an encounter with Red (part 2)

She cut her own scream short with her hand realising how loud she was. We both panicked and I hiked up my pants as fast as I could, I helped grab her soaked pants while she put her top on without her bra and we fled the scene like bandits in the night. We called an uber and our luck continued to turn bad as our driver had leather seats, so the whole trip back to red’s flat was filled with the smell of sex and her residual squirt leaking out her pants and pooling around her ass. Our faces were red like tomatoes as we got out of the car as quietly as we could, I tipped and gave the driver 5 stars for his troubles.

I sat in her kitchen awkwardly while she showered, it was a nice flat that she shared with her friend and their boyfriend so it was spacious yet minimalistic. Red came out in only a towel and sat with me with an awkward smile on her face that matched mine, she thanked me for such an eventful evening and kissed me. We sat in silence for a while before we kissed again, after even more kissing her towel was gone and half of my clothes were removed as we grinded against each other on her couch. From the couch we moved to the kitchen knocking several things over mainly due to lack of coordination, I was distracted by red’s still semi wet naked body.

Despite her chubby frame red was still amazingly flexible, with one leg in the air and leaning against the kitchen bench I could plot her like a pornstar, or whatever felt close enough. Her tits swaying on her chest was hypnotic and only prompted me to fuck her harder as my balls began to ache for release.

And as if on cue for our luck to run out her flatmate walked out to getting ready to fuck red in the ass. We stopped like a deer caught in headlights as she saw everything down to the grool dripping from her raw fucked pussy, a nervous giggle coming from red as her flatmate got some water and quickly left. I was halfway buried in red’s asshole as the whole ordeal began to soften me but the spasms and clenching of red’s back door revitalised me as I slid the rest in and we resumed in a more quieter fashion.

I ended up cumming on her tits before getting to her room, her excitement not quelled as she led me in by my cock squeezing it tenderly. Her touch felt angelic and after a few quick strokes she was back ontop of me slamming her ass down on my cock for round 2. She was determined for me to cum again because she was riding me harder than I’ve ever been ridden before, her nails dug into my chest as I could feel another wave wash over me. I filled her ass with cum as she slammed down and cried out in pleasure, breathing heavily as cum dripped off her tits. While still in her she leaned over to her drawer and fished out a plug with a jewelled heart on it carefully lining it up with her asshole as she slid off my cock and quickly replaced it with the plug sealing my cum inside.

Thinking she was done I began to get up only to be pushed back down, ignoring my protests she began grinding against my cock with her fat lipped pussy. My cock felt hyper sensitive and my balls ached for a break but I remaind hard, red grabbed some body oil and began dripping it on herself letting it drip all the way down to her protruding pussy. After some oily grinding I unexpectedly slipped into her worn out snatch, her sudden yelp and my groan a clear indication. She rocked back and forth as her insides massaged my tired cock but I remained vigilant in suggesting we stop only to be met with refusal and her mouth enveloping my mouth.

Realising I wouldn’t get a break till I came on last time I held onto her ass cheeks and began grinding up against her in unison with her movements. Breaking off our kiss I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suck and bite vigorously, my excitement boiling over as I sat up and forced her onto her back, confused and trying to get reassert her dominance on me I quick shut her down by grabbing a tightly squeezing her throat pinning her down and teasing her with my cock. Primal lust had consumed me now as I start slow pounding her face to face as hers was a slight shade of red from my hand around her neck. Whimpering filled my ears as I abused her already worn out hole as I began to go harder and rougher, sitting up she looked at me with fear and submissiveness in her eyes, prompting me to give her tits a hefty slap for her troubles. Hard pinching, pulling, biting and sucking was all I gave her tits, slowly covering them in hickeys and bruises from the repeated torture, each time she cried too loud I’d squeeze harder around her throat.

Any protests from her fell on deaf ears as I rough fucked her, her tits were my bruised playthings and her cunt was my depository as I could feel a load create up in me. Squeezing harder on her throat I slammed myself against her and dumped my seed deep within, her gurgled cries of pleasure making me smile as I swear I could feel her cervix against my swollen tip. It didn’t matter much as I resumed fucking her, her chubby body wobbling as I rocked her world and the sight made me feel another load create up. I pulled out this time and coated her pussy lips in my baby batter but soon drove myself back in for the last few ropes of my cream, this time I could definitely feel some resistance from what I could only guess was the entrance to her baby factory.

With determination I began my final push, fucking her her with everything I had, her eyes half open and her mouth slack in bliss as I fucked her into oblivion. She still begged for me to stop but I pressed on and with one final slam into her abused cunt I shot my last load, my tip pressed firmly against her cervix and judging by the sounds of pleasure mixed with an unfamiliar feeling I had hope I was pumping directly into her sweet egg factory.

Exhausted I collapsed next to her, I could hear her pussy spurting with my cum as she laid next to me unable to move, rolling over to face me she held me close as we both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning with red’s help I snuck out of her flat, kissing her goodbye as she stood at her back door naked and covered in my handiwork, giving me the promise she’d call me

NSFW: yes

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