An Orgasm Century – We Don’t Like Cricket, We Love It [MF]

My husband loves cricket and, like many Aussie women I like it too but he LOVES it.

With the recent World Test Championship and the current Ashes series being played in England he’s been watching a lot of late night cricket and I do mean A LOT!

This has put something of a damper on our favourite ball sport, the one where his get drained and I’m happy.

That’s not to say there has been no action in the bedroom by reason of the cricket just a whole lot less than I’d like (and I suspect he’d like too).

Anyway, there was a rain delay or something recently and he came to bed early so I pounced on the opportunity to get me a portion of what I’d been missing out on.

After we’d finished and I was laying on his shoulder blissed out and dreamily dozing off having cum several times (and told him so) he started to chuckle to himself.

I asked him what was so funny to which he replied “*I wonder how long it would take to get to a 100 orgasms. I mean for you to get to 100 orgasms. Kind of an orgasm century.*”

He seemed very pleased with his musing and I was tired and dreamy and just said something like “*…the things that go through your head…*” or something like that and promptly fell asleep.

Anyway, I remembered his little musing a couple of days later and we had a joke and a laugh about the idea and I told him that the idea had awakened my competitive spirit and I was eager to figure out if he was. Dumb challenge I know. Like he was ever not gonna be eager to figure out.

Anyway, about 10 days ago I woke him up by wrapping my lips around his morning wood and telling him that I was going out to bat and was gonna see how long it was gonna take us to rack up a century and that he’d better get his mind in the game. His mind was definitely in the game.

The challenge, if you can call it that, turned into a sort of mutual free use situation (except when we the kids or their boyfriends were around for obvious reasons).

So, it took us 8 days of play for me to rack up a century. We didn’t count his orgasms (I wonder what an appropriate milestone score for a guy is though – any suggestions? I’m thinking of comparing them to wickets and maybe a hattrick (3 in a session) or 5 in an innings (5 in a day) or ten in a match (ten over a weekend) might be a big deal on that basis anyway I’d like to know what everyone thinks so leave a opinion.)

I also figured that Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem applies to counting orgasms in that it is impossible to properly count just how many you’ve had while you’re having them but unless we get an umpire or a scorer in to keep score we’ll have to be satisfied with a close approximation based on my own recollections.

I’m a lucky girl in that I cum relatively easily from PIV and once I get on a roll those babies just keep coming (pun intended – baby reference not so much).

Anyway, that’s it. 100 orgasms (minimum. Likely to be between 100 and 110) in 8 days.

Happy to answer any questions and am keen to know your take on the male equivalent or anything else.

Ciao for now.

NSFW: yes

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