An evening at the library m(29) f(26) part 3.

Finally! 1 week has passed since last time I met Kate at the library. This past week has been hell! When I came home last Friday I made up my mind, I would not have am orgasm till next Friday. I have been edging multiple times, but I have been a good boy and stopped each time right before going over the edge and it have driven me crazy!

I went to the library earlier in the evening than last time. I opened the door and went straight toward the erotica, found a really good one and laid it in the exact spot that Kate had put the book last time and I waited behind a shelve, waiting for her to come.

After a while, the door opened and in she came. This time was wearing a green sundress, her titts were jumping with each step she took. She noticed the book I had laid out, bent down and picked it up, while she let her titts almost fall out. Kate looked at the cover, her eyes opened wide and she immediately bitter her lip and ran off.

I could hear the chair creek as she pulled it out from the table and sat down. Last time I read her book it took about 20-30 minutes before it got really steamy so that was how long I would wait before making my entry! I peaked around she shelves and I could see her getting to the good part. Her face had gotten red and I gould faintly hear her breathing getting heavier.

I walked over, making sure she wouldn’t notice and placed my hand on her shoulder, lowering my face and whispered in her ear “my turn!”. Her body shoock a little and I could see the goosebumps formed on her neck. Her breathing got instantly louder and she nodded quietly.

I pulled out a chair and went under the table and crawled so my face were the exact hight as her pussy. Her green dress were hanging over her knees covering everything. Gently I let my fingers slide up and down her legs, feeling her soft skin and kissed them softly. My fingers went up her legs and I could feel that she enjoyed it. Her inside thigh was soft and smooth. I pulled her legs a bit appart, lifted her skirt up and kissed her inner thigh working my way deeper and closer to her pussy. I could smell her pussy and it got stronger each time I gave her a kiss. I opened my eye and I could see that she wasn’t wearing any pants. The juices ran down her slit and formed a little pool on the chair.

I put my hands behind her ass and pulled her towards the edge on the chair, giving me easier access to her pussy. She moaned and spread her legs farther aside. I placed my face right in front of her pussy, and felt her smell, so strong that it got harder than ever before. My tongue shot out, licked her pussy up and down, making sure do drink all the juices that came pouring out. I could hear page after page being flipped over and her breathing getting heavier and heavier. I pushed two off my finger inside, making the “come here” motion while I sucked her clit.

I couldn’t believe how wet and creamy she had gotten. It ran down and over her asshole and dripped down on the floor. Kate’s moaned slipped her mouth more often and her hips moved more, she tapped the table and instantly I knew what this meant, she was close! I used my fingers a bitt harder and gave my tongue a real workout. Her thighs came crashing, making sure it won’t escape and she started screaming as her entire body shook, goosebumps forming down both her legs and she squirted. Her hands came crashing down and she pulled my face harder into her pussy and held tight. I opened my mouth and made sure not one drop would go to waste.

It felt like minutes passed before she let my head go, as I pulled my mouth off her wet pussy I could see the strings of groom hanging between her pussy and my mouth. I made sure to clean her properly with my tongue before I crawled out of the table. I looked at her face, redder than a tomato and sweat poured down her face. Her pantinf was insane and she looked she was in extacy. Her eyes looked at me and she grinned the hornyest and most satisfied face I have ever seen in my life.

I lowered my face and whispered “I hope you enjoyed it!” I smiled at her and kissed her cheek before I walked away. I turned around and pointed underneath the table. She picked up a pair of boxers that I used today and smelled it. Kate looked at me and threw me a kiss before I let the door close behind me.

NSFW: yes

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