mary got ready for bed first, then Allie, then me. As I finished in the bathroom , the lights were off in the room, and I noticed Mary sleeping in the bottom bunk already and Allie waiting for me on the futon.

As a sat down, Allie immediately jumped on me, and we started making out. She took off my shirt and started kissing me down my chest heading for her favorite spot between my legs. As she was starting to take my pants off, I then realized we weren’t the only ones awake in the room. Mary, who slept such that her pillow was right next to the futon, had rolled over to the side of her bed and was peaking over at us. She did it discreetly, but I saw her eyes wide open and watching Allie between my legs. I had never had an audience for a hookup, and the wondered of giving her a good show immediately popped in my mind.

I pulled Allie up from kneeling between my legs and had her sit on my lap facing her friend. She didn’t seem to notice Mary staring at her, so she let me take her top off, then her pants and panties. Bathed in the moonlight coming from across the room, Allie’s body looked amazing! Now fully naked and a few feet from her watchful friend, I begin playing with Allie’s pussy. Fingering her and making out with her, I glanced over a few times to make sure Mary was still watching our show (she was, intently!). As I got her off, I made sure to spread Allie’s legs nice and wide, giving her friend a nice view of it all. After Allie came, I stood up and Allie sat naked on the edge of the futon. She took off my pants and pulled out my cock. As she took me into her mouth, I glanced over at our audience. Through the moonlight coming in through the window, I could see Mary was still watching her friend giving me head, and I noticed some movement underneath the sheets…she was definitely touching herself, naughty girl! I made sure to pull back Allie’s hair so her friend could see her incredible skills. Watching Allie suck my cock and seeing cute little Mary straining to keep her in view among the little rustling of her sheets was one of the hottest sex highlights of my life. Oddly I lasted longer than usual, but Allie didn’t mind. I eventually came and she swallowed, kissing the tip of my dick as she pulled away, Allie’s little way of saying thank you 🙂 We quietly put our clothes back on, and I noticed Mary had turned over and was on her way to likely fantasize about what she just watched in her sleep.

On the drive home from Cincinnati, I felt a little guilty about having Allie hook up with her friend watching. I decided to bring it up and let her know about it, but before I could apologize, Allie said “I know, it was fun having her watch”.

NSFW: yes

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