An evening at the library m(29) f(26) part 2.

The days went on like usual and the memory of the evening at the library lingered in my head. Every time I wondered about what happened I would get a raging boner and making my underwear stained with precum. Who was this woman that made my mind go crazy, why hasn’t she been at the library since that evening? I might never know, but every time I’m at the library I would sit down at the same table, waiting for her to come walking in the door.

Friday arrived and I got bored at home, my friends had other plans so I went back to the library. The evening was warm so I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Thank God I didn’t put on more clothes, the air-conditioner had malfunctioned and it was like a sauna in there. I could feel the warm air inside and it was almost unbearable. On the floor lied a lonely book, I picked it up and saw it was another erotica. “Why not?” I said to myself as I walked to my usual spot and sat down.

This one was amazing, I got hornyer as time passed on and with no one other than myself at the library I took the opportunity to let my hand slide down my shorts and slowly started to stroke my hard dick as I kept reading. “You found the book I see”. I suddenly jumped in my seat, covering my boner as I looked up. There she was, the woman from last time.

She introduced herself as Kate and gave me a grin as she looked at my shorts. “You like the book I laid out to you?” She asked. “Laid out?” I replied. She told me that she had been here a couple of times, wanting to meet me again but she never did until tonight. Kate let her hands rest on my shoulders and whispered in my ear “keep reading, but don’t touch yourself”. I did as she said and my dick twitched in my shorts and it was like hell. Suddenly kissed my neck and her lips were soft like heaven.

She grinned at me when I looked up at her, she enjoyed seeing my despair as I kept reading. “Good boy” She said as her hands slid down my chest. She looked at my tigh and bit her lip looking like a hungry animal desperate for food. She looked around, got on her knees and crawled underneath the table. She let her hand slide over by dick, starting to stroke it slowly as I kept reading.

This continued a couple of minutes and my breath got heavier. A big stain of precum had formed on my shorts as she kept stroking it softly. Suddenly the door slammed and in came an older woman. “Shhh” was the only sound that came from Kate. I got nervous, would we get caught?

I acted like everything was typical, reading my book when Kate pulled my dick out and placed her lips around my dick and started sucking. I moaned, but the old woman didn’t hear it. Kate let her tongue slide up and down my shaft, liking every drop of precum that came out of my dick. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to erupt. I knocked on the table, letting g her know that I was close.

I heard her giggle under the table and she said “give it to me”. This made me so horny and she let her hand play with ny balls and the other jerked me harder hand faster. I knocked again and she shoved my entire dick down her throat as I came ropes after ropes. I could hear her choke on my dick and she swallowed it all. Out of breath and feeling the orgasm lingering in my body I was in heaven! I looked down and I saw her looking up at me, grinning with those gorgeous eyes.

Kate crawled out from the table, kissed me on the cheek and said “have a good night”. She looked back at me as she walked away and winked as she lifted her skirt, showing that she didn’t have any underwear on and closed the door after her. I looked under the table as I was about to leave and there it was, a red thong lying on the floor. I picked it up and it was soaked in her juices and put it in my pocket as a souvenir and went home.

NSFW: yes

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