An office story that I never forget (40sF)


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This happened before I met and married my husband, maybe this was my dirty phase which I haven’t had too many crazy ones but memorable ones. Back than I would have to travel to meetings before CoVID (that changed things). I was on the East Coast and we had our 1st meeting and sometimes I meet new people at the business but usually the same people are there. This meeting there was a 50’s man that I never met but we have emailed before.

When he was introduced to me I knew his name from the emails and we made eye contact, there was a click as he was handsome, fit, tall a little salt and pepper in his hair and groomed beard. This meeting/conference was a 3 day event so the 1st day went quiet, we were just making alot of eye contact and talking about work but it was hot, intriguing kind of weird but felt good. The 2nd day he sat next to and that day I wore a form fitting dress, the length of the dress was above my knees so when I would sit down it would rise a little bit onto my thighs. Of course heels and underneath a lace thong and matching beige bra. It was almost lunch break for this day and he asked me if I wanted to skip the lunch given and go somewhere before having to be back in the conference room. I said sure let’s go, we went to a restaurant across from the office in that city and he ordered us some drinks, to loosen the atmosphere. I was nervous and my heart was racing, I don’t know why we were just having lunch but probably because I was attracted to him. We were just talking and another drink came (we had 1hr lunch) I am a light weight at times especially on an empty stomach so I was feeling a bit happy. He put his hand on my thigh and I swear it was such an electrifying touch I knew I got wet instantly. It was good conversation as he knew how to carry himself.

Unfortunately it was time to head back and we made our journey back to the office. On the walk back he said he loved how I was dressed and that I look very sexy. I was blushing and admitted to him that he was very attractive. We got to the main door and he opened it for me and brushed my ass and I looked back and he had such a big smile on his face.

I don’t think I even paid attention to that afternoon session of modules and slides. As I kept thinking g of this man, he touched my leg under the conference table being very discrete and professional, we had a 15 min break later in the day and we stayed in the conference room as everyone left to stretch and get some fresh air. He got a little braver and spun my chair to face him, and he put his hands on both my knees and spread them slightly, he was caressing my thighs going higher and higher omg I wanted to jump on him, keeping eye contact with me he said he was so turned on by me and he knew I felt the same. He rubbed over my panty, but than people started coming back. He texted me to be continued later i hope. The day ended and we both were at the same hotel so we got an Uber together and he was again stroking my legs and hips over my dress. We got to the hotel and went up to my floor and walked to my room.

We entered my room and he was very determined on what he wanted. He took me to the couch and bent me over the couch making my ass be in the air . Lifted that dress over my hips and exposed my latina ass in that thong, all I could hear is damn!!! And he began eating my pussy and ass from the back.. finally after devouring my pussy and ass he stood up and in the same position got undressed and he slapped my ass a few times and said he cannot withstand. He slid his cock in (I haven’t seen it yet as he had me bent over) but it felt so thick and I moaned and he began to drive his cock deep into me slapping my ass harder.

He finally stopped and stood me up lifted the dress over my body and told me to take that bra off. I did as he said he went to the bed and said come here and you know what to do. I walked to the bed and got on top of him and began riding his cock so hard going up and down .. it wa so intense I cummed on his cock but dam this guy had stamina he stopped me and got up laid me down with my head over the bed and began fucking my mouth.. that was the 1st time that ever happened to me he was plowing my mouth and he started to make noises and he said to me are you ready.. he fucked my mouth hard and seconds later he was exploding from my face to my chest covering in his hot cum.. that was the most intense sexual encounter I ever had.

NSFW: yes

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