An Afternoon Delight (MF)

(First time posting after lurking for many months)

I stood outside the door and took a breath before I knocked. He closed the door behind me, and pushed me gently onto the bed, got on top, and asked if he could kiss me. We kissed with an huge amount of hunger. He knew I was wearing a new piece of lingerie for him, and he removed my shoes and socks. I stood up, removed my sweater and leggings, and twirled for him. I could see in his eyes and his smile how sexy he wondered i looked as he grabbed me and covered my mouth with his.

He sensually caressed my ass, kissed my neck, and licked my ear as chills went through my body. My pussy was wet and yearning to be touched. His hand drifted across my panties where heat emanated from my pussy. He felt my wetness as he dragged his finger along my slit from the bottom up to my clit. I wanted his finger inside me. He removed my panties, and he moved me to the edge of the bed so he could sit on the floor and sink his face into my pussy. He started with just his fingers caressing my lips and then moved them into my wetness and up to my clit. He circled them and tapped them in rhythm. He brought his face to my pussy, and he began to lick and suck on my lips dipping his tongue inside me. His flat tongue licked from bottom to top, and he sucked my clit into his mouth while he licked it. His pace went from slow and steady to fast and hard. My legs started shaking around his head as I held them up. I pinched with my nipples and caressed the sides of my large breasts. He put his fingers inside me rubbing my g-spot and fingering me. With the lubrication from my pussy, he slid a finger into my ass; I gasped and pulled him up to kiss me passionately. He started to play with my clit with his fingers and continued to kiss me while I pinched my nipples harder. He could tell by my breath, my wetness, and my body’s response that I was close. His head returned between my legs, and he used his fingers to circle my clit. I begged for him to use his mouth so I could cum. Suddenly, my whole body was shaking and my orgasm exploded. He continued to kiss and lick my pussy as the spasms subsided. We kissed passionately as I thanked him for the attention.

We layed together on the bed in each others arms. I just came; I wanted him inside me.

His dick was hard. He climbed on top of me, lifted my legs, and slid his cock into my sopping pussy with one quick motion. With my legs up on his shoulders, he pumped in and out of me, sending electric waves through my body. He leaned forward and kissed me while he made love to me. We flipped over so I could ride him where I stayed for a while. We kissed most of the time that I was on top, and he grabbed and squeezed my gigantic breasts while I leaned over towards his mouth. I sat straight up as I twerked on his dick, and holy shit, electricity again shot through my body as he fucked me. We moved into doggie for him to finish. He pulled out and came on my ass. Panting, we both collapsed on the bed, and we made out slowly and passionately.

He asked if I wanted a massage, and he went to the bathroom to warm the oil that he had brought. I followed him into the bathroom a moment later and got down on the floor in front of him and started to lick and suck his dick. After a few minutes of bobbing up and down on his cock, I asked if he would like me to continue; I repositioned myself in front of him and looked him in the eyes as his cock slowly disappeared into my mouth. He moved us to the bed where I my pussy dripped as I sucked his dick and licked his balls with pure hunger.

He told me to lay down on my belly so he could begin massaging me. His hands glided over my ass and he moved them up to my shoulders, making sure that I was covered in oil. He applied pressure to my shoulders, my back, my lower back, my ass, my legs, and my feet. Small pangs of desire shot through my body when he put his hands between my legs. My pussy dripped and throbbed. He told me to flip over onto my back so he could massage the front of my body. He expertly massaged my breasts, my belly, my arms, and my legs. My pussy continued to drip and spasm as I waited for his hands to dip between my legs. Even more sexy than his hands were his eyes taking in all of me. His hands made it up to my upper thighs, and he grazed them against my pussy. He began to massage my pussy, occasionally brushing over my clit. I reached to my breasts and belly, covering my hands with massage oil, and I began to stroke his cock. While the massage could have lasted for much longer, it wasn’t long before we were fucking again. But first, he told me to grab my vibrator, the satisfier, so that I can have another orgasm before the day ended. He watched me place the satisfier on my clit for a moment, and then he told me to turn over so he could fuck me while I got myself off. As soon as he entered me from behind, I knew I wasn’t gonna last very long because of the intensity of his cock slamming into me and the satisfier working my clit. I started to cum with intensity as he pumped his cock vigorously in my pussy. Shortly after, he erupted onto my ass and cleaned me up with a warm towel.

We layed on the bed together for a short time and kissed before we got in the shower together to clean ourselves up and remove the oil from our bodies as best as we can. He washed my body off, and I washed his. We dried off, picked up our clothes that had been strewn all over the floor, and got dressed. We kissed goodbye at the door in secret before we went our separate methods. I looked forward to our next meetup.

NSFW: yes

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